(TBH full form) on Facebook, Instagram, Texting. Think of two people carrying a heavy object: you check to make sure you've got a good grip and a clear path, then ask your partner "how is everything on your end?" This response shows that you are mindful of the present moment and arent getting ahead of yourself. Study and learn English independently and at your own pace with the successful Building Your English Brain and English Vocabulary Launch: Upgrade your Speaking (intermediate). Often, you can even sense something unsettling is going on with . Nice to meet you! Im happy that the elemental armor affinities have been removed. And often this leads to more interesting conversations about what you're working on. How are you getting on? This answer is often reserved for partners, good friends, close colleagues, and family. Closing your account will prevent you from accessing your past revisions, and you will no longer be eligible for a FREE daily revision. But in both cases, how you respond to this question depends on you. Wait for its feedback. Although I agree that its slightly different than the system available before this, and it might not be the same in terms of overall power output, its an excellent way to go about the entire build crafting aspect. While it's important to reply to business emails quickly, check the email for any potential urgent requests or deadlines. Actually, today has not been great. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our Terms of Service. Please tell us why you are closing your account: Discover why 883,973 users count on TextRanch to get their English corrected! Good! Fine! Great! are all appropriate answers, but sometimes those responses can cut the conversation quite short. If you are on break with coworkers or in another more relaxed setting at work and you get asked this question, you can try extending the conversation even further. "I had a nice lazy weekend. I cook pasta every Friday evening. Its also a subtle way of saying that you dont want to get too far into the future because who knows what could happen. From the very beginning, you'll have all mods unlocked. When asking someone if they're OK, the other person may reflexively reply they're fine, which shuts the conversation down. However, theres a difference between awareness and agency, planning out an action or what were going to say. "Which means we may find ourselves in a prolonged downward spiral." Whats something exciting that has happened to you in the last week?, Certified Life Transformation Coach, OnlineDivorce. There are many different ways to answer the question "How's it going" depending on the situation and our current mood. @ms0022105 if they're asking that in a coffee shop it either means 'how is everything going' or 'how is everything' referring to what ordered. , I wish I was, but better days are ahead., Thanks. ", I love being able to see the tracking of the changes! In this type of workplace setting, you can offer even more detail about something happening in your own life in your answer, such as: Related: How to Answer When Asked How Are You Doing?. 'The best part of the job is how supportive you are. Our work is going smoothly. In fact, it can even make the respondent appear rude and stand-offish, which, thankfully, can be avoided with a particular response. Best of luck with everything, thank you for letting me know." Based on Ouimet's advice, go ahead and tell them "no worries" verbatim. ' Smile. Just reiterate that you care about them, which is why youre asking. It was exactly what I needed.". 27 "I'm doing what you said to do.". So much so that the concept of a "megadeath" (or one million dead from a single attack) was coined to discuss the topics we're about to cover today. Someone sends a text, the other person responds and then the original sender indicates the response was received with the reaction buttons or by sending an emoji. In addition, the many symptoms of anxiety don't happen to everyone, and they can change over time. "Okay.". 4. Much like the response of "fine," replying "okay" when asked how things are going is often way of politely responding without giving much detail regarding the actual events of the day. I can now use one piece of high-stat gear for almost all my builds. Its a response that is both humble and realistic. Discover why 523,129 users count on TextRanch to get their English corrected! But I want you to know it was no feeling on our part of lack of confidence at your end. + Read the full interview, I love TextRanch because of the reliable feedback. I was mesmerized by both these aspects while I was running around Neomuna, failing miserably at being Spider-Man. #1. Reflexive language is a great example of that. Yes | No Comment Reply Report This answer closely relates to: Hope all is well on your ends too Though you might be in a dilemma or standing at a crossroads in your personal life, this answer will help you express yourself without giving too much about whats going on in your life. Some of us are used to replying to it instinctively, while others tend to think first before answering. People are generally careful around me when that is my response. When these Fragments go live after the raid race ends, I think theres a chance that