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The courts will set a hearing within the 15-day period to determine whether or not the injunction should be made permanent. Ultimately, Matt was able to negotiate a pretrial diversion program where all charges will be dismissed once my son has completed a 6 month program. For more information related to restraining order cases, see this page which contains relevant Broward cases. If you contact the petitioner online or in person, it is a violation. Learn more about Remote Court Hearings by Zoom. To obtain a restraining order, you may have to get a packet from the Broward County Clerk of Courts. Broward County Clerk of Courts 201 SE 6th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 831-6565 Restraining Orders | Broward County Sheriff's Office On this section of the Broward County Sheriff's Office website, you can learn more about injunctions for protection. contact the Florida Courts eFiling Portal via email support@myflcourtaccess.com, or call the The case number entry screen includes separate boxes for entry of discrete parts of the case number that will then be combined to produce the standardized Florida Uniform Case Number (UCN). If a filing requires resubmission, remarks will be shown in My Alerts and My Submissions within the portal and an email notification will be sent to your email address. The respondents attorney can also petition the courts to dismiss the injunction if it is unjust or causes an undue hardship on the recipient. You may either scan the originally signed document or place a '/s/' with the name typed next to it in the signature portion of the document prior to E-Filing it. Contact a criminal defense lawyer who has experience with getting restraining orders dismissed. Cyberstalking is defined as commiting a series of acts that communicate words, images or language through the internet directed at you that causes you substantial emotional distress. Stalking (Florida Statutes 784) is defined as someone who is purposefully following or harassing you repeatedly over a period of time for no legitimate purpose, causing you emotional stress. No issued documents will be forwarded to the sheriff or other process servers. Filing a Restraining Order in Florida. Navigate through the filing screens (Case Information, Case Parties, Documents, Service List) and make the edits required. The division judges are located on the 10th floor of the west wing of the main courthouse in Fort Lauderdale. If youve been served with a restraining order, dont try to go it alone. You should protect your children by informing their school, teachers, babysitters, and neighbors about the restraining order. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. 2023 - All rights reserved, Follow this link to skip to the main content. The Clerk then reviews the filing and either accepts it or pends the filing for corrections. Some of the main ways that people violate restraining orders are: Contacting the petitioner: the person who got the restraining order did it to intentionally stop contact. Below are the major types of restraining orders that you can file depending on the type of crime committed: If you are a victim of any type of domestic violenceor abuse, whether physical or emotional, you can get a restraining order by following these steps: Here are the documents you should present on the day you file your case: If the restraining order is granted, a hearing will take place within 15 days. If you have reason to believe your computer is not secure; you may wish to use a computer your abuser does not access. Install new deadbolt locks on doors, secure all windows and glass doors. The good news is, the Broward County Bar Association has a lawyer referral and information service where they will match your legal need with an experienced attorney in the relevant area of the law. If you have obtained a non-confidential TRO (Temporary Restraining Order), you can register to be notified when the TRO has been served by law enforcement. The petitioners will be in our office approximately 30 minutes to an hour filling out paperwork. Broward County Man charged with beating estranged wife, threatening to kill her and police, cops say . You may also need one from the other party's county or the county where the abuse took place. Laws & Rules on Domestic Abuse & Harassment The following is a list of some of the laws and rules about . Can a Restraining Order Force Someone to Move? This includes filings for existing cases in Circuit Criminal Felony, Juvenile Delinquency and Traffic & Misdemeanor. After the hearing, you should review the injunction and check for anything that needs to be added. The case type and FCCC 'reference number' must be included in the subject line. Will copies of Traffic and Misdemeanor case files or citations be available in the courtroom for defense attorneys to view? File the petition for an injunction with the court clerk at the main Broward Courthouse in room 2140 or at the West Satellite Courthouse. The exception to the one pleading