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Date: July 23, 2009 Score: Chicago White Sox 5, Tampa Bay Rays 0 Site: U.S. Cellular Field Pitches (Ks): 116 (76 strikes) Game Score: 93 In 2009, Buehrle, a durable soft-tossing lefty, threw his team's first perfect game in 87 years. 4. Rick Dempsey Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac Rick Dempsey Stats Rick Dempsey was born on Tuesday, September 13, 1949, in Fayetteville, Tennessee. The two tore up the lobby and in the melee Bobby Murcer got hurt and missed the final two games of the season. While he was long an Orioles superfan and ballpark fixture, the 1979 World Series thrust Hagy onto the national stage. He retired in November 2020. They were chanting, "We want Dempsey! So, to pigeon-hole Dempsey as simply the guy who ran around in the rain would not do justice to someone who was one of baseballs most durable and dependable players for 24 seasons. He hit .206 in 102 at-bats with nine RBIs. Here he is, with the Bakersfield Dodgers, and in his very first season as manager, his is the worst team in the Class-A California League. New team-record bonus as Orioles open 2023 international signing period, 2023 Orioles giveaways and promotions announced, Eight Orioles prospects among Baseball Americas top 100 list. Then, about halfway down the third-base line he would start his slide, which would hydroplane him down the tarp and across home plate, where he would call himself safe. It wasnt all bad for Dempsey, though. You could tell he was in his element. Consider his "rain delay theater" a blend of both, and one of the more famous comedy bits in MLB history. Shed been hopping over railings to peck MLB stars for years, and had already planted lips on the likes of Fred Lynn, Steve Garvey, Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Don Mattingly and others. People who heard him say he was great. In Baltimore it was hard to break the ice, Dempsey said. He turned out to be the best GM I ever talked to. One punch. Same deal -- it was a rainy day, and Babe Ruth called his shot. He added that Ripken took a liking to him and polished him up behind the plate. Pinterest. While Dempsey never hit higher than .262 during his decade as Baltimores starting catcher, his presence behind the plate and in the clubhouse made him the perfect veteran leader, especially as Palmer wound down his career and retired. But Dempsey is also remembered as the man who turned rain delays. The coaches thought I might run a four-minute mile by the time I was a senior but I said no, I wanted to be a right fielder when I was a junior.. Elliott: Kings use their heads over hearts in trading Jonathan Quick, A $150,000 executive protection dog? But Dempsey is also remembered as the man who turned rain delays into interpretive theater. One of baseball's great characters and the son of vaudevillians, Rick Dempsey was fond of stuffing towels under his jersey and doing an impression of Babe Ruth during rain delays. I was the most brutal manager ever for Bakersfield, Dempsey said. What made that tarp act even more special was that Sammy Stewart came out and pitched to me, as if he was Jim Palmer, who had given up those two home runs. He came to my mothers house in 1967 in Simi Valley and I signed a contract. Otherwise, he said, he would have to use his gun. You can see him out on the field sometimes and you know he just wants to pull his hair out.. Published by Triumph Books. Twenty-two Flags over the Bronx Ride the Iron Horse, take a cruise on the Yankee Clipper and visit the Seraglio of the. 13, 1969In this rare footage, a glimpse into the inner workings of the Orioles clubhouse when Frank Robinson ran it -- and its Kangaroo Court. So as I skated around the tarp, everyone started to sing with me. The new spot is named after Orioles fan favorite and 1983 World Series MVP, Rick Dempsey. He was also named a first team NYPL all-star and lauded by the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. There is another side. Back in those days, even though they fined players for throwing balls into the grandstand, Sparky didn't care. When his teammates fled, Dempsey took their money. I went into the managers office and said can you send me somewhere where I can get the opportunity to play? While playing for the Dodgers in 1990, he became involved in a brawl with Phillies' center fielder Lenny Dykstra, who took exception to Dempsey's fraternization with the home plate umpire. After I slid into home plate, Yount came out and took his jersey back. Yes, that's where it all began. He and Billy were a lot alike. In the new book If These Walls Could Talk: Baltimore Orioles, Dempsey and writer Dave Ginsburg share this and many otherbehind-the-scenes stories about the team. In 2001, Dempsey was named the first base coach, replacing Eddie Murray. I know I could have played a couple more years. The son of two former vaudevillians, he had a knack for performance, and was particularly renowned for his Baseball Soliloquy in Pantomime. It was a comic turn hed occasionally perform during rain delays, stuffing his uniform with padding and prancing around a soggy tarpaulin performing exaggerated parodies of hitters, pitchers, umpires. But instead of doing a Babe Ruth pantomime, I did one of Robin Yount hitting two home runs in the last game of the 1982 season at Memorial Stadium. With the worst record in professional baseball. Thanks for sharing