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", "Busta Rhymes came into a jersey shop I managed in Atlanta and got pissed off that I didnt have a hat in his size. I saw Lea Michele just walking to her trailer. That December, Rinna shared with ET, "I saw Kathy last night, and we had a lovely chat. Jerks Before They Were Famous. We've all read about (some of us even met) celebrities who are rude to everyone and full of themselves, despite trying to look nice on the media. Unfortunately, their apparent feud heated up following Lopez's exit from the show, with Perez accusing her of acting faux-friendly despite making "disparaging comments" and then ghosting her. Here are 14 of the absolute worst stories of celebrity fan encounters. We had a fun time last night. In 2020, the two along with Jennifer Hudson collaborated on Carey's Christmas track "Oh Santa!" You are the biggest bully in Hollywood, and everyone knows it. He was ranked as the absolute worst celebrity to try to approach by autograph collector magazine. Well, when Pat tipped them and they started singing, he told them to shut the fuck up because they were annoying. She has a proven track record in writing viral-type content with 60+ million views on articles written for the Richest and viewership in the Top 1% for the year 2014 on Buzzfeed. In her 2014 memoir "Handbook for an Unpredictable Life" (via theNew York Post), however, Perez claimed that the "Waiting for Tonight" hitmaker'son-set behavior was inappropriate. He's well known for losing his cool with fans and being downright disrespectful to them. I said, 'Hey, were both short girls. "I don't shut 'em down," he said. One time, he sat in First Class 1A on a 747 (which is right in the nose of the plane), so there was nothing but a wall in front of the seat. "I kind of expected him to say no, so I wasn't mad if he said no. 7 Mel Gibson. But I know there's a human in there somewhere.". People were tased, people were arrested, and people were hurt. With tongue." Not a show I plan to do again." Justin Bieber. Check out the meanest celebrities according to fans below. I know how to approach another celebrity. He called me a butthead because I didn't laugh at his cruel joke. The kicker was when she walked in, they gave away all of my other tables so she didnt have to wait for anything. In contrast, Reba McEntire would always eat lunch with the staff and was always super chill.". The reality TV star dished on how he and his girlfriend were 'targeted' by the celeb at the first A-list party they ever went to. James Corden has revealed the rudest celebrity he's ever had the displeasure to meet . For most actors, working with Mike Myers would be a dream. J Stewart correct to give me kicking.". Unfortunately, some famous peoplewere apparentlyjerks even before they were famous. "You'll never convince me to like Jon Hamm," Griffin wrote in 2016, before recounting an alleged tale of an ill-fated dinner party(viaUs Weekly). He said, 'Oh hell nah, man! While not everyone is petty enough to put all the people that have wronged them on full blast (yes, we mean Kim Kardashian's epic "burn book"), others have publicly let slip a few awkward run-ins they've had. The man has starred in some of the most popular modern comedies, like the "Austin Powers" and "Shrek" trilogies. Pratt branded Lisa Kudrow as the "rudest" and "worst" celebrity. Season 12 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was arguably one of the most explosive on record. 3. In 2014, the former child star recounted the time she was allegedly and awkwardly snubbed by one of her fave actors, Charlize Theron. There's even a photo of the pop star spitting on a gathering of Beliebers from his apartment balcony in Toronto, Canada. Meanwhile, Stanley squashed the beef by apologizing to the mother-son duo. Some of these celebrities will surprise you with the behavior they display toward servers, as they could be quite rude. My manager proceeded to swiftly move on. Yeah, not so much. When fans asked to get a photo with Diaz her response was, If I did it for you Id have to do it for everyone, and she then proceeded to walk away. According to Candace Cameron Bure, everything is "all good" between the actress and JoJo Siwa after Siwa pegged her as the "rudest celebrity" she's ever met . "Sharon Tate was very rude to me once. Island / Republic / Hollywood / Safehouse. Jordan seemingly decided to prove Chamillionaire's claims wrong, as years later, he was seen posing with fellow rap artist 2 Chainz in an Instagramsnap. "She turned to me, looked me up and down, and said 'You're pretty enough, I suppose,' then went back to her conversation," the woman claimed. I never watched the show, but I recognized him he grabbed my slice of pizza, took a bite out of it, and then spit it out and gave it back to me. As pal Richard Jones once told Texas Monthly, "You just need to remember