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This review was provided for free using a demo bike. With its alloy frame, 60 Nm Shimano EP8 RS motor and internal 540 Wh battery, the new Orbea Rise H15 is a true crossover-artist and perhaps the ultimate gateway for trail-fun-junkies! RISE RETURNS, LIGHTER THAN EVER AND WITH MORE BATTERY OPTIONS, READY TO OPEN UP LONGER ADVENTURES AND TAKE YOU TO EVEN MORE EPIC LOCATIONS. All participants will be entered in a prize draw for a trip to the Basque Country for two people to try out the new bike. Obsessively removing weight means Rise is one of the lightest ebikes in this sector. Overall, ride quality going up the hill going down the hill and price there's, one distinct winner that just keeps pulling ahead. Most of the trails around here don't allow ebikes (though no enforcement and a ton of people ignore the ban, I try to be respectful), but I figure something like this could be ridden with the electric assist turned off. I have COPD from COVID and with my impaired lungs cannot understand why anyone would need more power unless you just want a free ride uphill every time you see an incline. We rode with USA Marketing Manager, Parker DeGray at some of our favorite trails in North Bend Washington, these offer steep chundery tech, high speed root sections and some heavy hitting jumps. However, for trail riders, the Rise H15 offers a very consistent overall package. PD: Rider Synergy (RS) and the Rise are one and the same. All cables and wires are internally routed, the slap guard is extra long to protect the paint, and there are additional clear stickers to protect from cable rub. Depending on the terrain you will be riding there is an adjustable flip chip that allows you to go from a 66-degree head tube angle down to 65.5 degrees. Compared to the Specialized SL models, the Orbea Rise motor offers higher peak torque output of 60nm vs. 35nm. We have read all expert and user reviews on the Orbea Rise. The Orbea Rise H15 is the ultimate gateway for trail-fun-junkies, with the intuitive handling making it an excellent option for all skill levels. This is the new Focus Jam2 and Sam2. N.I.F. Subsequently the niche has splintered even further and consumers now have the ability to buy any variety of eBike from a long travel battery-packing power beast to lower-powered, lightweight offerings, like the Orbea Rise. Copyright 2023 E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine. Here you will find the most popular tuning products for the most popular e-bikes: Here you can find all e-bike motors where you can unlock the speed limit. Rise H15 - $6300 - Fox 36 Performance, Shimano SLX, XT mix. The power button is also positioned low on the frame, on top of the downtube but very close to the seat tube. Once you figure it all out, the choices are great, even if they do encourage higher spending. Rise H30 iceberg grey/moondust blue gloss. As a rider that is always adding the largest volume reducer possible to rear shocks, I felt completely comfortable riding the .2 reducer at 25% sag. If the sight you rented is anything like my friends, that thing is a tank. While the sporty character doesnt make it the best option for everyday use, it certainly makes it the most fun bike you can buy for this money the Orbea Rise H15 secures our coveted Best Buy tip! Exclusive: first ride review of the new Specialized Tero X 6.0 eSUV 2023 fully-equipped eMTB full suspension bike for everyday and all-terrain use, Fox Union BOA in review Great fit for a solid stance, The 9Barista Espresso Machine Premium espresso to-go, The 2022 Transition Repeater AXS Carbon in review Finding faith in the power of E, The best full-suspension off-road step-through bike 2023 4 ebikes in review, beautiful, high-quality frame and top workmanship. I'm a loyal Bianchi fan for over 50 years now and I don't mind paying a little more for a bike that I really like. Even on rough terrain, the Orbea doesnt get overwhelmed easily and always keeps composed, provided you pick your lines carefully. PD: Here is a breakdown of the range on the Rise. Got both the Rise M10 XL and Turbo Levo Gen 3 S5 as well as SP Enduro S4.I'm 6.1 riding XC Trail and Enduro. Updated: Orbea Rise Tech Review - 35 Pounds of Power. E-Bike Tuning - Unlock the Speed Limit & derestrict your E-Bike E-Bike Tuning 2023 - Heres how it works: Step 1: Find out the exact designation of your e-bike motor: Guide Step 2: Find and compare matching tuning products: Comparison Step 3: Order and install the best tuning product: shop The Orbea Rise debuted in late 2020 as one of the lightest full suspension electric mountain bikes on the market. INTENDED USE TRAIL, BIG MOUNTAIN MOTOR SHIMANO EP801-RS / SHIMANO EP601-RS BATTERY OPTIONS 360WH / 540WH TRAVEL (FRONT/REAR) 140mm - 150mm / 140mm WEIGHT FROM 15,9KG MATERIAL CARBON / ALLOY SUPERCHARGE