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LOOKING TO CUT THE FUCKING CHEESE TO GET. Many Crip sets are at war with other Crip Sets and dont give a fuck about any Blood Sets. I want MISS Whats wrong with your Nigger Women?? Its more like 20,000 HARD CORE members and they are all divided into small neighborhood sets and the Pirus are divided from the Bloods and most of them dont know the others and dont give a fuck UNLESS someone actually COMES INTO THEIR HOOD and might interfere with Drug Sales. 5UP OR GET FOLDED MY NIGGA. NIGGA WATCHING TO MANY DISNEYLAND CHANNELS LIL MAN LIGHT WEIGHT Niggers have the highest rate of Murder, Rape & Incest per capita than ANY OTHER RACE BY FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. This NIGGER need to be hung in a public forum. IF YOU GOTTA PROBLEM NIGGA YES IM RESPONDING TO YOU IN THE SO CALLED J.A.Y.S THAT YOUR MUT ASS IS PROBABLY NOT EVEN FROM BLOOD YOU FALL BACK 5 OR FALL FLAT 5 YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND THE NATION IF U REALLY GOT AN ISSUE. LMAO, ALMIGHTY. Mr FAKE FAKE FAKER weak ass response. They are not stones they are bloods. ASS HAMSTER why dont YOU try something. [5] [6], Considered by law enforcement authorities to be Chicago's most powerful and sophisticated street gang,[7] the BPSN finances itself through a wide array of criminal activities and is part of the large Chicago gang alliance known as the People Nation. Now, you can believe whatever bullshit you want but that is the reality of it backed by Government and Police statistics. Niggers are OBSESSED with Gay Shit and somebody elses Mother (who they dont even know). Username. YOU WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD ALREADY IF YOUR RATT ASS WAS TIDE TO THEM THE THAT BROTHERHOOD THERE LEADERS IN PENNSYLVANIA PRISON JUST NORTH HARRISBURGH HAVE STRONG POLICY OF OF YOU CRACKERS keeping a low profiles AN STAYING OF THE NET OR OUT THE PAPERS it AN AUTOMATIC. HOLD THIS (L ) REAL FUCKING TIGHT. Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. black p stones hand sign. Home Grown Terrorists. IN CHICAGOLAND BY SELF STOP LYING YOU FUCKING RAT . Take a wild fucking Guess, you stupid idiot. Westside OBP 151 real macon,Ga shit KNOW NO BETTER! SAY CRACKER blood is that of lucifer. (5). NOW GO TELL WHO YOU WORK FELON =Ambrose. This Nigger from the Black P. Stone Nation is the classic example. As other people here in Law Enforcement have stated, The Nigger gang member is a Disorganized, Disillusioned, Ignorant Animal who will end up dead or in jail. Rodgers was born in the Southside of Chicago, and his family later moved to the Baldwin Hills section of Los Angeles, which became known as "The Jungles." With permission from the Main 21 . IN THE U.B.N THEN IT IS OF YOU THATS IN THE JUNGLES THAT IN LINE WITH THE BLOOD .NATION What they do turn over. The Black Family in the Hood is wayyyy more fucked up than I ever imagined. We are much more civilized in our Rat Home in the potato fields of Idaho reading Yogi Bear books or Donald Duck stories. B. N. ALMIGHTY BLACKPEACE S.T.O.N.E NATION Woop! LMAO. U. IM UP HERE THINKING Cooley, Will. STONE NATION. There is a set in the West-Side Black P Stones in the Los Angeles area called the Jungles and the Bity another area called Crenshaw & Adams. (6) DROPPING B.R.I.C.K ASS CRAB Black P. Stones. IF WE KILL ALL YOU CRACKERSS AN SEND BACK YOU TO (LUCIFER ) WHERE YOUR PIG SHIT FAMILY TREE WAS BORN AN CREATED . Man get the FUCK on with THAT you N. TO STOP BLUFFING AN Come GET 50,000 strong u cant fuck with the fuck faketeens all the bloods need 2 come 2 gether old school nu skool all the crips and other chicanos who roll with bloods and crips like nortenos spray the faketeens like roaches, BL5XD that shit was funny as hell fuck faketeenK. ALLAH. THE (5) BLOOD 50,000 DEEP 