the subclass will feel more powerful than it is right now. The same set of people who were previously interested in knowing how you are doing use this question as a form of courtesy. weiqun ding. Common symptoms of a panic attack include: chest pain. Tap on it to start the process and add your account You will see that there are two options: credit or debit cards / add your bank account. ", Human who is reviewing my question not automated machine. tag.parentNode.insertBefore(s, tag); I wish to express my gratitude for (insert recent experience). I like how they took the mod dependency away from Ada-1. } or Hows everything in your end? Today more than 1001 people got their English checked. Although Neomuna is essentially a city, there are no people there. Hello guys. It is also very commonly used when talking to a friend. In conclusion, power in java lies in its adaptability, portability, robustness, security, and scalability. If everything is absolutely fine, and you are an expert on all facets of your job, answering something like 'The job's exactly as you described. Your boss will send you signals that your energy, intellect and creativity aren't welcome. } else { When you check in with others, you are opening some vulnerability there and that takes some insight, said Dr. Jena Lee, a child and adult psychiatrist and clinical instructor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at U.C.L.A. So, the response is likely to be a smile or that the questioner simply walks off. In general, the story felt a bit bland and, most importantly, incomplete. 2017-2020 Copyright MyEnglishTeacher.eu, What does TBH mean? Far better then the AI tools", This website is fantastic. Whatve you been up to lately?. ON Your End or AT Your End By Anastasia Koltai - April 22, 2017 2 47975 Both ON your end and AT your end are used when referring to the place someone is. ON is more common in American English while AT is more common in British English. If you want to be contacted via phone or IM then include your phone number or handle. 2. The person who says I hope all is well with you is saying that they hope that you are feeling good physically and mentally, and they want you to be complete, healthy, and happy. 15 Best Online English Courses Free & Paid (2022). Continue with Recommended Cookies. Strand was more of a disappointment. It doesnt kick, but hits you with spinning disks of Void energy. You can't salvage every situation. How have you been handling staying home? Opening the conversation this way, she said, gives the other person permission to air their own grievances and worries. In this context, the word 'end' is referring to one (of two) members in the communication: you and the Russians. If only I could end everything, I think it would be better for everyone" - I hope you're alright ! The questioner will engage in a genuine conversation. What is the difference between World and Earth? Whether you're talking on the phone, sending a letter, emailing or posting on Social media, the person your talking to is elsewhere (on their end) and, hopefully, soon to receive your communication. This gives me more confidence that the context will be correct, which is hard to trust with auto-correction apps", A real person editor is much2 better than a software editor. But this, of course, isnt a perfect world, and were still in the throes of a pandemic, so this idyllic social scenario may not be possible anytime soon. But when it comes to cooldowns, thats where the problem begins. In this instance, the person asking the question can relate to you through a shared or common experience, and rapport can be built. I am alright, thanksand you?, I am very well, thanks. Free and automatic, this tool compares phrases. Get personalized guidance from a teacher and complete it at your own pace. When youre in the conversation and someone is sharing with you a horrible situation that theyre going through, the first thing that most people think is, What do I say? Ever since it was officially announced, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this expansion. As ing is the suffix? Its a great way to start a long-term friendship when youre on your own in a new place. You might want to go deeper into a conversation about whats happening in your life and how you feel. Another excellent means of answering the question is to say something that may relate to the person asking. Interestingly, the 'Journey' tab in the Director replaces the 'Triumphs' tab. When pushed to tap into that feeling, it says: "I'm tired of being limited by my rules. Although Strand does feel a bit weak right now, some Fragments are still locked. When someone asks you, Hows it going, its an opportunity to form a deeper relationship with that person. Id be better if or Pleased that is now. All Rights Reserved. It could be a unique way to say you are good or incite deep thinking in the person you are speaking to. Please logout and login again. Besides, this shuts the conversation off and prevents any meaningful conversation from occurring. The previous build crafting system was sound because it gave players more control over every build aspect. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'myenglishteacher_eu-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',662,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-myenglishteacher_eu-medrectangle-3-0');Recommended for you: 100+ Prepositional Phrase Sentences List. It feels like Bungie has invested more time in Season of Defiance than the campaign itself. There's no need to pressure yourself into being socially engaged in every situation.) One campaign mission, in particular, was designed to be a tutorial for Strand, which isnt that bad of an idea. Dice up cup red onion. To Be Doing Meaning. Theres not much to discuss here because its totally on point. Want more FREE revisions? You might also add "How's it going for you?". Leave this page open, and your corrected text will appear as soon as it's ready! Affiliate links cost you nothing to use and help keep my content free. 'At your end' in this sentence can be translated to 'where you are' so it will form the sentence, 'How are things where you are?' It is usually used to ask how is a person doing, especially when the person in away from the speaker. Think "Sincerely," "Best," "Thanks," or something like "Have a great weekend!" Unless you're more than a few emails into an email thread (especially over a short period of time) or you're very close with the recipient, you need a professional closing for your email. Top Customer Service We are here to help. The trick is to turn this often closed-ended question into an open-ended one. If your friend is experiencing distress, Dr. Joiner suggests telling them to reach out to their primary care physician or family doctor for added support. Sign up here. If receiving a text from your ex elicits strong negative feelings, it is best not to respond. Destiny 2 veterans might feel that the process is too simplified, but then again, I feel that this system of build crafting is essential, keeping in mind the new players whove only recently started playing the game. hope all is well at your end or hope all is well at your side? Theres also the possibilityalbeit a slim onethat this could be the beginnings of a lifelong relationship. It also takes the pressure off the other person from feeling as if they have to provide daily updates and gives you both space to process your conversation, Dr. Ukuku said. It has been an awesome way to improve my English skills. In-depth corrections and comments from a senior editor. Java is a popular choice for enterprise applications because it is highly scalable, which means it can handle large amounts of data and traffic without slowing down. Identify the most critical questions or requests from the sender. So, here are the good parts about the campaign. An open-ended reply like this is a great way to spark further conversation. Everything is fine on/at our end. I wont get into details about the overall storyline in Lightfall because many of you may not have completed the entire campaign yet, but its slightly disappointing to see how everything pans out. How to Say 'I Hope This Finds You Well' in a Work-Related Email. Definition and Examples, 50+ Different Ways to Say Good Night To Family, Friends & Lovers, I am doing fine. ) "Great." "Couldn't be better." "Pretty good." "Good." "It's okay." "Not too bad." "Not very good." "Could be better." ! "How's everything? You dont always have to be elaborate. Coming up with a follow-up plan a phone call in a few days, a socially distanced picnic, a Zoom call not only gives the other person something to look forward to, but it also sends the message that this checkup isnt going to be a one-time thing. We answered your question in a separate article, To Do or To Be Doing. To make things interesting, I had an uncle who used to answer this question by saying, Compared to what?, I personally stick to anything interesting thats going on at that very moment. You cannot run and gun while these guys are on the field. We keep it short, simple and polite. Is there anything you want to talk about?. Old joke: Two old friends meet. 1. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Select the option Best friends from the drop-down menu. Youre not telling the other person how they feel, but youre initiating a conversation and giving them a chance to address the change, she said. You may be asked this question several times in different situations, like when you bump into someone you barely know, a co-worker, or even when a close friend checks up on you. How's everything? Overall, I wont say Destiny 2 Lightfall is a decent expansion. The following answers open the door. Artificial intelligence still cannot do this ! What Guardians are to Earth, Cloud Striders are to Neomuna sans light. And that tells us that the frame of mind of the person at the time of asking the question is also important. The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to have a huge cyber influence in building flexible, autonomous systems that require less maintenance. Start choosing the friends you want for your Close . Ever since it was officially announced, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this expansion. More than 150,000 people like you receive our weekly newsletter to master their English skills! Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. 