YOU PD: Development on the Rise has been in the works for a long time. I love the trigger shifters, which offer two-way action on the high lever. Free shipping for many products! Warning notices: Tuned e-bikes and e-scooters are not allowed on public roads. Wed like to extend a big thanks to Parker and the team at Orbea Bicycles for taking some time to not only get us a bike but meet up and film this video and get us some really good info to digest while we begin our long-term test of the Rise. orbea rise derestrictfilipino ethnocentrism 5 examples. The PearTune completely removes any limits placed on your ebike, still displaying the correct speed. The power delivery is amazing. For the last month we have traveled to. Please see below for Manufacturer Variants: PearTune MSO 3.0 Yamaha PW-X2 Motors. Many of the stock components can be upgraded individually through the Orbea MyO website (or shops) including the suspension fork, brake calipers and rotors, seatpost, saddle, and display. Orbea Rise M10 ice green/ocean. Rise is one of the lightest ebikes in its class. OrbeaRise M-Team 8,999 Specifications MotorShimano EP8 RS 60 Nm BatteryOrbea internal 360 Wh (+252 Wh Range Extender) DisplayShimano SC-EM800 ForkFOX 36 Factory GRIP2 150 mm Rear ShockFOX DPX2 Factory 140 mm SeatpostFOX Transfer Factory 125 - 175 mm BrakesShimano XTR 4-Kolben 180/180 mm DrivetrainShimano XTR 1x12 StemRace Face Turbine R 50 mm Its the idea that we are cyclists, and we enjoy the simplicity and experience cycling gives us. While the two preset profiles are tuned to offer what Orbea thinks are great settings for more riders, the easy-to-use Shimano E-Tube mobile app allows owners to quickly slide the scale and characteristics of the motor. That's one fine looking bike! Compared to other notable bikes, like Specializeds SL Levo and Kenevo, the Rises max power is nearly double in Boost mode, and definitely perceivable out on the trail. Orbea. |. The rear Maxxis Rekon has a denser pattern that can provide greater surface area and more traction for climbing and braking. Shimano Cues - New 9/10/11 speed lower tier drivetrain components. One feels like a monstertruck pushing and plowing and the other maneuvers like a sports car on the trails. 1Promotion valid for users who register between 00:01 on November 21, 2022 until 23:59 on December 1, 2023 in the following countries: Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The Orbea Rise M20 20mph EBike is a machine designed to expand your trail experience and bring you closer to the moment. Orbea Rise M10 29er Mountain Bike 2021 - RRP 6,799.00. This point was mentioned by Karen from the New Wheel. Fork: Fox 34 Float Factory 140 FIT4 3-Pos-Adj QR15x110 Kashima. Your new Orbea is closer than you think! He really drove home that the goal of this bikes ride is to be less E and more bike. This could not be truer, from the clutter-free cockpit to the smooth power delivery and fun thanks to a supportive, and progressive suspension platform and balanced geometry. Much like their non-electrified siblings, eMTBs have been improving by leaps and bounds at a rate that makes Apples iPhone division blush. I definitely prefer Profile 2, but you can further refine the assist characteristics using the the optional Shimano E-Tube App. Rise shook up the lightweight e-MTB world on its launch with its more bike, less E philosophy. Thats probably what the Orbea team thought when developing the exciting new motor/battery concept of the Rise H15. Powering the EP8 unit is an internal 360wh battery developed with Panasonic that is claimed to deliver 3,900' or 1,200 meters of climbing. Find it. INTENDED USE TRAIL, BIG MOUNTAIN MOTOR SHIMANO EP801-RS / SHIMANO EP601-RS BATTERY OPTIONS 360WH / 540WH TRAVEL (FRONT/REAR) 140mm - 150mm / 140mm WEIGHT FROM 15,9KG MATERIAL CARBON / ALLOY SUPERCHARGE YOU NEWS You can do this by holding the circle button on the base of the display panel to enter the settings menu. 3) MAKE YOUR DESIGN WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE COLORS. Orbea Rise M20 E-Mountain Bike Description: A machine designed to expand your trail experience and bring you closer to the moment. The bike looks beautiful, especially with the fully integrated main battery pack. The central riding position helps weight the front wheel, keeping it planted on the trail. Although Orbea have increased battery capacity from 360 Wh to 540 Wh, the Rise still has the smallest battery in the entire test field. More range from smaller, lighter batteries is precisely what our 1.5X factor is all about. This increases range and also gives the most natural handling, a bike which rides a lot like your favourite trail rig. When I got the Rise i thought it was to harsh and poppy compared to other analog trail bikes I've ridden. Stem: Until last spring, my one mountain bike was 34.5lbs, obviously