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MagicHands face masks always look super realistic. This is such a cute skin detail that will make your sims even cuter than they were before. Heck, I could name a couple makeup brands that dont even carry 34 shades of foundation! Dont you just love some frikin freckles? I do not get paid by commission, website traffic, or reviews. In fact, I used the lipstick (third swatch, if I recall correctly) for my Female Sim! 1. TheseAurion dimplesare a really great options because they are extremely well made and are so gorgeous. They provide an overlay that lets you control your Sims nose definition without having to alter the length and shape using CAS sliders. There are so many reasons why your sims may have scars across their face and why you may want these sims 4 skin details scars in your game. This hair is fluffy, wavy, and artfully messy. These add some gorgeous freckles to every part of your sims body, except for their face. The CC is another creation by Ms Blue which you can download from this site. It really brings some coloUr into your sims face and is just so gorgeous. The creator gives you two colour variations one with darker options and one with lighter so there are ten options all together. Alpha 12 General Skin. I think the side part works really well with the volume and length of the hair. Realistic SKIN CC Finds Sims 4. For more info, click here. The Sims 4 Mod Constructor is a downloadable program that allows users to create mods for The Sims 4 in a user-friendly environment. Theseskin cracksare extremely realistic looking compared to the ones we have in game, so they can be really great for alpha cc lovers since they are so realistic. This pack even includes moles! You can still move, tilt, and adjust them in CAS as needed. If youve ever come in contact with the fitness side of social media Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. This is great because it makes your sims look so gorgeous. If you want your outfit to look balanced, opt for contrasts. Male Masculine Contour | N01. Download link is in the pinned comment, there was too many to include in the desciption.. Also since you all asked for the link to the skin details mod to. Sagittariah makes so many beautiful and interesting birthmarks for your sims, and theselunar birthmarksare so cute. If youre looking for a more contained or concentrated smattering of freckles, SayaSims Freckles N1 fall on just the inner cheek and nose bridge area. Heres your download link. Heres your download link. We start it right off with one of the most popular skin mods on The Sims Resource! Of all werewolves' eyes on the internet, this pack stands out! Subscribe the SnootySims Newsletter to receive a list of the 100 Best Sims 4 Mods! RELATED: Sims 4: 10 Best Witch CC Maybe a little more so, what with the introduction of TS4-compatible HQ mods. Having different types of birthmarks can make for such unique looking sims. Ive gotta admit, Im personally biased towards this one by Pralinesims. MMSIMS Face Skin & Make Up Set by MMSIMS. The texture, the details, the smoothing and contour? Check Out This CC. Its exclusive on all of the body, but the face is where the overlay shows its true quality. Dont think too long about getting this one and download it from this site. Their 3D lashes basically set the standard for custom Sims 4 eyelashes in both Maxis Match and Alpha CC textures. Its available in two swatches: one with a double eyelid and another with a monolid. This vitiligo overlay includes one for your sims face that comes in multiple versions as well as your sims body which also has multiple versions. Expect two different eyelid types and a whole bunch of overlay swatches! Pralinesims Demon Eyes set introduces 50 new eyeseach with a single eye option for some heterochromatic goodness. According to the NHS Vitiligo isa long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. You could use these on your occult and non-occult sims alike. It comes in 60 colors and looks fantastic even with Laptop Mode on! Your toddlers will look so gorgeous with this realistic and interesting skin. As blue as the ocean, as smooth as the sand! If youre thinking of adding more Alpha CC content to your CAS library then weve got you covered. This Gloss collection contains a nose preset + nosemask, a blush and highlighter duo, dimples, and lips. The Sophie skin overlay is available for your teenage sims and older and has two intensities so you can choose how intense you want it to be. More specifically, Ive got about 50 basic Alpha CC CAS items tailor-made for your female Sims. It only comes in 18 custom colors so the options might feel a bit limited but I promise, every swatch is stunning. It has a fun bright glow right above the lip and a nice highlight on the nose which make your sims so cute. All of the base 18 colors work great with it and no matter on which type of Sim you put it, it will still look damn good! Heres your download link. Jul 5, 2022 at 11:09 PM. This post may contain affiliate links. Its also super pretty in-game! Toksiks Ominous hair? The blush is a bit too light for me, but the lips are a personal favorite. 