that Tommy's got a lot of cowboy in him. His team sent our local agency a long list of demands and rules in anticipation of his arrival: Tyler wanted to be addressed/referred to as 'Mr. After all, fans pay an exorbitant amount of cash just for a picture and the chance to spend 30 seconds awkwardly saying, "I really love your work!" Then he made fists out of both of his hands with the middle knuckles sticking out, and brought them down sharply and simultaneously onto both of our heads. My dad wasn't a huge Kiss fan, but he appreciated their music and told Gene something along the lines of, 'Awesome concert, thanks for the show.' She refused a picture with me, but I feel it was because of what I asked her. When I asked for his autograph, he verbally went off on me when my dad came over, he went off on him. And literally this arm went on here and just pushed me out the way. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! ", "Ive worked with Nicki Minaj before and while on a set with her, I was told not to look at her face. Actor and comedian Rob Huebel was a longtime fan when he met Chase atan Upright Citizens Brigade show, and he said he told Chase all about it. She blankly stared at me while Jordyn and her assistant Victoria had their heads down, trying not to laugh. Celebrities Behaving Badly Lists about famous people caught acting like entitled jerks or even committing real offensesprobably expecting to get away with it. Many people agree that it's an awful feeling to meet a celebrity you look up to and realize they are a horrible person. It's understandable when Hollywood stars get annoyed with paparazzi in their faces or selfie requests, but you'd think they'd be a bit more patient when they have encounters with fans. ", Pete Davidson has had his fair share of celebrity feuds, and one of his sparring partners is no stranger to controversy. Let's hope that she's changed her attitude now that her career is looking up. For her part, Carey has been less vocal about their feud, but during a 2015 interview on "The Kyle and Jackie O Show," she said of her time on the show: "That was the worst experience of my life. As Wilson recalled of Stern, "It's like a joke to him, but it wasn't to me. Absolutely," Lovato commented in a since-deleted Instagram post, as reported by ET. Unnecessarily rude? Kanye West is an explosive persona, but when paparazzi turned up at his house in 2013 at 4 am, the " Gold Digger" rap star rightfully confronted them and told them to "shut the f--- up." This wasn't West's first run-in with the paps and surely won't be the last. So me and my wife moved into this area. People were fist fighting everywhere. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. My dad was pissed and told his friends it was time to go, and the bartender stopped them on their way out. He left, and then I finally got my batteries. We imagine Lopez, Lovato, and Carey likely won't be gathering any time soon, but whatever distaste Carey did or didn't have for Grande must have dissipated. So when we went up to him to have our book signed/pic taken, he sighed and rolled his eyes, saying, 'Oh my GOD, please let this be the last one! According to a report on Mid-day, Katrina Kaif once created quite a scene in an aircraft when an airhostess tapped her and woke her from her sleep to ask her to fasten the seat belt. Stern reportedly said to Wilson's husband, musician Rob Bonfiglio, "There's something wrong here. Katrina Kaif. Major yikes. The headline-making incident caused some to quit, and the overall public response was mixed: Some approved of the movie star's message, but others found the rant to be abusive coming from someone in a position of power. We talked partially about how she was an inspiration for me in my addiction recovery, as she's also in recovery. An American actor, stand-up comedian, singer, musician, and rapper Kel Mitchell made some racist remarks for his fan. Here's Vilma Santos' Advice To Young Actors Who Are Rude, Unprofessional. News correspondentGiuliana Rancic. He ended up dropping his ice cream on the counter and stormed out. showed up on this thing. Well, surely anyone can have a bad day, but this doesn't mean one gets the right to make it same for another person. ", "One time, my mom and little brother (who was 4 years old at the time) were walking through an airport Larry King ran into my little brother and knocked him over, and just continued walking without stopping to say sorry. "EASILY John Mayer I met him at an awards show over 10 years ago, and he would not stop quoting a sexist joke from South Park. Catherine Zeta-Jones. She refused to use a toilet if someone else had sat on the seat before her cleaning them was never good enough, so we had to buy new toilet seats every time she came. "And there's some serious parts, like the death threats." While Sandler awkwardly laughed at the remark, he then