even more when I loaded up with two water bottles and I didn't think anything of it. Thus, here you will find the most comprehensive overview on the subject of e-bike tuning ever. It would seem like the software needs a sensor to tell it how fast the bike is going in order to turn off the motor when the max. Despite using the smallest battery and weakest motor in the entire group test, it has secured our coveted Best Buy but why? I'm upgrading to SRAM Red eTap, tubeless tires, and front brake on right side (not exactly an upgrade, but I've had the right lever for front brake for over 50 yrs. It is on par with SL offerings from Specialized, until you kick the bike into Boost for hot laps or super steep climbs, at which time it will pull away from Specialized SL bikes rather quickly. When it comes to designing the bike part of the Rise, Orbeas design team took what they learned from the Occam and used that as the starting point. We are a manufacture, and we are always making bikes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If your bike cracks or breaks due to external factors, we'll provide you with a discount for a similar new frame. PD: We decided on 60nm as it gave us the best of multiple worlds. The beautiful frame details are rounded off by discreet colour accents and matching decals. Then the waterbottle space is gone and the weight is about 1 lb. By default, the base M20 ($6.999) and top-end M-LTD ($10,999) come equipped with a 140mm FOX 34 fork and FOX DPS shock. Are you with us? Step 1:Find out the exact designation of your e-bike motor: Step 2:Find and compare matching tuning products: Step 3:Order and install the best tuning product: Unlock your e-bike to extend the support of the electric motor beyond the 25 km/h limit - or even remove the limitation completely. Its a really cool feature and something that we would definitely take advantage of if we were buying our own Orbea Rise. I rode with a group a few weeks ago and alot of them didnt even know i was on an ebike. Boost hub spacing with 15mm and 12mm thru-axles offer improved stiffness. This is based on a 160lbs rider on a MD frame. The Bianchi distributor said yesterday that they expect more bikes by the end of November so far, only 55 cm. We advise members great caution. Three assist modes (Eco, Trail, and Boost) pair with two power profiles. I got a chance to ride a Levo SL and rise back to back and I guess Im in the minority or something is wrong but the Rise felt a little underwhelming. JavaScript is disabled. Blurring the lines between analog zen bliss and high octane electrified power, Orbea's lightweight e-machine promises to deliver the best of both worlds. Im glad youve found a way to overcome some of the side effects of COPD. Dealer said my Bianchi Aria eRoad would arrive at my house in about 2 weeks (Thanksgiving) at the distributor in Burlingame, CA now. Maxxis Dissector and Rekon 2.4-2.6-inch tires provide a solid grip. Orbea developed their Rider Synergy (RS) philosophy in conjunction with the new Shimano EP8 motor. Motor performance is adjustable through the Shimano E-Tube smartphone app with two profile settings. The lively Rise was designed for uncompromised riding fun and puts a massive grin on your face. I read somewhere else that the 360wh battery in the Carbon Rise cannot provide enough current for 85Nm, so in reality, although you can select 85 in STUnlocker, the battery can't provide sufficient current to provide so it is a futile exercise. Wow whats the total weight (and frame size)? Orbea has also launched a demo program in some of the worlds largest markets, which is a really great way to swing a leg over this bike and experience how this bike will perform for you. Bikes like Rise H15 blur the lines between bike categories, forcing us to reconsider and redefine the existing light eMTB and eMTB all-rounder categories introduced by us in 2019, and rendering irrelevant criteria such as torque, weight or battery capacity, unless theyre carefully contextualised. The bike has the tabs it looks like but have not seen a Rise with one installed. Ive been taught to lay bikes down on the left side to protect the derailleur. PD: Shimano did an amazing job crafting a motor with low noise. orbea rise derestrictnassau county section 8 houses for rent. We caught up with Orbeas US Marketing Manager, Parker DeGray, to dive even further into the Rise. It rides less like an e-bike and more like an analog bike. Theres a lot of choice here, but most of it boils down to components and you can incrementally upgrade with the MyO program. I'm still not understanding. GEAR REVIEWS Manufacturers and dealers accept no liability for damage associated with the use of tuning tools. Stock 29" wheel options are covered by Race Face and Mavic. The Orbea Rise is available in four sizes - small, medium, large, and extra-large - with seven builds to choose from. Power delivery is smooth and natural thanks to an advanced pedal assist sensor (measuring rear wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque), but there is no shift detection. https://www.orbea.com/downloads/Dealer_APP_Manual_Gain_EN.pdf, https://www.orbea.com/be-en/gear/spare-parts/cat/iman-sensor-velocidad-x35. Reach comes in at 474mm with 445mm chainstays. PD: All I can say is that we are committed to the RS philosophy and we agree with you that lightweight ebikes are going to be an increasingly important segment in the market. En. Fox FLOAT X Factory 2-Position Evol LV Kashima custom tune 210x55mm. The Bianchi Aria eRoad looks like my favorite and it has the same rear hub motor as the Orbea Gain. Tipping the scales at just over 40-pounds for our test bike, the Orbea Rise may be the perfect blend of mountain bike performance and electric bike power. I will also change discs to 200 back and front. total weight 151 kgMax. WITH THE RANGE EXTENDER HOW MANY EXTRA FEET OF VERT COULD A RIDER EXPECT TO GET IN THE DIFFERENT POWER MODES? We started working on this general project around the time we came out with the Gain platform on the road. The entry model in the Orbea Rise line of light weight full suspension electric trail bikes. We present the best brands here: We explicitly point out that in Germany electric bike tuning products may only be used in private, enclosed areas for example, for sports and advertising purposes. And that is in Boost mode! The 2021 Orbea Rise is a standout bike in the eBike Light category in every way and heres a few reasons why. I believe the optional range extender bottle battery pack adds another $599 for an additional 250 watt hours. The front Maxxis Dissector has deep knobs that are spaced farther apart so they can really dig in and help you steer. The Orbea Rise Hydro frame weight comes in at a claimed 3.4 kg, only 100g heavier than the equivalent size, equivalent travel aluminium Occam frame (which isn't an eBike). VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. We liked the low weight and rideability of that bike and wanted to apply this idea to a mountain bike. If I need to, I think there is a fair chance that removing magnets in the cassette lock ring may be a viable hack to increase the speed limit. Stripped-back electric bike that doesnt sacrifice any of the fun factor. payload (rider/equipment) 129 kgTrailer approval noKickstand mount no. Prices constantly change and its impossible to compare them all yourself. It uses a purely mechanical design utilizing a patent pending planetary gear set which makes it undetectable to the bike's electronic gizmos and gives you full control over the choice of speed at which you want to ride your bike. An Automotive-grade charge port cover that keeps water out and stays out of the way when the range extender is plugged in, as well as frame protection to make sure the frame would be quiet as well as wear well and last a long time. Orbea is a cooperative from Spain with a positive history of supporting workers and community. In-house designed range extender and range extender cage that also fits a water bottle to ensure the range extender stays put. Also, the dealer has the app to program the bike and I might be able to get the app or have them do it for me. Orbea Gain D50 2019 X35, 4000km, losing power. Super light electric mountain bikes are getting more powerful making them harder to ignore year after year. With 140mm travel in the rear and the option of 140mm or 150mm in the front, the full suspension can handle a variety of terrain. Orbea Wild FS H10 625Wh MTB E-Bike - 2022 - Speed Silver - Black. With sub 40 lb configurations available the Rise aims to address the often clumsy and disconnected . It took me a while to figure out the different trim levels and battery setups for this ebike, and I was surprised that the H series was 46lbs vs. 40lbs as reported by other reviewers for the M series carbon fiber. This is a personal thing, but I didnt love the saddle. Home > 2022 > Junho > 22 > Uncategorized > orbea rise derestrict. F-20032348 Spain, I want to subscribe to Orbeas news bulletins and I confirm that I have read and I accept the, Orbea And Unicef: The Right To Water In The Classroom. Reviewers were impressed that it could tackle challenging climbs, even with less torque in the motor. This bikes added weight (much less than most bikes that cost twice as much!!!!) I'm 5'11" with a short inseam-- 30 or maybe 31. 