your memories, Enchanting Sunshine. But Sparky never did it. Rick Dempsey Rain Delay Theater, Part IIOct. Funny, they don't remember that once in a while I got a hit. Once, after the pitcher had again been racked, Dempsey mentioned that trend to another teammate as they trotted off the field. [7][13][14][15], In 1987, Dempsey became a free agent and signed a contract to play for the Cleveland Indians. Los Angeles, This fabled orchid breeder loves to chat just not about Trader Joes orchids. This was Dempsey at the height of his rain delay powers, his one-man show at Fenway Park in 1977 when he pantomimed Babe Ruth, dashed around the tarp-covered diamond and ultimately plunged headfirst into home plate. Elliott: After trading away Jonathan Quick, Kings make more deals ahead of trade deadline, After four decades, trainer Ed Moger gets his first Triple Crown starter, An exclusive look at details of Chip Kellys two-year contract extension from UCLA, His shoe game is pretty tight. Why Dodgers hope Miguel Rojas play matches his swag, Rats in the laundry? Nfl Football Players. Whats interesting is that the idea to perform in the rain was actually Sparky Lyles and not Dempseys. When I was with the New York Yankees before I got traded in 1976, I was in right field, speaking with relief pitcher Sparky Lyle. [1] 2023 Orioles vs. projections: Cionel Prez. He met Cal Ripken, Sr., who Dempsey called the greatest catching coach. Doncha just bet hes having a hoot about this? Some NFL teams dont make the grade, players say. He held it until the next day before the gag was exposed. I got it signed by everybody. AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, (select parishes), MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY, CA-ONT only.Eligibility restrictions apply. Dempsey would wait until the tarp was nice and drenched, like a giant Slip-N-Slide. In '78, Dempsey took over behind the plate, and upped his hitting to non-embarrassing levels, at .259/.327/.356 with six homers. What does a successful 2023 look like for the Orioles best hitters? Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Tom Sizemore, Saving Private Ryan actor, dies after brain aneurysm, Harvard-Westlakes Bryce Rainer fires out 92-mph fastballs in first start since 2021, UCLAs senior trio has persevered in restoring Bruins to national prominence, Hes taken the next step: How Boogie Ellis found his game as USCs point guard, Even after Gavin Lux injury, Andrew Friedman hints at patient approach with roster, Desperate mountain residents trapped by snow beg for help; We are coming, Sheriff says, Before and after photos from space show storms effect on California reservoirs, Best coffee city in the world? The people in Milwaukee just loved it. [2] He usually did not make a large contribution offensively. Rick Dempsey and Rain Delays - The Times Have Changed roarfrom34.com/Baltim. Palmer told me I had to stand up to him otherwise hed bury me. Baseball Players. Still, they were the classiest organization I was ever a part of.. After his tenure with the Orioles ended in 1986, Dempsey signed with Cleveland for the 1987 season, where he did little and was released in October. My brother [who was his ride] was a high hurdler so I became a miler on the track team and ran a 4:36 mile. Included in this is the famous Rick Dempsey. He was an interim manager while playing in Puerto Rico in the early 80s. Think again, as Jim Palmer learned. Cleveland was one strange organization, Dempsey said. Then I met Bo Jackson at home plate. So, they sent me to Auburn and I played every day.. The Orioles played the next night in Yankee Stadium, earning a 1-0 victory that seemed very hollow. I was in the outfield at Fenway Park on Sunday, throwing baseballs to fans in the stands who were the loudest. They said come in Friday, well have a meeting and put you someplace but I showed up for the meeting and they didnt and that was the end of it with me and Baltimore.. Wild Bill Hagy gets the crowd goingOctober 1979With his signature look and humble backstory, Hagy, a local ice cream truck and cab driver, became a Baltimore sports icon for the way he famously led chants of O-R-I-O-L-E-S during the late '70s and early '80s from the upper deck at Memorial Stadium. He believed in a strong defensive catcher. [11][12] Dempsey posted a .385 batting average along with a .923 slugging percentage in the five-game series, and won the World Series Most Valuable Player Award, one of six catchers to have won the award. 3. He also got in a late September fight with teammate Bill Sudakis, a volatile sort who was also one of New Yorks backup catchers. I didnt even know who the heck he was. Catcher who won World Series titles with the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Dodgers during his 24-year career. He felt that he still had the skill behind the plate to guide a pitching staff; it was just a matter of finding the right landing spot. Think throwing a no-hitter got you a free pass in those days? Once you master that, all youre left with is the game itself. Tommy [Lasorda] had a little heart attack around that time and there was a lot of speculation as to who would replace Tommy. WHO IS Rick Dempsey? We were having a good time, but then it started to rain. I took Robin's jersey. Im 175 pounds and hes 235 with world-class speed. The man who used to entertain the crowds at old Memorial Stadium with rain-delay impersonations