tried offering up his own two cents to the young starlet. I just don't care. And he is in no way looking to reach outside, or even look outside, of that bubble, in an empathetic way. ", "My dad ran into Gene Simmons at a bar in Baltimore in the late '70s after one of Kiss's shows. ", "Randy Jackson was invited to a telethon hosted by a hospital for children with disabilities (where my little sister lived until she passed away). Jennifer Lawrence labeled herself "incredibly rude." The 30-year-old actor isn't exactly friendly in fan encounters. "When I was about 7 years old in the '70s, I was at the airport with my mom and her boyfriend and a friend of mine my mom's boyfriend told us that Evel Knievel was in one of the lounges. Spectators reported that he also suggested that she try out for The Biggest Loser. Literally all you had to do was tell me you needed to get going. Jackson apparently had demanded that nobody even look at her. I am who I am, and I like who I am. It was a huge waste of food. After his speech, he came into the hall where I had the table set up he walked over, introduced himself, and asked which of his two books I liked best. She came on three hours late, and had very specific food items/demands for her green room she was also extremely rude to everyone who worked at the facility. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. He's well known for losing his cool with fans and being downright disrespectful to them. She also had people move out of the room before she would come in the room. ", "Let me set the scene: I'm 9 years old. Kendall Jenner was recently blasted by a TikTok user who met her in person and shared how "rude" the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star turned out to be. Rating: 20/10. He's super friendly, making small talk, etc. However, funnyman James Corden might beg to differ with this glowing reputation. They seemed disgusted and rolled their eyes as they walked by me, as if I was some devoted fan crying over them [instead of experiencing something traumatic]. I don't think they had any intentions for us to have a good experience doing that show. Scathing review of Kim Kardashian beauty products. Such a tool. Yikes! She wouldn't pick up." The story obviously picked up steam at the time, even among ESPN, which noted, "There's also widespread support for the idea that Jordan is no saint [we] can't help but wonder if the public perception of Jordan is shifting." Explaining that it's her way of defending herself, she added, "[They say], 'Can I have a selfie?' How does that old phrase go, don't meet your heroes? She also didn't want any of the airline crew to approach her unless she called for them, and if she was bothered at all, Dolly herself would be held responsible. The pint-sized crooner even combated the claims in a 2014 appearance on the Australian radio show"Mike E & Emma." ", Andy Cohen laterdecided to rehash the goss with Theron herself on an episode of "Watch What Happens Live." "So every episode, rehearsing was hell, and taping was hell. LAX worker reveals the RUDEST stars she's met including Kendall Jenner 1/24/2022. ", "Im a photographer, and one of my biggest events starting out was the opportunity to photograph the red carpet at Jingle Ball in 2014. I had previously had a few tiny interactions with her on Twitter, and months after I met her, she started private messaging me from an anonymous account (she chatted with me over Skype video so she made sure I knew it was her). "I . However, funnyman James Corden might beg to differ with this glowing reputation. During the late 1980s and 1990s, Mel Gibson was one of the highest-paid, best-looking actors in Hollywood. Guys hitting women, grabbing cash out of hands of others while they were fighting. "I went over and I said, 'Hey Tommy, how are you doing?' But we were cracking jokes the whole day. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. In a TikTok video uploaded Sunday, Siwa, 19, took part in a viral trend on the social media platform and revealed the "rudest," "nicest" and . Fan stories about rude and mean celebrities can be pretty shocking. He's most well-known for 'Carpool Karaoke,' a hit segment on The Late Late Show hosted by James Corden, however, he's got plenty of other on-screen escapades under his belt. I really don't like you.' Newscaught up with Mowry, who finally cleared the air in 2017: "It was all blown out of proportion. Watch popular content from the following creators: Victor Torres(@victorthetorres), Nora(@noradonz), Victor Torres(@victorthetorres), missevelyndale(@missevelyndale), Jamie Gore Pawlik(@actressindistress), Garry(@hellogarry), Victor Torres(@victorthetorres), Kaitlyn Dawn(@dusktildawnmedia), Arianna(@arianna_dalessio . Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans are calling out Kendall Jenner for possibly being one of the rudest members of her family.