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I didn't mention that after the initial dispute, I received an email within 6 hours basically saying they couldn't prove that any fraud had taken place on they buyers part since they don't handle the items directly. Keep choosing to the end, then scroll down and your contact options will be at the bottom. They then go to Etsy and order the item from me at full price using a suspect credit card number. So, that explains the different labels and (possibly) the Fragile stickers. 04:28 PM. Example: The listing said "new," but the item was clearly used. 3) When you receive the return and can confirm the buyer returns a different item, do not process refund and you have two days to appeal the return. So eBay accepted the return. The one I received is as per the photo. I have no idea how to get on the phone with a live human being? Otherwise she wouldn't have bothered. Unfortunately ebay does not review video, but if I have to go to arbitration I can use that, along with footage from my home security cameras, and my car cam to prove my case. Never sold on Ebay before. Has she possibly got you mixed up with a different seller ? Example: You bought a table, and it showed up with only three legs. Item compatibility is buyer s responsibility. They requested a refund saying it was not as described and said I sent a cheap beaded necklace instead and attached pictures. I just wanted someone else to take a look at the photos and tell me what they thought. Once payment is confirmed you ship it promptly. Accept it and issue return label. Remember to be persistent when you are in the right and can prove it. Dial 1-800-275-8777 and explain the issue to USPS customer service. Met 2 other sellers on the facebook group he was bs'ing, and they reported him as well. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Its a battle that sellers will always lose but eBay does help their best sellers that have track records of good sales. Dollars. I called ebay on July 26th before accepting the return to explain what was going on, and what my hesitation was given the amount of people attempting to scam graphics cards. eBay will not assist with a transaction that occurred beyond its purview. eBay will demand a return and the buyer sends the empty box back to you, keeping the item and the money as its refunded. If you get the item back as a buyer you have the option to relist and recoup your outlay. They also have to protect their buyers from fraudulent sellers. I really feel like I am not getting any protection from scammer buyers on eBay. If so, it's definitely not a package I've sent out. If you have an item for sale, a potential buyer may contact you and offer to pay over the asking price for it. A buyer from Europe orders at item and pays for it. New replies are no longer allowed. Its ok but I like the darker one you had in your listing. Attached is a picture of a side buckle and the package with address label. be lucky you got your money back I've been on ebay for over 20 years man you got hella lucky 99% of the time you'd be fuct. What's the return address? NO Cash Refund for wrong purchased items. Scammers know this and will sometimes offer high quality, brand-name items for sale at a very attractive price. Under our eBay Money Back Guarantee policy, if a buyer opens a return case, sellers must facilitate this. 09-10-2020 The weird thing is, in the picture was also the shipping package, and it had "GLASS FRAGILE DO NOT CRUSH" sticker type labels on it which I didn't have on my package. 04:18 PM BUT that package in the picture did have the correct Canada Post tracking number that they supplied for the item I sent after it went through customs. It could be either the USPS assigned a repeated tracking number to your shipment or the USPS scanned the shipment incorrectly. I swear. So eBay took the loss when they refunded me. So, I purchased the shipping label the cost was13.34 which was taken out of my Personal Banking Account but that never happen before, and no total was given me of the balance left from the sale of the boots. I've seen buyers who've scammed hundreds upon hundreds of sellers and haven't been removed from the site (3 I can think of who've left almost exclusively negative feedbacks, and some have been answered confirming the buyer was scamming). I've had this happen to me before, albeit for a much cheaper item, but I knew I sent the right item because it was the only one listed, only one I mailed one, buyer claimed it was the wrong item. Refunds will be processed to the original form of payment no later than three (3) business days after confirmation from the Seller that the item was returned by the Buyer to the Seller. How do i handle this? Anderson Maria is an eBay seller trying to tell me that eBay is trying to contact me through my email to confirm a payment with a gift card in advance to ship n deliver a motorcycle that Im interested in purchasing is this a scam? Should I try to see if it was mixed up with another package? Western Australia Seller Community Connect,, A new look for the View Order Details page, The Seller Refurbished item condition is being removed in some categories, Single Use Plastics: Addressing Plastic Waste. He immediately cancels the order and requests a refund. I asked Ron, who was by far the best rep I dealt with, what a seller had to do to prove to ebay that a buyer has sent a different item than what was sold. To start, you have to rule out an honest mixup plus give a timid potential scammer an out. I lost my appeal. USPS. In order for it to work, sellers