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On Cortes' phone, detectives found a photo taken on the day after the murder with $500 in bills folded into the shape of a heart. Islam Said has also in the past disputed the claims regarding his sisters deaths. Yaser Said is still on the run and is listed as a fugitive on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List. The filmmakers have also launched an effort to bring Yaser Said to justice. Aminas father, Yaser departed the murder scene as the girls breathed their last breaths, never to be seen again for the next 12 years. Amina and Sarah accused their father of sexual abuse in October 1998, when they were 9 and 8 years old. But Amina, who had recently gotten her driver's license and a vehicle, was allowed to continue. Amina escaped and recovered with her now husband Joseph and live together in a small town in Colorado along with their three kids. That first text was the beginning of a four-year relationship. Their father, an Egyptian immigrant, remains the main suspect and is still a fugitive. Where is the boyfriend of deceased Amina Said, Joseph Moreno now? We planned a whole life together, spending hours on the phone fantasizing about marriage and kids. the slain officer as Clint Corvinus, a four-year veteran who graduated from Search Tools . patrol as a field training officer Friday morning, was with another officer Brian Rogers covers Houston crime and courts. It was in the hotel's parking lot that authorities found sisters Amina Said, 18, and Sarah Said, 17, shot dead in their father's cab on Jan. 1, 2008. But, out of all of Investigation Discoverys documentaries, this one reaches the heart and tells a beautiful story of lovers who have been separated by death. She inspired me. Amina Said was in a romantic relationship together with her boyfriend Joseph Moreno, and many of us wonder where Joseph Moreno is on the present date. in a factory fabricating water- and air-pressure hoses for aerospace companies. She now writes about crime, other breaking news and the Dallas Zoo. {{start_at_rate}} {{format_dollars}} {{start_price}} {{format_cents}} {{term}}, {{promotional_format_dollars}}{{promotional_price}}{{promotional_format_cents}} {{term}}, City mourns Buffalo firefighter Jason Arno as investigation into fatal fire launches, Buffalo firefighter makes 'ultimate sacrifice' in blaze that may have sparked backdraft, Paula's Donuts to move Clarence store that faced backlash for tax breaks to Amherst, Vandal damages 'brokenhearted' Russell Salvatore's tribute park in Lancaster, Chad Hall's departure from Buffalo Bills to Jaguars remains a bit of a mystery. The murder of Amina Said and Sarah Said have been considered honor killings. Spivey said his officers, the faces and names of whom have changed somewhat over the years, never gave up or lost faith that Yaser Said would be caught. Amina Said was murdered in a taxi cab, along with her sister, Sarah, in Texas, after their Egyptian father, Yaser Said, shot them to death. Joseph Moreno On Jan. 2, 2008, I sat in the common room of All Saints hospital watching the local TV news, still in shock and trying to process the devastation of the day before. It was not clear why Owens is now contradicting her alleged statements to police immediately after her daughters killings. Lawmakers repealed But Amina didn't seem worried. The news came ahead when Amina and Sarah were 18 and 17 and their father murdered them in cold blood inside his cab. in January. It worked. In yet another clip, Amina Said is seen playing with a handgun, at one point aiming it jokingly at her father behind the camera. The most recent time was just prior to Christmas, when the defendant threatened to kill the entire family.. I think it was just, we were so poor. The daughters died as a result of purported honor murders committed by their father. They almost got their chance at freedom, after Sarah and Amina, along with their mother, ran away to the home of a family member; the family member was happy to see them finally break away from Yaser. You dont have to be Muslim to be a victim of an honor crime, said Michael Creed, the older brother of Coty Beavers. The desert town of about 31,000 people is home to the White . He had apparently spent the evening driving around in his cab, texting her contacts at random, trying to prove she was deceiving him. Up next. Yaser's obsessive need to control his daughters went way beyond the usual overprotectiveness many parents feel toward their children. Further, Yaser would regularly secret agent on them by way of video or audio-taping. Their bodies were discovered in his abandoned taxi cab on the grounds of Irving's Omni Mandalay Hotel (now the Omni Las Colinas Hotel). His wife, 40-year-old Shmou Ali Alrawabdeh, has agreed to plead guilty to kidnapping. "We left." State District Judge Jan Krocker maintained a court schedule with specific breaks to accommodate his request to pray several times a day. It was in the hotel's parking lot that authorities found sisters Amina Said, 18, and Sarah Said, 17, shot dead in their father's cab on Jan. 1, 2008. The news came ahead when Amina and Sarah were 18 and 17 and their father murdered them in cold blood inside his cab. Beavers brother said he believes there are more honor killings in the world and in the U.S. than statistics show. Yaser Said and his daughter, Amina, not long before he allegedly murdered her. Joseph Moreno. On January 1, 2008, the Irving Police Department came upon her death in an deserted taxi automobile at the Omni Mandalay Hotels property in Irving, Texas. However, the media have not covered news on his personal details. statement. We spent all day in the park - the most time we'd ever been together. Forbidden: Dying For Love examines cases of victims who were in a forbidden relationship that ended in death before they could make a life together. Let us explore Josephs whereabouts, boyfriend, age, wiki, and more in the article below. They believed that their relationship was genuine. Info@JMorenoStudio.com JMorenoStudio.com * * * Some write their stories on paper Yaser Abdel Said disappeared after Amina, 18, and Sarah, 17, were shot 11 times in a taxi on New Year's Day. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. The terrified mother had fled with the girls in the week before the killings because she was in great fear for her life, police said. 2016 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Several of the speakers at the vigil described Moreno as a man who cared for others while struggling with his own emotional problems. The girls never returned home. But from what I know, it's quite clear.". Meanwhile, many individuals are curious about Joseph Moreno's current whereabouts. Amina was 18 years old and was shot two times and Sarah was 17 years old as was shot nine times. it read. During the trial, Irsans wife and nephew both explained how the patriarch was upset that his daughter Nesreen who married Beavers in 2012 brought shame to the family and determined he had to wash their honor in blood.. Police Officer Clint Corvinus was fatally shot while pursuing a suspect in Alamogordo, New Mexico, Sept. 2, 2016. In 2017, Crime Watch Daily interviewed Joseph, where he confessed that he loved Amina and the love was double-sided. He would say things like, Theyre becoming too American, Owens said at the time. In reality, on New Years Day 2008, Yaser Abdel Said brought his teenage children out to lunch in his taxi cab in Irving, Texas where they were shot dead by Yaser. "You could tell by talking to him that it was stressing him out.". Amina's father Yaser departed the murder scene as the girls breathed their last breaths never to be seen again for the next 12 years. This prompted speculation that the slayings were "honor killings," however Owens has rejected that. His plan was to bring them back to Egypt, where they'd be forced into arranged marriages with older men, for a price. In another snippet, he closes in on Amina Saids blue eyes. I got my eye on you.". Sarah Said, 17, and Amina Said, 18, were found shot to death on New Year's Day 2008 in a taxi at an Irving motel. Flags were flown #JusticeForAminaAndSarah pic.twitter.com/DX6XAHXHt3, Merhankeller (@merhankeller) August 27, 2020. He viewed himself as the family patriarch and demanded total obedience. Investigation Discoverys Forbidden: Dying For Love dramatized the love that Amina shared with Joseph Moreno, a boy she met in a martial arts class. September 2, 2016 / 8:01 PM I ignored the message just like she'd warned me, and in class the next day Amina confirmed that Yaser had taken her phone. He said he was going to take them to get something to eat, FBI officials said in 2014, when Yaser Said was added to the agencys most-wanted list. And the supposed family honor she'd placed at risk? She had the most amazing green eyes I had ever seen. Amina Said's father killed her because she was having a love relationship with her then-boyfriend Joseph. His son, Islam Said, 32, and his brother, Yassein Said, 59, are each charged with harboring a fugitive. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. "All his life, he administered to people. Amina and Sarah were 9 and 8 years old, respectively. states House Majority leader, issued a statement that called for laws that The case was also featured in local, statewide and national media, including a segment on Americas Most Wanted. Shortly after that, we gave up on phones altogether and began passing a notebook back and forth, taking turns pouring our hearts onto the lined pages, or swapping folded notes at class. I didn't know this until much later, but at one point after they moved to Lewisville, he beat her brutally and demanded to know who she was seeing. The teens' Egyptian-born father, Yaser Abdel Said, fled and is still at large. Funeral arrangements are expected to be announced this week. Check your local listings for those times. Moreno was In the last decade, there have been high-profile honor killings in Arizona, New York and Texas. Yaser Said, 63, was captured Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020, after 12 years on the run. When she became concerned that her father might look through her cellphone for information about what she was up to, she suggested we use a secret code that sounded like something an intelligence agent would dream up. Yaser Abdel Said, an Egyptian-American former cab driving force, was her father. It made for a pretty tame matchup. Crime Watch Daily obtained disturbing home video footage shot by Yaser Said that appears to show his obsessive need to control his daughters. Baba, she had to. 2015 shooting deaths of officers in Albuquerque and suburban Rio Rancho - He was also generous with people in need who showed up at the church and organized holiday dinners for people who had nowhere to go, she said. Not long after, another text came in. The house was empty and Yaser Said was gone. Instead, he pulled over on the side of the road and gunned them down while they watched in horror. I didn't realize it at first, and then I took his pulse.". it in 2009 before Martinez took office. In one clip, Amina is playing with a gun. Resolving not to talk about anything scary or difficult, we devoted the day purely to having fun. But that doesn't do justice to how deep it became. Federal agents are still looking for anyone else who might have helped Yaser Said hide over the past 12 years. Speaking to reporters after the Mass, Malone would not discuss why Moreno was being moved out of St. Lawrence, saying the diocese does not discuss personnel matters. It was. Its rattlesnake season in Texas. Yaser Said quickly became a suspect in their killings after detectives contacted the registered owner of the cab and learned that Said had been driving it for the past 10 days, according to a 2008 affidavit for Saids arrest. 