Which of the following are of high concern to you? Interestingly, only 17% of CEOs said Talent strategya 13% decline from 2019. If youre thinking of hiring a general management consultant, would you value their ability to develop a talent strategy in addition to business strategy recommendations? The second-most popular response was Finding the right talent (25%). These teams strive for consensus, prioritize group decision-making, and put a premium on interpersonal relationships. Researchers asked CEOs that have experienced team conflict to describe what it most often relates to. But just because the crisis has eased, that doesnt mean the hard work stops. Operators are cooperative and patient, with the ability to remain calm in nearly any circumstance. With Predictive Index a talent optimization platform used by thousands of organizations around the globe for more than 65 years we can help you tie your people strategy to your business strategy. As CEOs make critical decisions about the future of their business, the shift in strategy hasnt been without bumps in the road. To answer the question in a scientific manner, however, lets start by first determining if there is a universal set of behavioral drives for a CEO. Take the first steps toward Individuals who you want working on the front lines. By creating a unique emoji for each of the Predictive Index's 17 unique reference profiles, users of the PI are able to better understand what each profile entails with a simple glance. Respondents were presented with the following statement and asked to respond via a 5-point Likert scale (1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=neither agree nor disagree, 4=agree, 5= strongly agree): Employees across the company clearly understand the companys mission and strategy. Moving forward, we plan on allowing remote work: Once considered a perk only progressive companies offered, remote work has become the new normal. Questions had response formats designed to balance the richness of data to be collected with the ease of responding. Send us your details and book a 15-min call to discuss your goals. Learn the differences in what we offer with this side-by-side comparison. Between navigating the pandemic, the economy, and a remote future, CEOs have critical business problems to solve. With this free 6-minute sample assessment, you can experience what our flagship Behavioral Assessment can uncover about you, your team, and how you can work better . For all CEOs, success requires the support of the whole company. Only two profile types fall into this category: an. Predictive Index Profiles allow us to quickly understand someone's strengths and potential blind spots. The study began by asking CEOs to what degree the pandemic has forced their business to restructure. Browse hundreds of helpful articles on everything business. The trends were clear on both sides of the strategic fence: Ninety-four percent of CEOs said they needed help with business strategy, and 91% with talent strategy. While COVID-19 has radically altered life at home, its also forced companies to make tough decisions about their workforce and teams. That sentiment skyrocketed in 202056% of CEOs now say employee performance is a top concern. The PI emoji of these supportive workers can be identified by a blaring megaphone. Were committed to your privacy. Do you enjoy structure in the workplace? CEOs were presented with the following statement and asked to respond via a 5-point Likert scale (1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=neither agree nor disagree, 4=agree, 5= strongly agree): My team has strong cohesion. Need more proof? They are able to leverage their personality traits to connect with people and their values, thus improving their abilities to make their dreams a reality. COVID-19 has upended the nature of work. Although they require time, Specialists are the most reliable workers when detail is of the utmost importance. They usually follow-up strongly on task delegations. You are also self-disciplined and a go-to person who does not leave room for error. They are reliable and relaxed individuals who are informal in their work, but rarely drop the ball. But the reality is that CEOs also value their expertise when it comes to talent strategy and building effective teams. Analyzers are detail-oriented and thorough workers. We developed the survey questions according to best practices in survey research, ensuring they were clear, concise, and understandable by people with a variety of backgrounds. For more information, check out our privacy policy. A versatile individual who can really strive in multiple situations and industries! Which of the following are of high concern to you? Consultants who once stressed over delayed flights are now stressing over glitchy meeting technology. Because we wanted to explore the practices of people who directly set and influence business and talent strategies, we partnered with Qualtrics, an organization that specializes in surveying executive audiences. Theres never room for error in their work as they work hard to develop technical expertise and operate within established guidelines. Then, they asked a series of questions related to team performance. Their answers provide a window into the minds of executive leaders during one of the most trying times in recent history. To stay afloat, 69% of companies restructured their teams since March 2020. Were committed to your privacy. COVID-19 has made it more difficult to earn and keep new business. Title: CEO, Predictive Index. Access tools to help you manage income and expenses. Then, they asked a series of questions related to team performance. If you are a collaborator, consider being an account manager or a role that works with a team to create results. The findings in this report will open your eyes to the unique challenges CEOs are facing in a COVID world. Airports are a distant memory, instead replaced by dining tables and breakfast nooks. Most candidates complete this assessment within less than 10 minutes. These individuals are independent and strong-willed, willing to accept any challenge and constantly raising the bar for their organizations. A Guide to the Predictive Indexs 17 Reference Profiles. The 17 Predictive Index reference profiles, also