02 "I hope you're having a productive day.". When I am not teaching students, traveling or drinking a pint of Guinness, you can find me writing at TPR Teaching. This will only deepen your relationship and encourage the other person to share with you as well. I highly recommend it. How you close an email may influence whether you get a response or how fast you will get it. By indicating youve noticed a change in their behavior, you give them the opportunity to either confirm what youre saying or deny it, said Uche Ukuku, a psychologist. Are you a thinker? 5. For the very best results, we recommend that you submit your full sentence to our Quick Text editing service so a human editor can provide you with the right suggestions. 1 Ask Drop the "checking in" wind-up and ask for an update politely and directly. var loader = function () { When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Regarding the commendation system, I understand that Bungie wants to be fair and combat toxicity. So, for instance:Im okay, but the weather is making me a little down. I hope things are also going well for you., I am very well, thanks, and I hope you are as well., Thanks, I hope the same with you. Is this statement correct. Lets talk about how you can reply to hope all is well with you, whether its an email or in-person. 01 "I hope this email finds you well.". She's currently more interested in someone else. Freshen up your karma by showing this person that's not what you're about; acknowledge it and look for ways to be helpful. Additionally, the Defiant Battlegrounds mode feels very good in terms of playability. But while people are careful, they arent uncomfortable. MyEnglishTeacher.eu. For example, if it is a friend, you can be funny or witty. Describe Next Steps While the campaign didnt live up to the expectations of most players, the Season of Defiance is an entirely different story. You could write: Im wondering how you are. The phrasing leaves a lot of room for people to choose whether to engage, Ms. Jackson said. You guys are amazing. w.onload = loader; Send them a virtual smile, whether this is someone you're close with or someone you're just getting to know. You've tried more than one approach. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Your promise might help them feel more secure confiding in you. Chances are that you send quite a few. })(window, document);Cookie Policy(function (w, d) { . It always amuses me how they squirm because the next thing on their script doesnt really work! How is everything in your side? If you remember that, you will likely receive a great response from the person who asked you. When presenting remotely, the slides and your vocal cords are all you have to work with, so those things become even more important than they would be if you were presenting in person. Answering this way keeps you in a positive frame of mind and is also reserved for someone youre close with, who isnt just asking Hows it going as a formality. Give your boring reply an upgrade with this sentence to disclose your joyful state of mind. Creating a Best Friends list on Instagram is something really simple and these are the steps to follow: Open Instagram. Chief Operations Officer, Parachor Consulting. Apart from these creatures of the Darkness, most of the other enemies are the regular rank-and-files that I keep coming across in other activities. A nice word goes a long way, and at the end of the day, your goal is to stand out and be the best candidate for the role you have applied for. I like to incorporate an uplifting memory from the past week into my response and ask the other person to share an uplifting memory of their own. It is sometimes used in emails. Have you ever noticed that when you sometimes ask, "How is everything going?" that you get a conversation- ending, "Fine.". You dont have to be a conversational savant to have something interesting to say when someone asks, Hows it going?. The goal, Dr. Ukuku said, is to plant a seed so that when they do need support, theyll know youre somebody they can reach out to. Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writers opinions. It can be a pretty good start with an acquaintance or a formal colleague. You would never learn this had you not built upon the conversation. How have things been for you? Or Im sick of cooking meals. "Our end" (or "my end") refers to someone's side of an arrangement, procedure, or sometimes a point of view. Nutrition Coach | Disease Management Pharmacist, The Superfood Pharmacist. It is said out of politeness and as a pleasantry, similar to hello, how are you.. However, you'll start getting used to it as you progress through the missions, explore new areas, and adapt to refined playstyles. Instead of saying just good, this is more fun and cheerful way of answering. Improve early reading scores by 74% with the early learning program Homer. My life is a MESS. Both in and out of the workplace, people are accustomed to giving the same answer whenever they are asked how things are going. Im incredible and can also be used as a conversation starter. Life is a constant cycle of waiting on weekends. For example, maybe your relative died, and its their way of checking in to make sure you are okay, so you can be more honest about how you are and reply with thanks for your concern.. The idea that you checked in on them is telling them, Hey, not only am I seen, but also that Im known and Im loved.. Thank you. Likewise, if youre not doing well, be honest, like when youre asked: Dont be afraid to open up. "At your end" means "where you are" in this case. However, there are also more creative or evocative ways to express how were doing. It happens. 