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Randy P. My husband and I came to JCT because all we heard were great things about the company. Be agreeing to. I took my truck to the Rush Truck Center in Tulsa OK at the encouragement of my DM Keith Sally. My attitude and demeanor is very laidback easy going, I'm very passive and do my best to make a situation work. BUT, there are a few things that are never discussed before you sign on the dotted line. Thank You for your reply, I'm sorry that you feel, I threatened you, that was not my intent. He said what are you gonna do then I said not sure but I do know trucks are not in my future and hung up. In every trucking company you will run into dispatchers who will blantantly lie to you and then you have dispatchers who tries to walk around the truth hoping you will buy what they are selling. ROYALY SCREWED. However, this can affect how you are able to interact with our site as well as other websites. She even pulled a prank on the freeway when taking us to the terminal from the hotel, where she was tailgating someone she knew and drove up alongside him and opened the doors to the shuttle bus to yell something she thought was funny at him, almost flipping the bus and killing us all! You are right about how rude they are. TESTIMONIALS . You're the reason company drivers are treated like scum. Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by CaliBred, Jul 5, 2016. You think it's a poor businessman who leaves a company that's ripping him off, but you're the one who's paying or paid off a truck note that's $50, 000 over it's value. My partner and I have a trucking dealership in Texas and can help you find your first truck. Probably both. He does you a disservice up there in his little cubicle at the top of the stairs. There are good and bad things with just about any company out there, I don't too many will argue that point. This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. (Truck Payment/Fuel/Insurance/etc) Management. iv been doing this 14 years and its not first run. It's obvious you dont need a high school diploma to be a dispatcher. Operating a lease purchase TRK. All of these people encouraged us to do this. We are the long haul! Secondly, the lease payment will take 1/3 of your check. The most common John Christner Trucking, LLC email format is first last (ex. By the end of the first Leaked News! For more than 15 years we have helped nearly 50000 customers resolve their issues and will never stop striving to ensure further improvements on our platform for a better communication between companies and customers. I know everybody at JCT and admire and respect them all! But after fuel. I try to pull the fire out with the fire extinguisher could not. They obviously have no self esteem and take out their life failures on prospective drivers. They want to talk about honesty among the company but when you have scheduled time off and they call you and tell you that another driver has a family emergency can you relay there load and you do it then find out lo and behold there is no family emergency they were just going home. you have to put in the address of where the equipment is, is it in a fenced in location, is there a security guard or cameras. This comment was posted by a verified customer. If you don't like doing this then you are just burning your profits out the stacks. I believe, if a person like me cannot coexist with these people, no one can! It is Bavaria's largest city and the third largest city in Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg). My husband has been with JCT for 6 years now and though it has not all been peaches and creme, he pays our bills while I sit home. June 20, 2014 the fire investigator called me and told me that he just finishing the fire report and be sending to JCT. Grow up, JEFF BAIRD LEASE OPERATOR JOHN CHRISTNER TRUCKING! OPERATORS who want to make good money with a great company Very high percentage take home with load volume even in the worst market conditions . If the carrier Is Mr. Baird that persuadable, or are you that gullible? Well, coondaddy, if the previous two posts have not dissuaded you, I guess nothing will. Anderson Trucking Services (ATS) Arnold Averitt Barr-Nunn Boyd Bros Butler Transport CFI Covenant Transport Crete Carrier Corporation CR England CRST Dart Transit Company deBoer Transportation Inc Estes FedEx FFE Transportation Foodliner GP Transco Heartland Express, Inc. JB Hunt Jbs Carriers, Inc. John Christner Trucking J&R Schugel KLLM . First and foremost to make above 1000.00 a week after expenses keep a fuel MPG of 8.3 or higher. No, i do not work for JCT. my husband drove for John christner twice. This class action case was initiated by Robert Boulter and co-counsel in 2017 on behalf of driver Thomas Huddleston against Oklahoma based trucking giant John Christner Trucking (JCT) and arises out of its lease purchase I cover my entire family for $93.00 a week under their owner operator health plan. All rights reserved. In addition, as if that's not enough, their lease sucks! 