referred to as personality types, describe common workplace personalities based on the theory behind the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment.After completing the assessment, a reference profile can be built which gives the employer a good understanding of what your workstyle preferences are, what brings the best out of each employee, and what . If leadership teams are experiencing conflict and the CEO is forced to mediate, thats time and energy that could be spent on other needs of the business. Individualist: Do you have a desire to move the organization forward and constantly solve problems within the company? That sentiment skyrocketed in 202056% of CEOs now say employee performance is a top concern. Forty-nine percent of CEOs said Purchasing a new software or systemup 19% from 2019. With talent optimization, the path to designing those dream teams is clearer than ever., Daniel Muzquiz, President at The Predictive Index. If you are an individualist, this may be a good avenue for you to consider! These team cohesion issues arent just prevalent; for many CEOs, theyre exhausting. Someone who is a natural go-getter! In fact, UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian found that 58 percent of communication is through body language and 35 percent through vocal tone and pitch. You can then fill your gaps in other ways. Confident and fast-paced, Mavericks come into projects expecting to impact the status quo. Thats talent optimization: a powerful discipline that helps leaders put people in the right places, at the right times, for the right business needs. This worry comes amid the brand-new challenge of COVID-19. They often see the result, and create it. . COVID-19 has upended the nature of work. Education: Bachelor's degree, geochemistry, Brown University, 1993; MBA, Harvard Business School, 2001. Just as the name suggests, Venturers are characterized by people who explore. Someone who likes to gather and review the data before making a thorough and detailed decision. This worry comes amid the brand-new challenge of COVID-19. While a portion of CEOs tied conflict to competing goals or contrasting views of how work gets done, the largest proportion36%said conflict ties back to interpersonal struggles. Controllers are self-disciplined and fast-paced. Talent optimization is a comprehensive discipline. That doesnt mean you have to start engagements from scratch. turning your idea into a business. A director or manager of an innovative team would be a great position. Do you agree with the following statement? Employees are burnt out and disengaged after months of dealing with increased workloads, altered business strategies, and ambiguity. Compared to the 2019 CEO Benchmarking Report, thats a decrease of 12%. Watch the video below to learn more about our 17 . With the help of PIs talent optimization platform, you can help your clients turn any team into a dream team. They are visionaries and are able to see the big picture. After all, profitability depends on productivityand that hinges on people. Real-time trigger alerts. Select all that apply. The results from PI can help you assess a career path to make sure you are getting what you need and also meeting your employers expectations. Shelley Smith is a Senior Consultant withPIMidlantica management consulting agency located in Annapolis specializing in the Predictive Index. When asked what their plans are for remote work moving forward, 76% of CEOs said theyll allow remote work on a full-time basis for all or most employees. An overwhelming 97% of companies will allow remote work in some form moving forward. These versatile workers can transform their working styles to meet the needs of the team. Layoffs bring feelings of anxiety and guilt for employees who remain. Analyzer: Someone who likes to gather and review the data before making a thorough and detailed decision. They are visionaries and are able to see the big picture. If leadership is in our DNA and we cant change our drives, is everyone with other drives doomed to be poor leaders? And for most CEOs, its clear theres no turning back. When asked whether theyd value a general management consultants ability to develop a talent strategy in addition to business strategy recommendations, an overwhelming 91% of CEOs surveyed said yes.. As of September, 83% of CEOs said their employees are clear on the strategy. The Predictive Index CEO and key executive team. Find out how you can help them build dream teams that get along and get the job done in the year to come. Parents are camped out at the kitchen table, trying to concentrate on work while their children are remote learning beside them. COVID forced organizations to learn and adapt. Talent optimization hinges on aligning both sides of the equationso the fact CEOs are struggling with both shows how valuable a consultants perspective can be. CEOs have had to navigate entirely new business circumstances due to the pandemic. As remote work disrupts the way teams work, its also eroding the confidence CEOs have in their teams to get that work done. By understanding how team behaviors impact the work to be done, leaders can gain renewed clarity and confidence about the road aheadand rekindle the magic of a true dream team. Partner with someone who excels at maintaining. This category consists of six different profile types: Analyzer, Controller, Venturer, Specialist and Strategist. Talent optimization focuses on a businesss most expensive and powerful assetpeople. And if you lack more CEO drives than you have, there is still hope if you surround yourself with people who fill your gaps. As organizations look to bounce back from 2020, many CEOs have ambitious goals. If you answered Yes to these questions, you more than likely may fall into this category. Youll discover whats fracturing senior leadership and why team cohesion is critical to success. Forty-eight percent of CEOs say theyve lost sleep over how the virus is impacting their business. This is where the Predictive Index comes in. . Anyway, it is important to take CEO DNA with a grain of salt, because, even if you have it, there is no guarantee you can succeed in just any scenario. These workers often assume leadership positions.
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