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Anchorage has a lot of fun street art. Theyve been doing it since 2002 protecting, connecting, and inspiring independent travellers just like you. To help you make the right decision, weve answered the most commonly asked questions on Anchorage and its neighborhoods, so you can plan your trip without any issues. Youll arrive in Fairbanks in the evening, usually around 8pm. Nowadays, its a great place for sightseeing as you not only have the historic Anchorage Trolley and the Alaska Public Lands Information Center to learn more about the culture and history of the area, but you are within walking distance of the Downtown attraction and the waterfront of Cook Inlet too! 5 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Anchorage #1 Bootleggers Cove - Where to Stay in Anchorage your First Time #2 Spenard - Where to Stay in Anchorage on a Budget #3 Downtown - Best Area to Stay in Anchorage for Nightlife #4 North Star - Coolest Place to Stay in Anchorage #5 Midtown - Best Neighborhood in Anchorage for Families What can I do in the evening in Anchorage? Get ready for outdoor adventures, Alaska native culture, great museums, and nice restaurants! Were not sure if theyre closed for good but we hope theyll come back soon. Flights are cheap on the 3rd, but the car rental selection isn't very good until the 5th. more, You seem to have JavaScript disabled. If youre staying downtown, youll be within easy walking distance of a designated shuttle service zone on the 500 block of 4th Avenue. And the parks are everywhere, including the Cuddy Family Midtown Park. While away an evening at Bear Tooth Theatrepub. Up on the northern edge of town, where Bootleggers Cove lies, are a number of museums, parks and theatres. If youre looking for adventure for the evenings, there is plenty to choose from. Some of Anchorages top landmarks and scenic viewpoints are accessible via the citys vast trail system. In addition to the dormitory and camping accommodations, Spenard Hostel has a large yard with a barbecue and plenty of lawn furniture to enjoy during the long sunny days. By ALASKA_99559 "Very clean, first time staying here. Load up on caffeine and cake at Coffee Queen highly rated and huge sweet treats! We are outdoorsy, like pretty views and have simple tastes. Its facing onto the Knik, the 25 mile long river with a glacier as its source. This is information only and not a recommendation to buy travel insurance. Alaska is a huge place, and the Municipality of Anchorage itself covers an area larger than the entire state of Rhode Island. On this site, youll find countless resources and travel tips. East Anchorage & University of Alaska 3. If you are keen on exploring the wild side of Juneau, hop on to a wildlife excursion! I highly recommend you go to Cuddy Family Midtown Park to enjoy nature while your kids, theres a pond, a playground, and even an ice skating track in winter!Midtown is also the best location to take day trips to all the best family-oriented attractions like the Roadrunner Amusement Park, Castle On OMalley mini golf, and Alaska Zoo! If you are visiting Anchorage for the first time, Anchorage Downtown is the best place to stay. You really cant miss the colorful murals spread across 4th and 5th Avenue. Check in and check out was . You can enjoy a nice dinner in their fine dining restaurant with excellent views and have drinks in their chic bar. And seeing them is a must if youre in the area! Here are the best places to stay in this cool area that I handpicked for you: This hotel is one of the best places to stay in Anchorage with its upscale facilities and beautiful mountain view. Day 3 Morning Learn more here about visiting the Portage Valley and the many things to do! Located minutes away from Anchorage Museum, Delaney Park, restaurants, Visitors Center, Convention Center and the coastal trail, its perfect to explore the surroundings. A map of the best Alaska road trip itinerary for adventurous travelers. This is the perfect place to catch a ride with a local tour company. - visit the Anchorage Museum and/or the AK Native Heritage Ctr,, - grab the shuttle to the Glen Alps trailhead. Theres a fully equipped kitchen, a massive TV, a super welcoming living area and everything you could possibly ask for. They also have the odd concert as well, if you happen to be there on the right night! This trail can be hiked or biked, so the time the 11 miles will take varies greatly. And, in my case, praying, cursing and regretting my decision to leave L.A. After a tiring day, you can chill in the indoor swimming pool or pamper yourself with a nice massage. This area is a great place to stay in Anchorage on a budget and also for those who want to stay close to the airport. Were not sure if theyre closed for good but we hope theyll come back soon. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. As far as neighbourhoods, Anchorage is a very well-organised city, with straight grid-like lines and a street numbering system. Your email address will not be published. Anchorage is in general a safe city but you can avoid walking at night in the Fairview and Mountain View areas. World Nomads provides travel insurance for travelers in over 100 countries. You'll also be within walking distance of the train depot and coastal trail, as well as the city's terrific shops and restaurants. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-83539459', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Anchorage, without a long drive to Denali, on your last day. Doesnt it sound like a cool area to stay in Anchorage? Home to 220+ species of birds, visitors can enjoy a walk along the 1,550-foot-long boardwalk or visit the wetland habitat. Close distance to the University of Alaska, the Consortium Library, restaurants and the New Saguya Market, this private renovated studio is ideal for those who want to explore the area later during the day and still be able to go walk home. # 29 Best Value of 237 places to stay in Anchorage. The excellent Anchorage Museum features the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center, a collection of Indigenous Alaska artifacts, and through Nov. 28, an intriguing exhibit, Black Lives in Alaska. You can also visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center outside Anchorage, said Golden. The baskets downtown were created with our state flag as inspiration with stars of blue on a field of gold. Many Anchorage hotels offer shuttle service to and from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Massive Family Home is one of our favourites in Anchorage but theyre not taking guests right now. Are there quick city or harbor tours available? April 23, 2021. Watch out for the biking speedsters, and yes, if you do not see a moose somewhere along that trail, I would be surprised. Grab a quick dinner at one of many, many food chain outlets. Hyatt House Anchorage is one of the best hotels to stay in Anchorage with its comfortable rooms, nice restaurant, and bar, and a good fitness center. In this blog post on where to stay in Anchorage, Alaska I will talk about the 5 best areas to stay in the city and give you the top hotels for all budgets. It is not as dry as it sounds, trust us. Downtown Anchorage - where to stay in Anchorage for the first time 2. They gave me the off season rate for the whole trip. But in a city known for being the final frontier to a land of ice and snow, working out where to stay can be tough. Most likely the least expensive car rental offices of Downtown as well so it will be easy to pick up your car on the fifth. The area itself is residential and peaceful. Your laptop deserves a proper pack, and we know a good few! In the afternoon, make your way over to Seward. Once youre finished, you can drive an hour and 44 minutes over to Girdwoods Alyeska Resort, where youll be able to enjoy a luxurious meal and snowy ski slopes. : .path-1{fill:#333;}.path-2{fill:#fff;} And for transparencys sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. Houston, Los Angeles, and Tampa are the most dangerous cities for cyclists. Dont Miss: Where To Stay In Rhode Island With Kids. Autocorrect does not like the word carless. After leaving Anchorage, your first stop on this road trip will be in Girdwood. Theres a lot to see if you continue heading southeast and loop back around to Anchorage via Routes 2 & 4. This drive will take just under two hours, as Seward rests some 90 miles away from Girdwood. The host is known to be incredibly attentive and helpful, so youll be in good hands. An eSIM works just like an app: you buy it, you download it, and BOOM! The train trip from Denali to Fairbanks is much shorter at four hours and leaves in the late afternoon. There are things you can see and do here that would be nigh on impossible in most other places. The Alaska Railroad option is more expensive than the bus and both of them travel the incredibly beautiful drive between Anchorage and Whittier. This comfortable 1-star hotel in Anchorage offers complimentary Wi-Fi, as well as a swimming pool and a 24-hour reception. Welcome to Bent Prop Inn! I definitely recommend you to stay in one of these if you cant decide between the awesome options in this list! To make matters worse, when I tried to book (online)it was wanting to charge the higher rate for the entire 2 weeks. We are in our 50s, like to walk, and enjoy a variety of activities. more, You seem to have JavaScript disabled. Migrating birds visit in all seasons, which makes this a great year-round destination. Summon a car by app, or call a local cab service Anchorage has plenty of those, too. 5 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Anchorage, #1 Bootleggers Cove Where to Stay in Anchorage your First Time, #2 Spenard Where to Stay in Anchorage on a Budget, #3 Downtown Best Area to Stay in Anchorage for Nightlife, #4 North Star Coolest Place to Stay in Anchorage, #5 Midtown Best Neighborhood in Anchorage for Families, Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Anchorage, Beautiful and Self-contained Home in Anchorage. Bent Prop Inn is one of our favourites in Anchorage but theyre not taking guests right now. Then check out the amazing food scene by picking one of many nice restaurants. Challenge yourself to complete the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. The famous Anchorage Museum and Alaska railroad are within walking distance, and Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is just a 15 minutes drive. There are several properties in this area you can book. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-83539381', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');car or a good deal. Spenard offers many scenic parks and hiking trails perfect for those who want to save a little money on museum entrance fees. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is very popular, beautiful views and many folks enjoy biking it. A Few Days in Anchorage Without a Car - Anchorage Forum. No problem: Follow these top tips for enjoying a unique Anchorage experience without the rental. Denali Road Trip From Anchorage Day 1 Make the 4 hours, 237-mile drive from Anchorage to Denali courtesy of AK-3 N. Once you're settled, visit the National Park's dog kennels via shuttle to watch a sled dog show. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-83540232', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');car and without the public bus system operating the best place to stay is downtown. Start your day by grabbing a nice coffee and having a morning stroll through the Valley of the Moon Park or Charles W. Smith Memorial Park. Make sure to stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see many beloved Alaska animals such as bear, moose, caribou and more. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). 2,437 Reviews . How to find a moose in Anchorage in less than an hour. You can also enjoy a fenced backyard, a fully equipped kitchen and an idoor fireplace! Its categorised by interest and travel style, so you know youll be in your ideal zone! This town has a grocery store and at least five restaurants to choose from. You can find thePublic Lands Information Center, where the rangers and guides inside are genuinely super-keen to help you plan out your wildest adventures, safely. Visit Earthquake Park and see the trees in a canyon that dropped 20 foot in the 64 quake. But Anchorage is the dream destination for those who are all about once in a life-time adventures. Not bad when its permanent population is less than 750,000! I'd love to see moose and have heard that it's possible to see them (from a DISTANCE! Bootleggers Cove is located just west of Anchorage Downtown and sandwiched in by the sea. Some of the best hotels here are the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel and the Historic Anchorage Hotel. You can follow her adventures @eylul_travels on Instagram! This area is a great place to stay in Anchorage on a budget and also for those who want to stay close to the airport. Once youve worn yourself out on the natural features of the area, you can head back into town for a peaceful dinner. With a car, you can stop anywhere you want for as long as you want, and its easier to carry food with you and get to the grocery store. Girdwood, Anchorage . From museums to art galleries, nice parks, shops, restaurants, and nightlife, you sure wont get bored here! Things to Do Restaurants Flights Holiday Rentals Travel Stories Cruises Rental Cars. You cannot drive in most of Denali National Park so your expensive rental car will be parked for the days you travel into the park. Weve tested countless packs over the years, and now weve found our absolute favourite: the nomad-approved Nomatic Travel Bag. If youre looking for a budget place to stay, youll find many affordable motels in Anchorage in the downtown area. It also features a 24-hour reception, meeting rooms and an express check-in and check-out feature. calmac. How to catch a salmon a short walk from an Anchorage hotel. 2023, The Broke Backpacker. It's free to everyone during hospital's normal visitng hours. The routes vary quite a bit from year to year, generally bus service is available at least between Anchorage and Denali. Learn how your comment data is processed. Never had a problem with them. Chat to those in the know at the Alaska Public Lands Information Center. are the best months to visit Anchorage as the weather is the warmest. Husband wants to see Anchorage a bit, plus a sleep in day after arriving late would be nice, but having no car would be restrictive. We'll be getting our car through Costco travel, and would pick it up at the airport, since the airport car rental agencies are open later for returning. I liked Jennifer's advice and I would prefer to have a car, but if it doesn't work out, you will be fine in Anchorage for one careless day. As the name suggests, these fjords are massive waterways that are home to some of Alaskas greatest sea life, including humpback and orca whales, seabirds like puffins, and plenty of otters. For more Girdwood adventures, there is even a gold panning tour you can take to try your luck at striking it rich. One of the airports is only a few blocks away, while another two are just a mile south. It is critical to get reservations for either a rental car or the Alaska Railroad well in advance. Explore by bike. Private & Comfy Apartment is one of our favourites in Anchorage but theyre not taking guests right now. We suggestavoiding the Mountain View neighborhood. Related articles. I love Alaska, so Ill surely be back in