of Babe Ruth pigeon-toeing around the bases, complete with ample gut padding and head-first slides . [21] He then joined the New York Mets organisation, managing the Norfolk Tides in 1997 and 1998. When I first got traded, I met them in Chicago and I didnt start a game for quite a while. A missed sign might cause a player $10, a stiff penalty for a minor leaguer on a $1,000-per-month salary. Dempsey & the Invisible Orioles Magic Band. While Dempsey made the Major League roster in 1972, he didnt last long, hitting .200 in 25 games before being sent to Tacoma of the Triple-A Pacific Coast League, where he would spend the remainder of the season. He assumed the bullpen coach position in the 2006 season, replacing Elrod Hendricks who the team intended to reassign to another position in the organization before his death. - 'Private cocktailParties - Pvt. Stories about how he used to pull pranks on his teammates. To Dempsey, baseball, and Bakersfields place in it, is not a humorous matter. You might get hurt." 17, 1980Now for one a bit less good-natured, but that will live forever nonetheless. Dempsey was a darn good catcher too, mostly with the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles. Former Orioles catcher and 1983 World Series MVP Rick Dempsey is a member of the Orioles broadcast team after five years on the club's coaching staff. Hiserman has been Sports editor of The Times San Fernando Valley and Orange County editions. I went and I got that baseball to throw it to the fans and I was in my socks slipping all over. I went into the clubhouse and was drying off because it was pretty wet out there. I went into the dugout, and everyone was laughing about it. [1] He ended his career with a .988 fielding percentage. And plotted. If a section of the fans would yell and scream and holler for him during batting practice, he would throw a ball to whichever group screamed the loudest. He quickly tossed Weaver, and Weaver responded by spewing an animated, profanity-laced tirade. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your browser doesn't support the HTML5 CANVAS tag. So, he left and 40 minutes later he came back and said you made the club. Dempsey, a catcher . "Yeah, sure you did!". On the franchise. But when he got on the field, he took things seriously. It was pretty neat because my teammates kept throwing me balls so I could keep tossing them into the grandstand. [2] In 1997, he was inducted into the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame. Dempsey joined the Air National Guard in 1969, which allowed him to continue playing for much of the summer and he played well back in the Midwest League, hitting .364 in 151 at-bats. The long-time Baltimore catcher, however, proved over the course of his career, which encompassed parts of four decades, that he was more than one of baseball's most memorable characters. Duration: 35s. Rick Dempsey Autographed Signed Baltimore Orioles Jersey Inscribed MVP 83 Ws (JSA COA) BIG. [4] After two seasons in the minor leagues, he made his major league debut late in the 1969 season for the division winning Twins managed by Billy Martin, however he didn't qualify for the postseason roster. What did Disney actually lose from its Florida battle with DeSantis? Storm Davis, John Shelby, and series MVP Rick Dempsey would reach the 1988 World Series, Davis with the Oakland Athletics and Shelby and Dempsey with the Los Angeles Dodgers . Palmer had been doing commercials for Jockey underwear, so Sammy wore briefs outside of his uniform pants. People still come up to me nowadays and talk about it. I never wanted to be retired; it just worked out that way. And by 1988, Morganna the Kissing Bandit was well known. Dempsey was a backup plan for New York, then was sent to Baltimore in the big deal of '76. I remember having a hard time with Rod Carew. The first guy to come up to me in the locker room was Harmon Killebrew, Dempsey said. [1] Dempsey spent a few more seasons shuttling between the Twins and their minor league teams, before being traded to the New York Yankees for Danny Walton on October 31, 1972. I wanted to be like Earl Weaver. Mike Bordick, Rick Dempsey On What 2020 Season Will Offer For Orioles PressBox. The downside is that he set my expectations too high for what I should reasonably expect of a catcher. I sat there crying asking myself is this what its come to? His teammates and members of the opposing team would stand in the dugouts and applaud with the fans, especially when Dempsey concluded his routine with a mammoth belly-flop slide into home plate on the infield tarp, his momentum carrying him for yards, a rooster tail of rainwater behind him. At Bakersfield. Flashback Friday: Of Brother Lo and "Jesus Christ Around the Horn: Talkin' Baseball, From the Beltwa Jay Gibbons Makes His Pitch to Get Back in Baseball. Dec 11, 2006 17,921. Jones' antics in Detroit bring back memories of "Baseball Soliloquy in Pantomime", Thanks to the Tigers' Todd Jones, shown in the rain delay video above, this week's Flashback Friday could only be about one thing: Rick Dempsey's "Baseball Soliloquy in Pantomime.". The next time he would see Minnesota would be as a visiting player. Finally, using his best Mexican bandito accent, he ordered the men to drop their money on the table and leave the room. He, McGregor and Martinez became part of a nucleus that kept the Orioles as perennial contender for the next decade.