1,374 Followers, 4,020 Following, 287 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Joseph Moreno (@jmoreno_studio) jmoreno_studio. pronounced dead at the scene. Yaser Said was calm when he was taken into custody, DeSarno said. By using this website, you accept the terms of our Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy, and understand your options regarding Ad Choices. Witnesses in the case against Irsan alternated between saying that Irsan was motivated by Islam or his upbringing in his homeland of Jordan. SIMPLY PUT - where we join the dots to inform and inspire you. Creed is among a growing number of people who feel Americans should wake up to the possibility that a fanatic, bent on committing murder to wash their honor in blood, can destroy the lives of people who have never even heard of an honor killing.. This is a good day for law enforcement, he said. I am again The flier says Said always wears dark sunglasses and frequents Denny's and IHOP restaurants. "They wanted him to remain there as pastor and it just wasn't meant to be.". The suspect in As time went by, he would threaten me, like if I said anything to anybody that he would hurt them.. Shortly before Amina was killed, she and a young man named Joseph Moreno fell in love. Amina Said and Joseph Moreno were in a relationship before she was killed as honor killing. from the city of Alamogordo showed Moreno with dramatic facial tattoos, Religion obviously will play into this in some fashion, as people will try to justify it in religious terms, he said. A text of the number 7 meant that her father was planning to confiscate her phone and that no matter what texts I received after that, I should not reply. and pfairbanks@buffnews.com, "He had his whole future in front of him, an exemplary firefighter and employee, just a great all-around person. It shakes our being," Sister Jean Klimczak said of Moreno's death. Shell casings were found in the cab with their bodies, and both sisters had been shot multiple times. There are many, many Muslims who are against it and it needs to be separated from Islam.. Some sources were speculating it was an "honor killing," which Amina had chillingly predicted to me in private. The governor said Carroll said he knows many Muslims and many Jordanians, and none condone honor killings. Authorities said he is survived by his parents, The film was discovered during the shooting of a documentary about the sisters murders in 2016. His son and brother are accused of harboring the fugitive. Without revealing too much of what he saw, he mentioned a gun found by Moreno's side. Yaser, Aminas father, was a staunch conservative who upheld traditional values. Amina's father was from Egypt, and he was very strict. To encourage him, church members told him that he would succeed at his next assignment. Online court records showed he was No amount of anxiety medication they gave me seemed to be enough. It seemed like a safer approach, but as we later found out, it wasn't nearly safe enough. Sign up for a weekly brief collating many news items into one untangled thought delivered straight to your mailbox. Yaser used to be indicted on capital murder fees, making him eligible for the loss of life penalty. The teen also claimed her father had kicked her in the head when he found notes from a boy in her belongings. On the other side, Yaser Saids home camera footage, which appears to reveal his compulsive urge to control his daughters, was obtained by Crime Watch Daily. Instead, he allegedly drove them in his taxi cab to a remote location and used a handgun to murder them.. / CBS/AP. "The investigation is still going on. So, in this piece, well tell you all you need to know about Amina Saids lover Joseph. Joseph Moreno is the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2). Joseph Moreno, Amina Sa's lover, is now believed to be between 30 and 40 years old. We were going to get married. However, she always used to ask Joseph not to text or phone her on account of her father. Kids Family Brooklyn Nets: How Many Tattoo Does Ben Simmons Have Fast Facts On Pale Blue Eye Actor Brennan Keel Cook, Adrienne Bailon Sister Claudette Bailon Is A YouTuber, ITV Star Emma Jesson Age and Facts To Know. Amina has been appointed as a UNESCO goodwill ambassador due to her work in promoting education, specifically for girls in the Middle East. 1,374 followers. "Give me your number so I can bother you.". An Irving man has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for helping a capital murder suspect evade capture for more than a decade, announced Acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Prerak Shah. When questioned about the alleged honor killing motive for the double homicide, Spivey said he didnt know how anyone could use