5+ Years, Please select ALL of your current, valid drivers licenses. Maybe you have worked your entire life as a truck driver, I don't know. Now keep in mind this is 1099 contract. I just want to bring as much value to the show as possible. And the same names keep appearing with different reports, must be something to it. (I left my last job and hopped a bus straight to JCT before coming home.). Moondoggie. I do not believe they understand the meaning of these words. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Visit our personal injury site. Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. JCT is big enough to offer all you need to be successful but we're small enough to know you by name. For every person who is complaining about JCT you need to take a look at other companies because they are no different. So after you put 25% ($250) away for taxes you made $750 for 7 days (14hr days) staying away from home. Purchase agreement before obtaining a legal review of that Good trucks. I couldn't deal with this company. and the condition of your truck. Jeff, just because you list your name does not make your posting more credible. When that doesn't work then watch out for the shop. Web: Because I understand the business. 3 weeks later i had over 2500 dollars taken out of my acct for this same bill. Feb 17, 2022 Dubuque, Iowa-based Hirschbach Motor Lines announced the acquisition of Sapulpa, Oklahoma-based refrigerated carrier John Christner Trucking. So not only do they get $ from the previous driver but they are now collecting from the new driver. I will say this, their lease IS easier to quit than a cell phone contract. Each company we work with has specific experience requirements for their drivers. Headquarters 19007 W Hwy 33, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, 74067, United States (918) 227-1600 John Christner Trucking, LLC Profile and History John Christner Trucking, LLC provides truck transportation services. Some, terminated by their own admission. COMPLAINT with Jury Demand against John Christner Trucking, LLC by Thomas Huddleston. I have never seen such a company, in trucking or not, treat their partners or employees in such a unforgivable manner such as John Christner Trucking. In addition, Jeff Baird, I never said you threatened me. I have been in the truckling business for28 years. This could include only showing you a pop-up once in your visit, or the ability to login to some of our features, such as forums. My husband has been with JCT since 2007/2008. If your mail is going to your home or a P.O box in your state you can sue John Christner Trucking in your state because that is where is base out of. John Christner Trucking 19007 W Hwy 33 Internet United States of America. Meca will give you the best discount possible to Mutha Truckers. Knight Transportation gave me a copy and it said i was Discharge on June 2, 2014 and the fire was my fault that the truck and trailer had burned up. John Christner Trucking serves customers in the United States and is headquartered in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. 1-5 Months Names to remember, who will screw you any chance they get here: Keith Salley(DM Supervisor), Royce Sharpe(Personal Driver Liason to/from the Shop), Sheila Bane(LP Contracts), Jerry Gomez(VP Operations), and Marty Means(Keith's Supervisor). 6-11 Months It was my goal to get my own truck, lower my fixed costs and have more freedom. Finally you must know exactly what obligations the carrier If your leasing why are they telling you how to drive your truck & which way to go? John Christner Trucking Just Sold To Hirschbach Trucking 5 Min Ago Grab some Mutha Trucker Gear@ For information about financing your first semi truck or trailer? My husband has been driving for JCT for 12 yearssure, we have had problems here and there thru the years, but if you are a PROFESSIONAL driver and conduct yourself as a mature adult, they will treat you with respect. John Christner Trucking has established itself as a great place to work in Oklahoma, and it is number 1 on Zippia's list of Best Companies to Work for in Sapulpa, OK. Grow upMy husband has made enough of money through the years that allowed me to quit my job and go to college. In CDL School Now John Christner Trucking insights Based on 104 survey responses Areas for improvement Fair pay for job Trust in colleagues Sense of belonging Productive and challenging Independent Contractor (Current Employee) - Sapulpa, OK - October 20, 2022 Nice lanes and plenty of loads. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit John Christner Trucking, and how we safeguard your information. 8800 N. Gainey Center Drive, Suite 265 Scottsdale, AZ 85258, 2200 E Camelback Rd #213 Phoenix, AZ 85016, 5151 E. Broadway Blvd, Suite 1600, Tucson, AZ 85711, 12725 W. Indian School Rd. Exceptional service. :beep: Not me Duck I am about through with the world of trucking and the faster I can get there the faster I can get home, I only do one over night trip a week. Day, I was boarding a bus to return home. The want to preach about safety and how this company does not cheat. they push alot of driver around not this time. Its three in the morning and I just filled out an app and Im going for it . He treats drivers with disdain, and disgust. Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. The operations debt how ever is prone to making racist coments playing games and not treating there drivers with any respect starting with kieth sall and his cronies such as but not limited to mitch the boyer.running there drivers illigaly is something they do constantly they have been operating with impunity.there is no open door policyif you have a problem they will kick you off the property. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I'm going federal court on they ###. Any company has its good and bad, its what YOU make of your time with them, that makes you money, I worked for them for 5 months ( jan 2009-may 2009) and I couldn't bear it anymore. The info I gave above is 100% factual. Recruiters are their to get you into orientation, and orientation is their to get you into the truck, but it is up to you whether you want to stay or go. "(Oops, there I go, talking about Jeff Baird's and TooTall Sam's relationship again). But, however, that does not make you more credible. John Christner Trucking delivers merchandise from the processors to distribution centers, which then deliver the items to grocery stores. John Christner Trucking pays the highest-paid employees over $124,000 a year, while the lowest-paid employees are paid less than $32,000. Ive survived 22 years in the marine corps the evacuation of vietnam and desert storm this ### you all are complaining about is childsplay. The only reason you're noting your name is because your stupid enough to be still working there and hoping you'll get a blue ribbon from them! Founded Date 1987. They keep your maintenance so that you are in the hole. The shuttle driver/orientation manager had a sexual joke every day! Yes I said stupid! Christner got his start in trucking in the 1960s hauling produce from California and returning to the coast with juice or meat, and this is still the core of what JCT does today. Truck L3174B. Case Details Parties Documents Dockets Case Details Case Number: 21-5025 Filing Date: You've heard drivers like him on the CB. The combined revenue of both companies will exceed $1 billion and will propel Hirschbach to be one of the nation's largest refrigerated carriers. You need to run it as your business, hello watch where you buy fuel, how you run etc. Sure the company is going to make money, thats why they are in business. I first started this thread, under the heading, "Rude to Drivers", and have revisited here periodically, as needed. Also, Had a question on that how fast do they run & what kind of safety features are on the truck? Have you never heard of companies hanging a complaint, or "feedback" box on the wall and asking employees to put their complaints and suggestions in it? At John Christner Trucking, we recognize that the privacy of your personal information is important. Home time when needed or wanted. Every single person treated the orientees with disdain and disgust! The deal will form one of the biggest temperature-controlled fleets in the nation at more than 3,000 trucks (800 at JCT), 5,000 trailers and total revenue exceeding $1 billion. he said yes a mater fact I did get it Terrance. well nothing against jeff but they must have had better trucks to choose from cause i just went thru orientation and the way that they do it is by how you score on the smith test that they give you. MPG helps but its not a big factor, its all about running, miles miles miles. Frequently Asked Questions about John Christner Trucking How is John Christner Trucking rated? which means i have to sit wasting time, making no money. You want to lease? According to court documents, John Christner Trucking is a for-hire motor carrier that provides trucking services nationwide and relies, in part, on drivers who operate trucks leased from its company, Three Diamond Leasing. That is hogwash. When I called them to asked about it, they admitted what they did. Most drivers don't count up the annotated payments and total the cost out, but I did. John Christner Trucking is Seeking Lease Purchase Drivers and Owner Operators. You guys act like they owe you something. ( which I wasn't loaded when I quit) from jct. If you tell a dispatcher they are lazy, they will cry to safety. YOU GUY'S GOT ALOT OF NERVE TO CRY ABOUT TRUCKS AN JCT, LOOK WHAT HE HAS AN WHAT YOU HAVE, IF YOU GUY'S KNEW SO MUCH ABOUT TRUCKING, WHY AREN'T YOU LIKE JOHN CHRISTNER, AN HAVE YOUR OWN TRUCKING COMPANY, INSTEAD OF CRYING ON WHAT DISPATCHERS ARE DOING TO YOU John Christner Trucking does not have this! Contact Email I had many more negative comments to add to my tirade against JCT, but I felt what I had already posted was enough to get my point across. Where is the respect and professionalism is such a comment. Protect your interests. I am truly sorry that you never acquired, or had those skills. John Christner Trucking Case Summary On 03/11/2021 Huddleston filed a Labor - Labor Standard lawsuit against John Christner Trucking. Bob Barnes, RD Barnes Trucking, LLC. I only relayed the facts, of my lease experience, and my satisfaction of w0rking for John Christner. Also, my truck, a 2007 International 9300, had ac failure within 2 wks of being issued to me, and last week had all my coolant leak out of a gigantic hole in the engine block! is basically