must provide proof of item delivery. While doing so has no actual effect on the package itself (e. Missing Mail Searches can be initiated seven days after the items have been sent. Upon receiving the item back, the seller has six business days to issue a refund according to eBay's policy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cheaper seller scam: What to do when wrong item received, seller requesting to send to other buyer. That's the correct garment you've received, but as computers and phones and tablets can all display things differently depending on their brightness and colour settings, perhaps the photos have appeared darker on your device than is ideal? It seems I have no time to inquire. A little detective work might find the answer. If there's something wrong with your item, you can return it to the seller for a refund or a replacement. I sent a seller an offer on an item and she accepted. It's tough dealing with customer service when they're all Filipinos who don't understand or care. Another time I was encased the item in cardboard and it slipped out so I accidentally sent my customer nothing. Anytime I can create with the Stardream line, I jump at the . If you are sure the buyer is trying to return a different item for refund here is what you should do: 1) Report a buyer for misusing returns - returned a completely different item. I have been talking to someone with same story Im trying to buy a car. Report the buyer. If you don't respond to the return request, we may refund the buyer and seek reimbursement from you, without requiring the buyer to send . If you successfully complete a transaction and the buyer pays with a credit card or PayPal, they can easily contact the provider and cancel the transaction. Here are some of the most common eBay scams for eBay buyers: An eBay money-back guarantee protects buyers from fraudulent sellers, save for some exclusions. Each transaction creates the opportunity for both buyers and sellers to leave public feedback about the experience. I would return the item back royal mail tracked signed for and explain it is not the item you sent them and it was used and worn. I told them to send it back to me and I'll give them a refund. Contact postmaster and file mail fraud. It sucks. It looked about right on mine when I photographed it.I hope you still enjoy wearing it - it's a lovely looking top!Take care,Kimbooley, on I can send to any other email address OK.We'll move all . I've taken back an item I never sold lol. Also on my initial dispute call the person I talked to said that I should try and see if they buyer would take a partial refund Really wish this sub didnt have a rule for sharing names of ebayers because thats definitely someone Id add to my blocklist. Than I have gotten some buyers who claim to not have received their orders so I end up having to refund them cause I only have the receipt of the postage and picture I took of their order before shipping and eBay wont cover it when you dont have tracking. Also one first class item costs a US seller minimum $2.60 to ship that same item is .30 for China. But so far no response from buyer. Before you start your Missing Mail Search, you will want to double check the status of your package. So buyer filed a claim for a return with eBay citing wrong item sent. A neighbor may have picked it up, so it is worth asking around before you contact USPS. I was told to "rest assured", that since I had to serial number in my posting along with pictures, that if they sent a different item all I need to do was photograph it and show ebay in order to be found not at fault. We had a top where it was returned with snot. to fight them over this and go to the Phillippines is beyond annoying. Help for buyers and sellers. The final resort is to submit a missing mail search. I agree, but the fact that from my initial dispute to the appeal zero new information or new evidence was presented shows me that sellers have absolutely no chance of winning the first dispute. "Hi. Go to solution deala0621 Adventurer (205feedbacks) View listings Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Mute Subscribe to RSS Feed Permalink Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content 09-09-202009:41 PM Hi, thanks to all for your help. But I would think it is more likely a customs thing. Should the customer take possession of purchased merchandise prior to the 5-day refund expiration period, the sale is final. Go to and fill out the internet crime form. The company has put in some safeguards, but you can do a lot to protect yourself as an eBay user. They aren't. You take pics of box, item and serial number? Person buys 2 things. I had been using half sheet sticky labels for almost a month before sending out this order. Copy and save both forms before submitting them. on Put it in a bag took pics opened case and returned back explained. Now I received eBay buyers protection plan email and they are asking me to go buy multiple eBay gift cards to pay for it.I feel suspicious now. Just thought Id share. Zero money was left over. Log in to their [Amazon Web Service (AWS) account] Go to [], then click on "Manage my orders" Click the orders icon Click on the "Manage Your Orders > Refund or Replace an Order" option. Wondering how the new IRS reporting thresholds for Form 1099-K apply to you? 2. You must be new here, in this sub anything and everything is a scam ;). The buyer sent me a cheap shirt instead of the shoes she bought, and ebay sent that same ridiculous first email that you mentioned. Knowing this, some scammers will buy from you and then demand money be sent through private means so that negative feedback wont be left on your account. 