30,000 in N.Y.C/JERSEY . It would be no different than me saying youre really a White Woman pretending to be a Nigger. You were better off and more respected when you were Slaves. UNITED B.L.O.O.D NATION Say hello to all the rats crawling in the basement of your Nigger Shithole Shack. Your little Nigger Set is nothing but a pimple on Law Enforments Ass. Just YouTube him. Its more like 20,000 at the most. A pair of pitchforks may be seen in GD graffiti crossed May the legend rest in paradise. The only real STONES are in Chicago all you other copy cats can drop dead.. We the most acktive ones yall Chitowns aint shit. A SICK FUCKING RATTING ASS CRACKER. See my point? HABITUAL F.A.G. AGAIN ROCCO THE RAT YOU RAT CRACKER YOU LIVE IN IDAHO IN A TRAILER PARK IN. The Original Meaning Of Lingam As "Sign" Is Used In Shvetashvatara Upanishad, Which Says "Shiva, The Supreme Lord, Has No Li?ga Meaning He Is Transcendent, Beyond Any Characteristic And, Specifically The Sign Of Gender. THAT WILL BEND. SOON AS I SEE YOU You are scared of him! BLACK. TO BELIEVE YOU ABOUT THAT ACTION RIGHT ON (5), NIGGA HOLD THIS (L) SATAN REALLY TO INDICT. This means you and a few of the other Niggers will keep talking. You are just mad because I got your number in LIFE and exposed you for the stupid Nigger Asshole Coward Piru you really are in life. TRYING TO GET ON WITH THE B.R.I.C.K.S Officer Thayer was a seasoned gang expert who worked 18 months undercover with an FBI task force targeting the Black P. Stone gang. ; it operates in numerous geographically non-contiguous areas; it is interstate in criminal . Four Corner Hustlers. Stones dont get down like that. While they're currently operating in Los Santos, they were really founded in Chicago by, Jeff Fort in the late 1960s, under Blackstone Rangers. YOU WISH IT WAS THE WAY YOU STATED BECAUSE WE ARE ALL OVER YOUR NIGGER PIRU ASS LIKE STINK OVER SHIT. I have the full 100% support from all my people. Deep down inside, he KNOWS he is a Stupid Ignorant Useless Piece of Shit in Society who everyone hates or at least despises, including all the other Niggers who live with him in his Shithole Ghetto. I live in the Westwood area by UCLA, You know, where all the upper White Middle Class people live, unlike the Shithole Nigger Ghetto where you live. The Simon City Royals are allied with the People Nation, the Latin Kings, Black P. Stones, and Vice Lords. 5 up Blood soowoo to the all wells bps family real shout out to my junglestone bloods BPSN NY TO LA. WHAT. com/ (866) 889 . This crystal resonates within the heart chakra, and is helpful to give you strength in a time of crisis. B. N., x 80 in. The Almighty Black P. Stone Nation often abbreviated as (BPS, BPSN, Black Peace Stones, Black P. Stones, Stones, or Moes) is an American street gang founded in Chicago. !,.And fuCC your father,mother,grandfather,grandmother and all of ya relatives Cuzzin. THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA MISS Even Niggers hate living with other Niggers. DUMB FUCKING CRACKER THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE USING THERE RIGHTS UNDER FEDERAL LAW ITS CALLED FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. The El Rukns wasn't a faction but a seperate group entirely. Ask your Faggot god Allah to give you a good spelling lesson while you fuck him in his ass and then blow yourself up afterwards. WHAT THAT NHBPS LIKE BLOOD, I MISS MY JSCSBPS ON WS ROLLANDO WH20P! until my blue Casket drops and all food ass sKnK20pKs are dirus and slobKs bitChes!!!!! fuCC you roCCo,and all Honkey skinned Colored women are trash espesCially inCluding your antelope and monkey marsupial looking mother bitCh!!!!! LOL. ROCCO THE R.A.T. AN YOU CANT SAY WHAT EVER YOU WANT AN USE THE WORDS LAWINFORCMENT BEHIND IT DUMBFUCK I guess when the Niggers kill each other then Black Lives DONT MATTER. A fascinating look inside the evolution of a gang that went from street-corner teens to convicted terrorists, The Almighty Black P Stone Nation is not only an exciting story but also a timely. His opinion is obsolete. This Black P. Stone 5X C18K, Whats the demo, Stone. YOU CAN CALL ME JUDGE PREME This CALI Nigga. Hes scared because WE GOT HIS NUMBER. LOL. Trust me. Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black' 449 Words 2 Pages Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black' Rolling Stones" Paint it Black" They pushed the envelope more then any other band of their time. Then, they start to kill each other. HE AINT IN THE FIELDS. Gang Emojis from the map lol. You niggas are stupid. MAKE ME GET AWAY, NIGGER. C.H.I.C.A.G.O NO ONE LIKES R.A.T ROCCO YOUR R.A.T ASS OUT WHAT HOLE YOUVE. fuCC you anonymous,and fuCC any slobK bKlood,and I will kill all y@ll hKookKs CeCause wit as weak as bustas are its definitely possixle Cuz.Look fuCC all your stains and your lines,fuCC your 5 point Crown your 5 point star whiCh y@ll stole 4rum those shyCago and shyraq slightly less sCared bitChes,fuCC all ur homies and allies like the nortenos and latin kings and anyCody banging a 5 point Crown and lastly fuCC all ur dead homxes if you have any Cuz. Between 1961 and 1963, they evolved into one of the most dangerous and powerful gangs in Chicago. HOLD THIS (L) TIGHT You sound like a Crazy Nigger on Crack. In 1983 Jeff was arrested and is currently serving a 168 year sentence. THE ALLMIGHTY BLACK PIECE STONE NATION IS 85,000 DEEP IN THE M.O.T.H.E.R.L.A.N.D. AN back to this AGREEMENT SHIT Wanna know a REAL OG In this Gangsta shit from Avenue Piru Gang? Fuck Chicago, FUCK stones, FUCK ya momma, but most importantly FUCK YOU, Fuck them Rocco and uncle toms bratha stay strong ALL IS WELL, While we fucking 2 white hot chicks at once this sucker wanna suck Black dick fag ass sucker. Territory [ edit] I SAID YOU WERE A R A T IN A BADGE MEANING YOUR A FUCKING LOW LIFE MICKEYMOUSING DRY SNITCHING FINGER POINTING TAKING THE STAND ON ANY ONE AT ANY. GEORGE ANTHONY ROCCO In July 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he would commute the sentence of Roger Stone, a . She got to say about your agreement The Black P Stones would thrive in "The Jungles" and become over five-hundred members strong, eventually controlling the largest territory of any other black gang in Los Angeles. MADE YOU FUCKERS WHAT YOU ARE. AN CUTTING THE FUCKING CHEESE AGAIN YOU DONT KNOW SHIT SHIT ABOUT THE BLOODS OR THE B.P.S BLOODS IF YOU DID THAN WOULD KNOW THAT THE B.P.S BLOODS ARE THE FIRST AN ORIGINAL BLOODS IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY,CA NOT THE PIRUS FUCK OUT. DEBOS DICK GETING YOUR RAT CRACKER ASS VILOTAED LOOKING LIKE THE REAL LIFE ANDY DUFRAME IN SHAWSHANK IF THE WOVLES ON THE STREET DONT KILL YOU FIRST THAN WHAT EVER AGENCY YOUR RAT CRACKER ASS IS CUTTING THE FUCKING CHEESE WITH WILL KILL YOU THEM SELFS BEFORE THEY LET YOU FINISHED INDICTING THEM ON FEDERAL CHARGES YOU STUPID FUCKING R.A.T CRACKER. CHESTER G.I JOE WILL SEND Members 13-17 years old must have a legal guardian sign the membership agreement, and can then enjoy their workouts unaccompanied. fucking ugly whites this honky is a sucker he gonna get smoked fucking cracker trash. EAT A DICK! You Got beat up in school, tripped, face smeared In Dog shit! The black P Stones first started being a known gang in California around the year 1970. They Claim the hole Baldwin Village community, as their territorywith over 1,000 active gang members in Los Angeles, and over 40,000 membership nationwide. You Niggers are the dumbest, most disorganized pack of wild loose Animals in this Country. They are not African American. CVTFK SURX3K CVCGK WLK DHK AGCK CV3K 18STK RTBK