8,968 views. You get four cosmetic in one file, and each one has a significant amount of variations; 33 for the skin, 30 for the eyebrows, and 20 for the blush. This is a really nice mole set because it gives you options for how dark you want the mole to be, instead of having it only be super dark and in your face. All other assets & trademarks are property of their original owners. This Quilla Side Halo Braid is a stunning example of their work. Skins: Check the full collection here, by the way. These are the ones I used for my Male Sim, and I think they worked well with the custom skin and eyelids mask that I used. To get an one-for-all kind of skin overlay is easy! The first thing on this list are somebody frecklesthat are going to work for all ages and all genders in the game. If you want the heterochromia but dont care for the demonic irises, dont worry; Pralinesims also has a heterochromia set. For something just as gorgeous but much less overwhelming, I highly recommend PoyoPoyos Eye Contacts N5. This is great because it adds so much detail to your sims body and makes them look more unique than a default sim. Think about that in an actual, real-life setting: thats sixty tubes of lip gloss. CAS pack contains a skin overlay, three custom eyes, and two custom lips. For some true photoskinned texture, Urielbeaupre's Ares Skin refines the surface of your Sims' skin to create a subtly rough finish. It has the right blend of pigment and shine. Most people in the real world have some amount of eye bags on most days, especially when were tired so this is so realistic for your sims. Senmoes Mom Jeans are mid-rise and sufficiently baggy. Both of these ultra realstic skins have 30 swatches in store for us. Only your female sims can use it and it can be found in the Skin Details category. These are the eyes I finally landed on for my Male Sims Alpha CC transformation. I do think the vanilla shoe options from EA arent that bad. Something that is so adorable and interesting on faces aredimples. Are you going for a bit of fantasy gameplay? You can use these for many sims and give them more dimension to their faces. Heres your download link. CAS packs like this are a godsend for Simmers who want to delve into Alpha CC but dont know a lot of creators yet. There are some great Barbie skins out there, and ones that are quite realistic. Afterglow is a face only skin blend that really makes your sims glow. There are two types of custom content in The Sims 4 game: alpha CC and maxis. I dont use facial hair for my Sims at all all my Male Sims are cleanshaven so I didnt get a chance to test these custom beards out. From February 28 to March 14. Four different eyes with 25 to 50 colors eachand a heterochromatic option for all swatches! To find more info about the creator or the mod, visit The Sims Resource, and if you want a quick download, follow this link. Heres your download link. Ive listed a lot of tame, wearable, everyday makeup options so far. 3. No matter what kind of skins you usually go for - skin overlays, skin . Real Skin Acne by sorokacc. This will add a beautiful solar themed birthmark to the middle of your sims forehead, making them super unique. To download the lemonade skin overlay by Twisted Cat, click here. If you prefer cleaner, more defined eyebrows, then one of the many options in Pralinesims set should suit your taste. Its 560,000 downloads at The Sims Resource are not for nothing they speak of just how well this skin overlays suits every Sim out there! Head over to this page for an easy download. in this set, and they all have their own specific color swatches. This list includes tons of sims 4 cc clothes, lots of them are sims 4 maxis match cc. Heres your download link. It works sort of like an overlay in the sense that you can still have your chosen default skin beneath it it just wont blend or peek through like an overlay would. You cant go wrong with a dependable pair of platform sneakers. It really makes a difference and will make your sims so beautiful. Your email address will not be published. Aug 14, 2017 - Explore Ariah's board "Sims 4 Alpha CC Skin" on Pinterest. Youre going to want this skin overlay if you search for the most detailed skin tones to play around with. Check out more body mods and cc for the Sims 4 below! 2 Intensity, 2 transparency levels each. I also love how all eight shades in this pack work wonderfully with deeper, darker skintones. CrownSims Crme Skin gives Male Sims a flawless, airbrushed look. These are so incredibly realistic and can be great for vampire of spell caster sims especially, making them extremely beautiful and unique. The Sims 4 is a social simulation game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. These cheek dimples are a great option to make your sims more interesting and give them a cute vibe. Lets start off by saying this sunflower skin is so refreshing! And while I prefer my pants high-waisted, Im sure a lot of Sims can rock a good mid-rise cut. UGGs are just one of the fashion brands everyone knows about, even if they dont wear their items. Structured shoulders, sleek lines, and the swatches? by Kitty25939 (Sims 4) There are 14 warm and cool skintones, 16 fantasy skintones, and 10 pastel fantasy skintones. To install this one, visit this page. (If the download link on the creators page doesnt work, try using this direct Simfileshare link!). This post may contain affiliate links. Vitiligo is a skin situation that you get from birth so having it available for younger ages is very important too. It can make their experience feel more realistic which is great! 