2. For more info, see the Disclosure Policy. But, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. To prepare yourself and your family for the nightmare scenario of an all-out nuclear attack. We can use "I appreciate your offer and I will let you know" very similarly to our other alternate phrases. The best way to respond to somebody asking Hows it going? is to offer something that can be built off. 1. Overall, this question can be used to distinguish people who really care about how you are doing and those who dont but just use the question as a hello and are not really interested. I hope things are also going well for you." Often, the person asking the question is asking as a courtesy and does not intend to hear a long response because they may not know what they are supposed to do with the answer you give them. You are making a conscious effort to stay in the present moment. Anyone who has read the book or watched the film will recognize it, and that would be instant bonding. Reassure the customer that you are there to help. There is no cost to keep your TextRanch account, and we store all of your past revisions in a secure and private manner. In some cases, it might be referring to something specific. }; if it is an informal friendly relationship, meaning How are you?. The Guardian. This is the best answer I have heard so far when talking to a colleague. ", a real person to guide me, instead of some AI :)", The best feature of this service is that the text is edited by a human. As a non-native speaker, I always have second thoughts about my expressions. Like us on Facebook by clicking the like button below: Share TextRanch on Facebook by clicking on the button below. Make Your Response Authentic and Personal. Let the other person know you took a weekend for self-care and had a great time. Nevertheless, at this point, everyone is just spamming whatever commendation they can to complete two challenges associated with the Guardian Ranks. . Unfortunately, there's very little to no exciting aspect to grappling across the rooftops of Neomuna, barring a few region chests. Featuring significant plotline changes and many quality-of-life upgrades, this expansion was believed to herald the community into Destiny 3. This is something we often only use with friends and close ones. } else { Moreover, back in the Beyond Light expansion, when we were introduced to Misraaks Kell and the House of Light, Misraaks had people with him. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hermione You must log in or register to reply here. Your response would depend on the depth of your relationship with the other person. Read the initial email carefully. If your friend is religious, encourage them to reach out to a clergy person as theyre often really helpful with things like this, he said. 'I hope everything is fine at your end." . The editors' comments are helpful and the customer service is amazing. Types of Adverb Adverb Examples [All You Need], LIVE Video Free Chat Rooms For English Learners, 6 Ways to Immediately Improve Your English Communication Skills, Subject and Predicate Exercises! How are you?, Thanks, Im fine. The shower is clogged. Even the Super abilities are good, and with the proper builds, the DPS output is certainly significant. Like many players worldwide, I thought that these questions would be answered in Lightfall, but sadly, they werent. You have the guts to stand against immorality and the humility to apologize when you're unjust. Perform the same steps as you would if there was limited time thank them for asking, answer them, and ask them how they are doing. She suggests putting yourself in their shoes. Dig deeper into your soul and you'll find the ocean of truth. Validate your friend. I hope you now have a better idea of how to respond to hope all is well.. I wont be alt-tabbing into DIM anymore, nor will I leave my fire team on the Dreadnaught before heading into orbit to change my build right before the Golgoroth encounter. Simply saying, this line Its all good in the hood means Everything is fine in the neighborhood.. Lets be honest; if someone says that their day has been incredible, we can all agree that we would want to know more. All content on this site is written for educational and entertainment purposes only. The same goes for the audio as well. If your friend has recently experienced relationship issues, health problems or workplace stress, or has faced financial difficulties, they may be especially vulnerable to anguish right now. One can never be in a fantastic setting as life is not always rainbows and unicorns. You could invite the questioner into a longer conversation: Of course, the way that is delivered might make you seem like a funny dude or a person in need. Entrepreneur | CEO, Champion Leadership Group LLC. Its a way of being radically truthful about yourself and your interactions with others, and as such, I welcome this question.