the terms honor and killing in the same sentence. All Rights Reserved. "Christ in his resurrection conquers death ultimately, so there's hope here, but it doesn't take away the sadness, the pain, the confusion," the bishop said. Eventually, though, Amina reached out to our tae kwon do instructor with a message for me: Yaser had secretly bought a house in Lewisville, on the other side of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, 60 miles away, and, overnight, he'd moved the whole family. Eventually, Yaser found a note Amina had written to me and demanded to know who she was communicating with. Help me, Im dying, the crying teen shouted in the call, obtained by Crime Watch Daily. The news came ahead when Amina and Sarah were 18 and 17, and their father murdered them in cold blood inside his cab. The violence and threats of harm continued, according to friends of the sisters. They also reported the abuse to the police but were forced to withdraw their statements, as Aminas aunt confirms. "Can u call me?" Yaser and various family members were calling her mother nonstop, begging her to return, and Amina wasn't confident their troubles were really over yet. Meanwhile, many people wonder where Joseph Moreno is at the current date. Amina and Sarah Said were just 18 and 17 years old when they were murdered. Irving police Chief Jeff Spivey said during a news conference Wednesday that dispatchers received a 911 call around 7:30 p.m. on New Years Day 2008 from a woman in obvious distress at an unknown location. That means deaths may not be reported, or when they are, they may be chalked up to suicides or random violence. Yaser Abdel Said, an Egyptian-American former . The Egyptian-born Said, who has been on the FBIs 10 Most Wanted List since 2014, was captured Wednesday about 35 miles away in the tiny city of Justin. 35.4k 79 Oct 4th 2014, 5:00 PM Joseph Moreno Australia's largest state hits. Shortly after their arrival, Yaser convinced both girls to take a ride with him in the taxi cab to get something to eat. We'd done it together, simply by falling in love. 100 miles west of Alamogordo thats known for its green chile crop. She said Irsans case reminded her of the Said case, because prosecutors have filed charges against family members who allegedly helped Irsan with the killings. However, he has no longer revealed his whereabouts as he barely appears in the public space. These are not infrequent events that happen in some random part of the world. "Amina had always been. I got my eye on you.. people is home to the White Sands National Monument and Holloman Air Force People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. His son and brother are accused of harboring the fugitive. My daughters were loving, caring, smart, loved everybody, would help anybody, Owens told the newspaper. the shooting Friday, Rep. Nate Gentry, an Albuquerque Republican and the Regardless of his conservative ideals, he was a horrible human being who had no respect for his daughters dignity. - A police officer who authorities say attempted to chase down a 38-year-old The charges were dropped. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Apparently he didn't buy the story. According to the U.N. there are 5,000 such crimes each year around the world - a vast underestimate in the view of many international women's-rights groups, who believe it could be four times that. A shepherd tragically lost Though he was never officially the administrator there, he handled some administrative responsibilities and helped stabilize the church's finances, Pachla said. pursuit, a carjacking and the shooting of a bystander whose car Hanes stole, Houston death penalty trial brings focus to scourge of honor killings, Timeline: How battle between Houston ISD, TEA has reached the point of a looming takeover. the states congressional delegation issued statements in support of the fallen Amina always seemed to be in a playful mood, teasing and messing with me. Professor A. Kadir Yildirim, a fellow for the Middle East at the Baker Institute at Rice University, said religion is often the justification, not the cause, of murderous plots to restore family honor. Irsan appears to be a fervent Muslim. She also disputed allegations that the girls were victims of honor killings, apparently contradicting her initial statements to police. Their father, Yaser Abdel Said, had not been heard from since and was considered a prime suspect. Where Is Amina Said Boyfriend Joseph Moreno Now? (Google). Throughout Sunday night, both during a vigil inside the church and later outside addressing a crowd carrying candles and balloons, Weisenburger spoke of the stress Moreno had been under. In this June 25, 2018 photo, Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, center, sits in court with his defense attorneys Allen Tanner, left, and Rudy Duarte, right, in Houston. Their story has been told many times, but few know of the love angle that ultimately led to the girls deaths for dating American boys and for not following their fathers strict, religious faith. The outpouring of support for a beloved priest who is departing is not unusual, Malone said. He murdered 2 innocent girls. I had to leave mine out in the sun to stretch it out. Moreno was a chaplain at the World Trade Center site after Sept. 11, 2001, and he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, Bauer said. IRVING, Texas Yaser Abdel Said took his teenage daughters for something to eat in his taxi cab on New Years Day 2008, in Irving, Texas. Omg i am the happiest today.