2022 Orbea Rise H30 The Orbea Rise burst onto the scene in late 2020, arriving as the Basque brand's return fire to the Specialized Levo SL. I dont care about playing with settings or tweaking the power levels, I weigh 240 and find the power in this puppy to be PERFECT!!! The Orbea Rise platform has become a top seller for many shops that I spoke with when preparing for this review. Register your new Rise and gear up with an exclusive HIRU Kit1. Deristricting EMTB's can also add increased loads for motors and batteries. Please also bear in mind that other countries have different legal requirements. Im a fan of less is more too, and enjoy pedaling and controlling bicycles vs. being outweighed by it. This configuration reduces the peak torque output from 85nm to 60nm, which improves range and allows for a lower capacity main battery pack. Pitched as a lightweight and lower-powered electric mountain bike, the Rise quickly garnered attention with its gorgeous looks, incredible 16.2kg claimed weight and its custom-tuned Shimano EP8-RS motor. The motor offers high pedal cadence support, over 120 RPM, which means it wont drop power as you downshift for hills etc. One of the ways they were able to build lightweight bikes but still have high capacity batteries is that they used the newer 21700 battery cell format. Do you need help with your order? There is a sensor in the right rear dropout and 20 magnets in the cassette lock ring. I did a test ride on my Bianchi Aria eRoad today and it was amazing. BikeRide works hard to help you find the lowest prices and information on each bike from the widest possible range of sources. The warranty for Orbea products sounds pretty good. Intermittent ebike motion X35 motor cut out problems diagnostic, dealers or DIY ? Our dealers will receive many ships throughout the year, and they will be able to tell you exactly when they will be receiving what. From slopestyle and landscape photography to enduro and action shots. Rise has completely changed the e-bike riding sensation, with less emphasis on the "e" and more on the "bike". If youre looking to get into the eMTB game or want to add a lightweight eBike to your arsenal, the Orbea Rise is worth a good, hard look. Carbon models of the Rise come with a 360Wh integrated battery; alloy models have a 540Wh battery. The two variations of the Rise platform include M models such as M20, M10, M-Team, and M-LTD, which stands for high modulus carbon and H models such as the H30 H15 and H10, which stands for hydroformed aluminum alloy. Until then, it is safe to say that if you are in the market for an eBike Light, the Orbea Rise might just be at the top of our list right now as it offers a fun and playful ride, packs a lot of power into a small package and has enough range to crush miles. Many laws prohibit use of modified EMTB's. Tuning measures on e-bikes can lead to a loss of warranty rights and manufacturer's guarantees. Call and reserve. The agile handling allows for spontaneous direction changes, making the Orbea the most fun bike in the entire test field! The playful character converts every trail feature into a kicker without punishing you on the landing. It is your responsibility to check local laws. Orbea enters the race with the lightweight Rise M-Team which is tuned for uncompromised trail performance and maximum fun with its small 360 Wh battery and torque-limited Shimano EP8 motor, securing Best Buy in our big 2022 eMTB group test! PD123, you mean you tried it? Become a supporter now! The Orbea Rise takes advantage of the new Shimano EP8 motor, but it receives a special RS designation due to the heavy software tweaking Orbea has done to increase total motor efficiency. Orbea. Notice the sloped and angled top tube. It delivers excellent battery management. As a photography nerd, he also captures the reviews with his camera and ensures that the magazine features only the best images. The main battery pack is not easily removable, you have to drop the bottom bracket. Orbea's Rise H is the latest addition to the Spanish brand's ultra-lightweight electric mountain bike range called the Rise, which was launched in 2020. ST Unlocker - unleash the power of your E-Bike motor! it's going to eat into the sales of the Orbea Rise Carbon. This is a lot closer to the terrain we have here in Western Washington. Orbea Rise H15 baobab brown/cosmic brown matt. Orbea Rise RS Range Extender. Profile 1 is weaker and designed to extend range while Profile 2 offers full power and up to 60nm of torque. We accept no liability whatsoever for any current or future damage to objects and/or persons caused by the improper installation/installation and/or use of tuning tools from our shop. Unless the software is using GPS data, the wheel revolutions would be the best indicator of the speed. Click here to learn more. The Orbea combines the smallest battery and weakest motor in the entire test field, requiring more physical effort than its opponents and thus appealing to a sportier eMTB crowd. Offered will be three versions: Rise H30 - $5300 - Fox 34 Performance, Shimano SLX, Deore mix. I'm afraid to try it because if it doesn't work, how do you fix it when a part like a lockring might be very hard to get, at least for now when the bikes are so new. The Orbea Rise is easily one of the most interesting and hotly anticipated bikes of 2021. JavaScript is disabled. If the wheel size can be programmed, then that would be the easiest method to delimit the speed. See full regulations. 