03:21 PM. The most common dispute for a scammer is the "not as described" dispute. USPS is the most trusted delivery service in the USA. They help the organizations to focus on the other parcels they have to deliver. I had to help my mom submit a dispute through eBay, as a buyer. Opium Smuggling The early edition of the evening paper of the day following that eventful night, sold like hot cakes; and well Offer to send him a return shipping label. They will call the number you have on record for this account, so make sure that's correct before you start. . Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. You can always appeal later. I had them call the next morning and asked them how one was supposed to prove this, and asked if it was ebay's policy to be complacent with their website being used to commit felonies. If the item is sold for more than $750 the item must have signature delivery proof. Him claiming he did not get the package until day before opening claim yet UPS showing delivery 15 days before along with his signature was strange to supervisor. I sent wrong item - Welcome to the Etsy Community I shipped a wrong item that was hundreds more valuable than was actually purchased. I immediately called ebay to appeal, signed an affidavit , and sent images of the box the item was shipped in (the original manufacturers packaging with matching serial number to what I mailed) and the graphics card inside the box with a different serial number. The scammer pretends to be Ebay customer service and convinces the victim to hand over money or sensitive information. 09-10-2020 Then gets mixed up on which item was wrong. Cookie Notice 10/31/2020 at 3:54 pm #83017 Antique Frog In order to fill out this request, customers must do the following: Log in to your Amazon account and go to the Your Orders page. It might come as a surprise, but many eBay scams are not targeted at innocent buyers looking for a good deal. The other thing to remember is that every computer, phone, tablet, laptop will show colours differently. I'm thinking she may have changed her mind about the top once she received it, and in that case, I specify in the listing that it's a partial refund. That's why I thought maybe they mislabeled. The thing to remember is that these slip up were t. That is not the package i sent your cosmetics in. Someone did this to me a few months ago. You can chat with other sellers about anything to do with running a business on eBay. Message 1of 30 I did buy the shipping label through ebay. If he ghosts you, you scared off a scammer. If eBay screws you and sides with the buyer like they most certainly will, you have to make yourself into the biggest pain in their ass that you possibly can. But how about when buyers try to force the seller to accept a return by claiming not as described when its just buyer's remorse? As you say, I would explain to the buyer that different computers and devices show colours differently. Otherwise, you can also restart the laptop just by pressing the power button. Thanks for the policy violation on your part eBay. Once I listed a new in box item as white when it was really blue. Should I contact the postal service? Phone eBay and they said I should have tried harder. 26-05-2020 Cause his photo shows a like kind of item but not the brand or pattern I sent. All sales are final after the buyer rates the seller or 3 days after delivery. I've msg'd the buyer and asked if they could see a return address or the USPS tracking number. Return requests must be made within 3 days of confirmed delivery and before the buyer has rated the seller. The item could have gotten mixed up during a customs check? Well sure enough the card got mailed back on the August 5th, arrived on the August 9th, and was a different serial number than what I had mailed. I manufacture them myself and sell for only one price. The buyer receives the item but claims you sent an empty box in other words, accuses you of fraud. If further action is needed both seller and buyer will be contacted by an eBay Customer Service representative. I never sold a necklace on ebay period, and never saw that one in my life. The buyer pays quickly, and you send the item without concern. - edited When a buyer disputes an item, the review is no longer an option unless they "accept the item". That's the correct garment you've received, but as computers and phones and tablets can all display things differently depending on their brightness and colour settings, perhaps the photos . I dont understand why he thought that she wouldnt notice? TECH WRITER, PRIVACY ADVOCATE AND VPN EXPERT, What to do if youve been scammed on eBay. Was full of marks. They readily cooperate with law enforcement and encourage scammed users to make a police report with their local authorities. Is eBay likely to refund the buyer? In some cases, the scammer will tell the victim that the former needs access to the latters bank account in order to process a refund. Do not refund first and try to appeal after. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 09-10-2020 If you want to file a refund request hassle-free, sign up for DoNotPay and do it in minutes! If I can prove to eBay (and I often can) that I described the item accurately and it was as described, eBay will side with me in the dispute. As well as informing Amazon, tell the buyer that as theyve returned a different item (and quote all those differences) you will not be refunding. Please help, Very true happen a few times to myself ebay is a scammers paradise and ebay dont care. Plus get a receipt from USPS. Did you try talking with the buyer? You're not supposed to be liable for anything that happens to it after that. What's the tracking number? Is it not possible to take pics of item A and still send B? Today the buyer contacted me asking why it hasn't been delivered, and it turns out the buyer gave the wrong address on eBay, and therefore parcel wont reach them. 4) Request return shipping label credit as buyer made false claim. Particularly if the item is expensive, popular, or desirable (such as new cell phones or gaming consoles). I agree with that. and our Yet fight is not over, lets see what happens next. As you sent it recorded delivery I am assuming it had some value to it. But it would be kinda weird if the post office is secretly replacing nice quality branded merch in random packages with cheap nonbrand similar items. There is no way to dispute a transaction once its finalized in this way. This is a scam to watch for if you are looking for a highly popular item that is generating a lot of media attention, has a limited release, or is difficult to get elsewhere. All rights reserved. It expressly says this in the PayPal Seller Protection terms. However, this morning they sent me a rude email saying I'm sending fake products and to get a real job. Five! 1. Seller deleted listing immediately after purchase? I then pack it and send it to E bays Global Shipping in Kentucky and send the tracking number to the buyer. 2023 Comparitech Limited. However, for large packages and certain types of express service, UPS is the cheaper . By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The item is damaged or unusable: Contact the seller to ask if they'd like you to return the damaged or unusable (example: locked phone) item. Billing errors include charges for items that you didn't accept or that weren't delivered as agreed, involved the wrong amount, were unauthorized, and certain others. They sell fake goods and don't pay taxes. .even though as Musketeers we do like frilly things.. You do not have permission to remove this product association. I sold 4 of the same items. A buyer can return anything simply by evoking this phrase, even if the item was described in minute detail. No they dont. BUT that package in the picture did have the correct Canada Post tracking number that they supplied for the item I sent after it went through customs. You can exchange an item (excluding gift returns) through Your Orders if your return item wasn't purchased with a promotion (except for free shipping promotions), if the return item was purchased with a credit or debit card, and the exchange item meets the other eligibility criteria listed below. Ebay basically says, Well we dont know what you actually sent the buyer so we cant be sure whos side to take here so we always favor the buyer.. The eBay transaction is listed as refused or returned, the seller gets the product back and keeps the payment, too. If you've changed your mind about the item, check with the seller to see if they'll accept your return. why it was refused and Never heard back. 26-05-2020 2) Buyer most likely will open SNAD return request. And while I'll be cordial, it doesn't bode well. Or just take back the item. Go to your post office with your Tracking Number and buyer's email and pictures and make an inquiry as to what could possibly have happened prior to the package being delivered and what is your recourse. That has happened to me. So that makes it look like it is the package but I didn't have any "glass fragile" stickers on it like in the picture. Unfortunately, the items are affordable because they are counterfeit, or knock-off replicas. She is moving to Chicago to avoid painful memories and she put the car in ebay motors they will contact me.. just give me your full name, email and phone number.She has free shipping as part of the deal. Made sure we sent all images to amazon as it was within 30 days of purchase. Read the feedback other have left for the person. If you haven't replied to your buyer yet, I'd send a message saying approximately the following: Hi there, thanks for letting me know the top arrived safely! A scammer doesnt have to try very hard to steal your money, as most transaction sites are built to protect the buyer. Be cautious when purchasing items from the following list: This scam is clever because the deceit occurs offline after the eBay transaction is complete. Is it possible to contact their police department? Please answer these questions that I asked earlier: You need to tell us this, so that we can give you the best advise. I asked for a picture from the buyer and it was some plastic item. Its disturbing to me and I dont even know how long I am going to sell on eBay now because of this happening when I send my orders out every time I get an order. Buyer hasn't paid but eBay won't won't send invoice : r/Ebay. zahidzaman 2 yr. ago It's tough dealing with customer service when they're all Filipinos who don't understand or care. Visit the nearest USPS location and fill out a request form. If not, fuck them and continue onto arbitration per their terms and conditions. I think most first-time eBay buyers create their account the same day they place their first order. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The status says the item was "Delivered to agent," so the item shows as delivered. But they said flat out "we don't mix up packages" and reiterated. This has happened a couple of times to us over the years, all part of selling on line Im afaid .