2023 FandomSpot For both male and female Sims we have this gorgeous overlay. Whereas LutessaSims Lenses 017 are great for icy, cool-toned eye colors, I highly recommend their Selena Lenses for warmer hues. This is another creation of Fantayzia in Maxis Match style, which combines different popular creations. Our first amazing place to find maxis match custom content is, of course, on Maxis Match CC World. Watch on. This recent update has added many new colors and overlay swatches exciting, no? 96,492 Downloads. But these Freckles 01 by LutessaSims appeal to me the most. Not great for those who easily get hit with decision fatigue! I used these eyelashes for my Male Sim (either of the B1-2 Mid-Length swatches, methinks) because longer lower lashes suited his eyes better. Northern siberia winds remains one of my favorite Alpha CC creators. If you add all the swatches of all the items in this pack, this pack adds get this 145 eyes, lips, and skin variations to your game! In fact, some shadows have a very blurred and hand-painted feel to them. Arianna Long side pony. Nonetheless, if your Sim is up to the task, I like this style by wingssims. Its one-of-a-kind, and its gorgeous. Sims 4 Updates: Viirinx - Skins / Skin details : Freckle Skintone, Custom Content Download! Realistic SKIN CC Finds Sims 4 | Simciety on Patreon. The effect is kind of like lip balm applied to dry-ish lips. here. There are tons of people out there who have vitiligo and being able to create a sim that looks like them is important. Only free/public CC Ares Skin Overlay Version by Urielbeaupre. This is great for teenage sims because they are often blushing in real life, or wearing a ton of blush so it suits them nicely. Your Sim can rock a different color every day of the week if they so wish. Thesetess birthmarksare really pretty and in unique shapes and sizes. Some of my favourite skin details to add in the sims 4 are freckles, because they are so natural looking for gorgeous. For skin that looks more painted than photoskinned, I highly recommend this Johanna skin. It was really hard picking only some of Poyopoyos creations theyre all truthfully worth downloading. This vitiligo skin brings forth 4 versions in 25 colors. Heres yet another masterpiece by Sims3melancholic. If you are into K-Pop, youll want to have this mole set. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licencors. Lavender, amber, stormy-green there are even a couple swatches that look like they have slight heterochromia happening near the pupil! Your sims from all ages and genders can try it out. When playing The Sims 4, you never see a sims teeth between their lips when they aren't smiling or eating. These Fiona rose nose frecklesdo not disappoint, they add such a nice subtle freckle to your sims which is so gorgeous. It is a pack of default eyes for your werewolves in the Sims 4. These are a second option for a cute eyebag, with these being a little more intense than the last ones. Jun 04, 2020 Afro hairstyles sims 4 cc. Get your Sims a beauty mark and some sun-kissed action. Infinite thanks to Ms Blue who created the it and made it possible for a download at this page. From the eyes to the nose to the ears, your Sim has been made to be one of a kind, carefully curated to create beautiful Sims that will continue to look good through generations and generations of Sims. Sometimes cc freckles are just a bit too much and add a ton of moles and freckles to your sim. This collection is a fantastic variety pack of different custom skins by Pralinesims. For Simmers who want a more subtle, natural look to their Sims lashes, MMSIMS Eyelash V3 is one of the best Ive found for achieving that effect. A crispy face overlay that comes with four eyelid options to pick from. DOWNLOAD HERE. 15 HANDSOME Sims 4 Male Shirt CC To Download NOW!. The more, the better, right? No, problem! These UGG Classic Cardy Boots are stylishly chunky, totally alpha, and they come in 12 gorgeous colors. They added subtle details around the lips, nose, and eye areas that I probably couldnt achieve by myself. For reference, Ive included my Sims MM and Alpha CC versions. This skin is a great shortcut for giving your Sims that chiseled look. MO jobs with 3 in 5 applicants receiving a responseSo you would transform . It doesnt help that Anto always makes such gorgeous Sims models. Before we jump into this next section, I know a lot of people are unaware of what vitiligo is and wanted to make sure to have a quick definition so we go into this section with knowledge and can really appreciate these creators for creating these sims 4 skin details for representation. Heres your download link. The show some teeth skin detail allows you to see a bit of teeth between your sim's lips when they are just hanging out. They have five different opacity options so you can choose how intense you want their dimples to be! Its available for teenage sims and older and has two options for its intensity so you can really choose what you want. To be published Jan 28, 2023. . Heres another entry into the Things I Would Wear IRL category. Heres your download link. Their custom content focuses primarily on clothing, with each piece coming off as a statement piece of fashion. The top half of this just looks like a basic hooded sweater shirt but there is a slight peplum on the bottom in the same colour as the body. Custom content like this is so extremely important for representation in The Sims 4. Mae Skin Overlay by Miiko. However, in an effort to branch out, I decided to try converting some of my purely MM Sims into Alpha CC versions of themselves. These skin details include things like freckles, moles, eye bags and interesting colouring and skin blends that will make each and every sim look different so you dont suffer with same face syndrome.