HPGK WE ON 153RD AND FIGARUE TO BROADWAY, Bkitch spell Figueroa right, Ckrab ass nkigga. YOU OLD SQUEALING FINGER Pointing dry snitching MICKEYMOUSE IM TELLING AS C.R.A.C.K.E.R, According to you I was a Police Officer of some sort, Now, you decided Im NOT with law Enforcement. THE STONES DOWN HERE ARE BLOODS AND BRAKE HATS TO LEFT AND RAGS TO RIGHT..IS THIS ACCURATE WITH L.A.STONES? THAT WE WERE BORN K.I.N.G.S. Is. Black P Stones, Latin Kings, Vicelords, Bishops, Gaylords, Spanish Lords, Latin Counts, El Rukns, Kents . If you want to believe I live in Idaho and belong to the KKK (which barely exists anymore) and that the Wolves dont like me, then go ahead. U. "Black Stones" redirects here. YA YA YA YA BORING. If you get a chance draw with me. They bloods. GOD ALLAH KNOWS THE (P)IS FOR PEACE ! TO We dont we just wear an STL logo the stone love but the flag always go to the right. LOL, fuCC you roCCo,and Only a mentally siCC retarded Honkey who is mad at the World beCause his anCestors were Slaves would talk the way you do.You probably did all those things yourself,you dirty Honkey. ALLS WELLS TO THE SOOWOO JAMMED YOUR SELF IN YOUR A FUCKING R A T R A T. RATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRATRAT. The reason why you CRAVE for them is so you can be with someone from a Superior Race. Shoot up houses and buildings, Riot, Loot, Kill innocent people besides Killing each other, and have sex with their Crack Whore Mothers. Ill talk about Facts, Statistics & The reality of Blood & Crip Sets on this Fucking Blog any God Damn time I please and there IS NOTHING you can do about it. AN YOU AINT GONE SHIT ABOUT IT. The 5 Devine Lawing and Drawing L.A Black P. St5Xnes. A.B.P.S.N, The BLACK P STONE JUNGLES reps 5X trust me its nothing like that watered down east coast 5star bs. Raymond Austin and Joshua Austin and children Sheila Austin Darlena Austin Campbell Charles Austin, Marcus Payne and Girlfriends Charles Kinchelow Jr and III, Liz, Shea and a member of Gayhawks Motorcycle Club, Ira Morgan, Fredrick Stuart, Elaine Stuart Peggy Nickelberry Glenn Harper and two sons, Sheila Harper, Vera Harper Willie Braddock Jr Dave Wilburn Lillie Bell Chatman Denitra Chatman, Barbara Presley, Mary Dean, Robbie Moore, Vanessa Chatman Brandon Tasha Presley Frenchie Louellen Shereta Louellen Kyle Louellen, Charles Kinchelow III Jamberlyn Voss Anthony McGhee Darlena Austin Claude Smith III Charles Kinchelow Jr, Trina Johnson, Louise Turner Cato, Mary Dean, Shebaby Kinchelow alias first name, Dee Chatman, Denitra Chatman, Jessica Chatman, Charles Austin, Jesse Chatman, Georgia Denton, Demetria Denton, Jeremiah Denton, Detreisse Denton, Tosha Jones, Ann Jones, Tony Turner, Tony Jones, Terri Little, Tereny Little and several other Racist Extremist Supremacist Group Gang Members. Death. The nigger is a dumb low class monkey with no brains whose mission in life is to kill another nigger. Retrieved 2007-12-28. IM MEAN YOU CHEESE CUTTING MOTHERFUCKERS TAKE REAL BIG (L ) ON THIS ONE I MEAN WE SAW ONE YOUR SO CALLED SUPER (6) DROPPING S CRIP / DISCIPLE. C.H.I R.A.Q CRACKER RAT! 4). Take an aspirin for your headache and then go out on the street in your Nigger Shithole Ghetto and kill that other Nigger to make us all proud of you. And, dont forget that at any given time, a fairly decent percentage of them are in Jail. In 2007, Officer Thayer interviewed and photographed appellant. I mean You ok really. Hard core members FUCK out here, C.H.I.C.A.G.O NOW, HURRY UP, BOY, AND GO OUTSIDE AND DO YOUR FUCKING JOB LIKE THE GOOD NIGGER ANIMAL SLAVE YOU ARE IN LIFE AND YOUR WHITE MASTER WILL BE VERY PROUD OF YOU! Also, the Niggers in each set will kill other Bloods along with other Crips. AT N.A.T.I.O.N AN FUCK AROUND GET WHAT ASK FOR (5) AN THAT GOES FOR all YOU 6DROPPING BLUEFAG BITCHES