Anchorage again. Downtown Anchorage where to stay in Anchorage for the first time2. Downtown Anchorage Deluxe Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment 5.0 Exceptional. . For those who want to explore the beautiful outdoors of Anchorage, you should definitely take advantage of the Flattop Mountain Shuttle to go hiking and see the scenic views nearby the city. But I think its silly to retrace your steps. Want more deetz on why we love itso damn much? Visit the Alaska Public Lands Information Center. View Hotel. Alaska juts out of the northwestern corner of Canada and is just across the Bering Strait from Russia. Its a mecca for nature and wildlife fans, with the state attracting between 1.5 and 2 million visitors a year. I don't know if it's feasible to try and go there without a car. We stayed at this AirBNB which was the cutest A-Frame! Spenard Hostel International is one of our favourites in Anchorage but theyre not taking guests right now. Did you know that? Renting a car is also expensive but also gives you lots of flexibility. Marriott Anchorage Airport offers a nice indoor pool, free airport shuttle, spacious rooms, and free parking, This hotel features an indoor swimming pool, a very good breakfast, a free airport shuttle, and a nice bar, Nestled in beautiful trees this Airbnb cottage has a large beautiful garden, spacious rooms, and free wi-fi. Bootleggers Cove is located just west of Anchorage Downtown and sandwiched in by the sea. Lets go! Its found in almost every Things to do in Anchorage list as its scenic beauty and accessibility mean everyone can enjoy it. They all have good reviews and great locations! If you stick to the area from Ship Creek to the Delaney Park Strip, but particularly 4-6th Ave., youll be rewarded with a quirky historic aesthetic and hanging flower baskets and gardens. If you want to skip the boat tour, you can also hike to Byron Glacier. Bootleggers Cove where to stay in Anchorage for sightseeing, The 32 Absolute Best Places to Stay in Banff for All Budgets, 8 Things you Need to Know Before Renting a Car in Canada, Your Ultimate Guide for Where to Stay in Oahu, Hawaii, Best Hotels for All Budgets to Stay on Big Island, Hawaii, Top 5 Neighborhoods to Stay in Vancouver, Canada, An Honest Guide for Where to Stay in Seattle, USA, Everything You Need to Know About Hotels in Portland, Oregon, Catch a show at Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Head to the National Parks Office to find out about the incredible nature of this Alaska, See an exhibition at Anchorage William A. Egan Civic & Convention Center, Head to the Alaska Native Heritage Center to explore the regions culture, Go for a walk to Lake Hood and check out scenic views, Eat authentic Korean food at one of the many restaurants, Drive one of the most incredible highways in the state down the Turnagain Arm, Visit the Alaska Public Lands Information Center, Go for a walk in the Valley of the Moon Park, Check out an indie film at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub, Go for a stroll at Charles W. Smith Memorial Park, Enjoy family time at Cuddy Family Midtown Park, Have a nice meal and drink at Bear Paw Bar & Grill, Go for dinner at Silk Restaurant & Sushi Bar. Flag a rideshare. Historic Anchorage Hotel and Copper Whale Inn are the best boutique hotels in Anchorage. How do I get between Anchorage and my cruise ship? On name value alone, our picks are Darwins Theory possibly a play on the idea of evolving into something else after a few and Mad Myrnas, who were all keen to meet! I recommend finding a place to stay close to downtown so you can get there quickly and be able to explore the next day on foot. Unfortunately, the city bus is closed on holidays so you'd have to take cabs. In saying that, though Alaska often conjures images of frozen seas and frozen eyelashes, summer can reach about 80 degrees and it stays light for almost 20 hours a day. Weve put together a handy guide on where to stay in Anchorage, just for you. Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska and is sandwiched between nature with the Chugach Mountains Range to the east, Cook Inlet to the west, and the Turnagain Arm to the south. Youll need it, too. If you have any other suggestions or questions about Anchorage Alaska, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Join the Coastal Trail walk at Elderberry Park. These are the sit-down kind too, not the takeaway strip youll find further south (but pssst, its there if youre after fast food). To me, to be up here without a car is tough, including Anchorage. Who can tell! My main recommendation is to not leave Girdwood without visiting Virgin Creek Falls! If you rent for a full week you should get not only a discount, but also unlimited miles. First up is the town of North Pole. Close, Where to Stay in Anchorage (2023 COOLEST Areas! Family-run, the Arctic Adventure Hostel is a clean, quiet and secure place for travelers. Its just that easy. The rooms at SpringHill Suites Anchorage Midtown feature a refrigerator, movies-on-demand and a minibar. Due to proximity to the main attractions, shops, and restaurants Anchorage Downtown is thebest area to stay without a car in Anchorage.