operating your own business., The anonymous person that wrote the first complaint, with all of his years of Trucking was and apparently is, a very poor business man, and wants to blame others for his failures Jeff Baird L1417b Lease purchase operator John Christner Trucking are there any drivers out there that have any positive comments no this trucking company i am currently thinking about leasing one of there trks. Home time was a headache if you were leaving the truck and trail at a truckstop and not at your house. Nobody is forcing you to sign on and ### and moan. I leased the tractor with 29, 252 miles on it, , , today it has 881, 116 miles on the odometer. Cookie Policy | 4 Years I give my express consent authorizing TruckersReport and its. 2 Years Well, if you were a credit worthy person you wouldnt be stuck doing this lease purchase deal. Curious Job Seeker. Cargo & Freight Company John Christner Trucking | Sapulpa OK You have to sit and listen to the same thing over and over. If you have any complaints or issues that you are bothered with and would like to address them with your driver manager, or even go further up the ladder, they will pull out the, "well I have known this person for 22 yrs, and have never had a single complaint about him" card! They send me load offers, and we all know that if the truck is not running the qualcomm goes on and off periodically, and then in return they call them selves contacting me by my phone which they never bothered to correct. I never said anything negative about the actual shop at JCT. Thank you all for the information I was thing of going to JCT but I'll visit 1st.and look around and I will have my lawyer on speed dial .No ! Submit a complaint and get your issue resolved. Knight transportation hire me and went to orientation knight came up to me and told me that they can't hire me because John Christner sent a report back to us. See for myself. this one load I picked up, the shipper and customer both said 52 degrees continues cycle. Home was mutual. that tells ya! JUST STOP BLAMING YOUR SITUATION ON THESE COMAPNIES, PAY YOUR BILLS! Deltona, FL. Iowa-based Hirschbach Motor Lines has acquired John Christner Trucking, a refrigerated carrier based in Sapulpa. I told him I appreciate the opportunity he gave me to work for him and that all do respect to him I cannot work with those who seek to try and make me go broke I do not bend down or over for anybody he asked me who it was that was doing it and then he walked them out the door to let them know, Now I here things like this and I see it through other drivers eyes. I'm sure you do a great job and have individual pride in your work. John Christner Trucking, LLC is part of the Freight & Logistics Services industry, and located in Oklahoma, United States. my name is Orlando from fl. yes 4 or 5 wks. Company Snapshot JOHN CHRISTNER TRUCKING LLC USDOT Number: 273897 Other Information for this Carrier SMS Results Licensing & Insurance ID/Operations | Inspections/Crashes In US | Inspections/Crashes In Canada | Safety Rating They have the freightI'd stay out a good 3 weeks to make a pretty good living. YOU CAN'T GO OUT AN LEASE A TRUCK AN EXPECT TO BE HOME EVERY WEEKEND OR TWO, YOU HAVE TO STAY OUT A MININUM OF AT LEAST 4 WEEKS AN THEN YOU'RE LOOSING MONEY, TO MAKE ENDS MEET, YOU HAVE TO WANNA TO HAVE THE DESIRE AN NOT ACT LIKE A BUNCH OF BABIES AN COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. Huddleston v. John Christner Trucking is a putative class action pending in the Northern District of Oklahoma (Case No. Then they put the truck back in the bullring and watch out new driver because they hadn't fixed that truck let you get out on the road and oops guess what? Not possible you saw when pulling 43, 000 lbs through the mountains, I am doing it currently my current MPG is 9.2. They are the worst company to work for. Any truck accessories that you need. You make about $3600 per week. Job Listing Rules. My dispatcher asked why and I told him I was quiting and bringing their equipment back and if I had to I would deadhead back there. First and foremost, you are not told that YOU, not the company, is paying for your orientation that they decide if you are good enough to work for the great john christner. ***Disclaimer*** I am not making money from this. Next weds., April 20th I will have been driving this tractor exactly 5 years, that is a 170, 372 mile a year average. Have legal questions about what you should in a truck accident? If JCT was as bad as Moondoggie says then it wouldn't have grown as much as it has in the past 12 years. Now as a fleet of over 800 trucks, John has had the support of many throughout the years, including his two sons Danny & Darryl. Verified customer. and they said that the truck had just been serviced but the oil was really black.guess i was fortunate to only have 400, 500 miles on my truck because one guy in the class had to take a freightliner with over 800, 000 miles on it. However, if several drivers who have driven the same truck, keep "bailing" and returning their truck, then maybe there's something with the truck. I will not take that kind of abuse, especially if we are all supposed to be working on the same team.