1.259,66 *. 8.2K Activity 13new posts today 286in the last month 8,229 total members No new members in the last week Created on 2 years ago The fit and feel of our size large is spot on for what we love out of a size large. Optional range extender battery is shaped like a water bottle for easy mounting and use. Another great advantage of the PearTune is that it can easily be turned on or off with the press of a button. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. However, since that is not carved in stone, I want to know that I won't be stuck at 15 mph. Mike enjoys trying new things and loves action. Excellent drivetrain! Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, trails, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Enjoy this exclusive video and let the Product Manager explain all its secrets. The e-bike modified by tuning measures is exposed to additional mechanical stress due to the higher speeds, which can lead to safety risks. Most importantly, this bike rides like a regular MTB should. 1) CHOOSE YOUR BIKE, SIZE AND BASE MODEL. Since I started racing over 50 yrs. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I also feel like it requires more reaching to activate the bike here vs. having an extra button on the handlebar-mounted button pad ring. This higher cadence is natural, comfortable and allows you to get full power when you are really pushing it on big climbs. Do you think removing 10 of the magnets (every other one) would allow the bike to theoretically go at twice the speed (not allowing for the physics of resistances)? The Orbea Gain has the sensor in the right dropout and the magnets in the cassette lockring. The torque reduction saves battery and thus helps increase range, allowing the Rise to keep up with the rest of the test field. The MAXXIS Minion DHF/DHR II tire setup turns the Rise into a trail bike. The first 50 riders who register their new Rise will receive free HIRU cycling Long-Sleeved and Baggy Shorts to match their new bike. I have changed to Fatbar 30 mm rise and will shortern stem to 40 mm. I went up hills I couldn't do before, even my steep, gravel driveway. The carbon Rise is considered to be one of the best light eMTBs currently on the market, achieving an outstanding balance between weight, range and motor power. There is no better example of this fact than the Orbea Rise electric mountain bikes. Good attention to details. Most reviewers opted for a combination of Trail mode with Profile 2 to accommodate steep terrain. Our SBS system helps give a lighter, stiffer frame, meaning we can tune the rigidity much as we do for our non-electric bikes. I believe that most of the weight difference has to do with the higher capacity 504wh battery vs. 360wh on the M series. It all performed great and could support a wide range of terrain and ride styles. This is one of the best bikes Ive ever ridden thank you Orbea for understanding exactly why less is more!!! RISE RETURNS, LIGHTER THAN EVER AND WITH MORE BATTERY OPTIONS, READY TO OPEN UP LONGER ADVENTURES AND TAKE YOU TO EVEN MORE EPIC LOCATIONS. The calculator doesn't even let me type in that inseam. FEATURES RS stands for Rider Synergy. For the more popular motors, there are sometimes a wide variety of solutions, while for others there are only individual options to unlock them: Many of the listed tuning brands are only available exclusively from us. With the Shimano EP 8 RS motor offering 60 nm of torque and weights 10 to 15 pounds lighter than their full-power . These numbers give the Orbea Rise a very lively feel that makes you want to charge into tighter sections of trails with less and less brake input each lap. Yes! Digital & free: The best eMTB of 2022 for 6,500 11 budget eMTBs in our eMTB group test. Our product development team unveils all the secrets of the new Rise. Post author: Post published: 22/06/2022; Post category: brenda payne hendersonville, tn; Post comments: . CLOSED. It doesnt sound like a deal killer. Orbea Gain M20i Mahle X35+ observations/performance - is it a 20mph bike? Sign up now to be the first to see the next episode of Trail Tales, an adventure in which Damien Oton and Monet Adams will set out to conquer the Tour du Mont Blanc with their Rise. The Fox suspension consisting of a FOX 36 Performance fork and FOX FLOAT X Factory shock is super-sensitive and controls the travel efficiently. It utilizes an uncluttered cockpit that lets the rider focus on riding and uses a power profile that lets the rider ride, and the bike simply compliments them and their efforts.