one document rule would be for "Traffic and Misdemeanor Civil and Criminal Traffic pleadings only", an Attorney's Notice of Appearance, Written Plea of Not Guilty, Demand for Jury Trial, will be accepted and processed as a multiple pleading document. The Law Firm Administrator access will allow the user to update the firm's account, reset the firm user password, inactivate attorney accounts and add additional attorney accounts to the firm. If you have questions or feedback about E-Filing with the statewide portal please send them to support@myflcourtaccess.com. Threatening the petitioner: not only will you be breaking the no-contact rule, but you also run the risk . Meeting singles, florida speed dating. After the Court Hearing STEP 1. You will be required to keep one copy at all times while the second copy will be issued to the accused through your local law enforcement agency. JUSTICE CENTER: TYPES OF RESTRAINING ORDERS ACCEPTED FOR FILING: VENUE: (File your case at the Justice Center where the person you want restrained lives or harassment / abuse took place) Lamoreaux Justice Center. Florida has several types of restraining orders. We found ourselves against all odds. If the respondent violates the restraining order, you should call law enforcement and report the incident. This means that no matter which county you live in or which courthouse you use to file for an injunction, you will find the same types of injunctions available. Sexual assault. How to file, how a Florida court decides cases, and impact on divorce and custody. Your abuser may monitor your internet use. Learn more about Remote Court Hearings by Zoom. My reservations were quickly eased during my initial consultation. Do the attachments to a motion, opposition or other filings have to be uploaded separately? Also, if you have reason to believe that your phone may be traced, vehicle, or any other electronic device, you may temporarily want to look into other means of communication and/or transportation. The primary types of injunctions are: Injunctions for protection against violence are intended to stop violence or abuse from a family member or someone who lives in your household. In the interest of safety, it is suggested that you seek safe shelter throughout this process, as your safety is the most important factor. Respondent's vehicle information including make, model, color, year, and tag number. It can also be applied in situations where the petitioner seeks a restraining order on behalf of a minor child living in the home. Learn how to reschedule a court date if you need more time to serve the other party or to respond to a restraining order or to hire an attorney. If the abuser lives with you, the order can also order him to move out. previously closed by local emergency orders, have been reopened.Local jurisdictions retain some rights to impose guidelines and restrictions. How to File a Restraining Order in Florida, How to Ask for an Injunction to Be Removed in Florida, Tips on Fighting a False Restraining Order in Florida, How to Check If You Have a Warrant in Manatee County, Florida, Florida Courts 17th Judicial District: Domestic Violence. Case information and electronic documents/images filed after 01/06/2014 will be available for viewing via the Public Access Terminals located at all four Broward Courthouse service locations or on the Clerk of Courts website. (Source: theshaderoom.com) You should file for an injunction in the county where you live, the county where the abuser lives or in the place where the abuse occurred. Documents should be a standard size of 8 x 11 inches as defined in RJA 2.520, Black and white, non-color documents are recommended, Scanned documents should be at a resolution of 300 DPI as defined in the State of Florida Electronic Records and Records Management Practices. You can apply for different types of injunctions in Florida, depending on the circumstances of the case. Broward dating Goodman jfs of incident: find a drector overseeing broward. 341 The City Drive. In general, to have a protection order modified or dismissed, the person who wants the modification or dismissal must file a written motion with the court in the county where the order of protection was issued. Below you will find Broward County's 2-digit Court Types: If you have verified you have the correct case number, click "OK" on the warning message. Matthew and his team made calls and were very persistent. What is a Probate and Guardianship Smart Form? For a petitioner to qualify for a dating violence injunction, they must have been in a romantic relationship with the respondent within the past six months. The restraining order process for domestic violence cases A domestic violence restraining order can provide you with protection right away. Last Updated: September 14th, 2022 at 11:23 pm Read Time: 6 Minutes. Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.980(t), Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Stalking (11/15) 2. See also Laws, Rules & Legal Research. A variety of sexual crimes qualify you for this injunction. As new forms are available they will be posted on the 17th Judicial Circuit Court website. Your best chance for having a restraining order dropped is at the 15-day hearing, which is why you dont want to complicate matters prior to that meeting. In Florida, anyone can file for an injunction. Once all information has been verified, scroll to the bottom of the window and click Confirm and Submit all Now to resubmit your revised filing. I followed it to a "T". Juvenile Dependency and Adoptions - Effective 01/06/2014, E-Filing is mandated for attorneys. To obtain a Restraining Order, you may eFile your pleadings utilizing the ePortal filing system or appear in person at one of the following Domestic Violence Service Locations, excluding Courthouse Holidays. You may file a Sexual Violence restraining order if any one of the following has occurred: In addition, you must have reported the incident to law enforcement and be cooperating in any criminal proceedings or the Respondent must have been sentenced to prison and the term expired or is due to expire within 90 days. The Probate Smart Forms require a format with no dashes, e.g. What training training videos and materials are aviailable for E-Filing? It is intended to protect the victim of the abuse and keep her safe in the future. There is no need to set up individual E-Portal Law Firm accounts with every county. Do not walk to your car alone. 1 W Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 600, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Open for Business Free Consultation A Law Firm practicing Restraining Orders law. Broward in July ordered restaurants to shut down for on-site dining to combat the pandemic, but restaurants could continue to operate for take-out, drive-thru and delivery services. If you or someone you know is subject to a protective order, or is in a violent . However, DoNotPay helps you get a restraining order in Broward Countyhassle-free. Why do I have to redact personal identifying information? For the courts to issue a sexual violence injunction, the petitioner must be the alleged victim of sexual violence or seek a restraining order on behalf of a minor child who has been the alleged victim of a sex crime. Your first payment will not be charged to your account until the filing is successfully accepted by the clerk. Our son had been in substance abuse treatment for almost My son, a student at the University of Miami, was facing 2 serious drug related felonies. Justin is an absolute professional and took the time I needed to explain the process and his role thoroughly. Current residence address of respondent, including telephone number. The court grants a restraining order to place restrictions on a person who makes another person feel unsafe. Restraining orders for the protection against stalking, repeat violence, sexual violence, and domestic violence Eligibility Broward County resident (or when crime occurred in Broward) Victim of a crime For case eligibility questions call 954.736.2418 Intake Filing fees will not be assessed for any rejected (Pending Queue) filings. The good news is, the Broward County Bar Association has a lawyer referral and information service where they will match your legal need with an experienced attorney in the relevant area of the law. Follow up hard-copy paper filing is not required for E-Filing. NEXT MEETING: Next Meeting: Thursday, September 17, 2020 Time: 10:00 AM to 12PM Location: TBA Contact: Miriam.Rosario@myflfamilies.com Cell: (561) 459-6098 David.Draper@myflfamilies.com Phone: (407) 317-7335, Cell: 407-222-5270 Under Court rules, all filings associated with one pleading or paper are one document. Pursuant to Florida Supreme Court order, fees cannot be charged for E-Filing; only statutorily mandated filing fees can be charged. When filing for an injunction in Florida, petitioners often choose the wrong lawyer or choose to file their petition without professional help. Lawyer directory. He was also very reassuring to us, the distressed parents, and always provided an almost immediate response to our questions and concerns. Orange, CA. That wasn't. A restraining order is an order of protection issued by the Florida circuit court. The whole process can take a few weeks to months, depending on how complicated your case is. Attorneys may contact the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal via the support link on their website or call the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal Support Desk at 850-577-4609. The Domestic Violence Unit will validate your parking ticket. Each lead document filed is considered a separate transaction and, once accepted, an entry is made on the progress docket of the case. Broward County 6400 N. Andrews Ave Suite 120 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Thank you Mathew!! Sign uptoday to learn how you and your family can be safe. Submit any photographs, police reports or medical reports you have that substantiate your claims. Broward County restraining ordersare guided by Florida laws.