It also appears that they have access to talkgroups 36751-36755. The. Living On The Cheap and On the Cheap are registered trademarks owned by Living On The Cheap Inc. Site design by Five J's Design.All the stories on our site are protected by copyright and any unauthorized copying is strictly prohibited. Public Health: Healthcare Council Radio System (CDPH-HCRS), Mobile Data Terminals (Police) (was 866.3375), Mobile Data Terminals (Police) (was 868.825), Bureau of Forestry / Animal Control [Ch 2], Health and Human Services / Dept of Revenue, Loop - Operations Bureau 3 (some encrypted?) Public Works / Police Alternate [No license]. Fire (Stations 21-25). Get the original police scanner app that has everyone hooked - as seen on numerous hit movies like Spider-Man and Shazam. Source audio included. Police: Dispatch (units 400's) (w/ Norridge Police). Sheriff: Talk-Around (old North Patrol) [Ch 1], Sheriff: Interop 1 (Old Admin/Warrants [Ch 3], Sheriff: Auxillary - Band 5 (Also TRS) [Ch 5], Sheriff: Testing {Auxillary - Band 5 (Also TRS) [Ch 5]}. Also known as Consolidated Emergency Response Center of Cook County (CERC-CC). Net 7 - Palos Heights PD (1100s), Palos Park PD (1200s, dispatched by Cook County on STARCOM21? Homewood Police dispatched by E-COM on Cook County Sheriff's Site 502 encrypted talkgroup (25126?). See Community Consolidated School District 59 and Township High School District 214 in this section. Bridgeview (Battalion 40, 400s), dispatched by Oak Lawn Central Dispatch Most schools are in Kane County. Install the free Online Radio Box application for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! Police dispatched on STARCOM21 TG 34481 (ENC) and fire dispatched on TG 34485 (multicast with 154.250, 146.2 PL). Elmwood Park PD is dispatched by NORCOMM on a Cook County Sheriff encrypted talkgroup. Thanks for your support! Hometown (460s, 470s), dispatched by Hickory Hills Consolidated Dispatch Center See the Wiki page for additional information. Chicago Police Zone 12 Districts 15 and 25 For more info on the C.P.D. Police dispatched on an talkgroup 25311 (encrypted) on the Cook County Sheriff STARCOM21 500-series nodes. Talkgroup 60 used by CHA security contractor. *See Wiki page for CCSD146 and Kirby School District. Police also use 471.2625 146.2PL for aid with Berwyn Police. Superior Ambulance and Illinois Medicar are dispatched on the Diga-Talk NXDN digital trunked system. Citywide Tac 1: Ch 43: 507.0875: P25: NAC 466: Citywide Tac 2: Ch 44: 484.6625: P25: NAC 466: Citywide Tac 3: Ch 45: 484.7625: P25: . - Chicago Heights FD (650-687) on 155.085 PL 156.7 See Consolidated Dispatch Centers (above). 5100s units, operations on 153.890 343 DPL. (former Kurtz Ambulance Service)Provides EMS for Tinley Park Fire (formerly for Riverdale), Provides EMS to Burnham, Dolton, Riverdale, Harvey, Phoenix, Midlothian, Robbins, Markham, E Hazel Crest, Glenwood, Lynwood, Sauk Village andFord Heights (formerly Daley's Medical Transport), Non-profit volunteer emergency medical service that provides emergency medical response 24/7/365 See Orland Central Dispatch under Consolidated Dispatch Centers (above). Police dispatched by Glenview Dispatch on talkgroup 3687 (encrypted). Police (300s) dispatched by Lyons Township Area Communications Center (LTACC) on STARCOM21 (formerly on 154.800 186.2 PL), *WNCM652 - 154.190 repeater used for dispatch by Cicero, North Riverside and Stickney FDs. NORCOMM Public Safety Communications is owned and operated by Superior Ambulance Company, which provides EMS service for several area communities as well as private ambulance service. They were formerly dispatched on 470.8125 114.8 PL. Some Lakeview yards are active on this system. Oklahoma's Most Powerful Signal For Talk Radio - 100,000 Watts Of Freedom - Talk Radio - The New Freedom 96.9! - The emission code for the 860.7375 repeater has been changed to P25 - now a voice repeater? Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson both advanced to . They appear to be operating on the ESP Technology Willis Tower repeater. Fire(46s-49s, 4600s?) Various city services utilize this system for primary comminucations. ), Public Works [Ch 1] / Police/Fire Alternate. Police dispatched on talkgroup 3002 (PD-2, encrypted). Superior Air Med 1 Helo Dispatch (Oakbrook Terrace repeater), MABAS Division 20 Norcom Fire Dispatch - "Divisionwide" Channel. To tune in, you'll just need to download a police radio app or visit a police scanner website. Public Works / Police /Fire Common "K-BAND". Notes . *Multiple other frequencies and licenses under Schiller Park Police * South of North Avenue - see Community Consolidated School District 93 (above), * See wiki page for additional frequency information. Police Scanner X includes a custom stream player for faster playback and battery savings. New Orleans has grappled with increased violent crime in the last few years. See wiki page for additional frequency information. Could pick up the users on the input near the daley center, heard officers calling it "metro 10" "squad zebra 2 2 on metro 10" "charlie unit is 99 back to the zone", The unit responds to extra alarm fires and special duty requests from the CFD and CPD providing refreshments for the troops. Police MDTs also reported on 470.6125 and ESDA on 45.36 CSQ #FDNY Live Tweets Each Zone has its own scanner channel. Hazel Crest Police dispatched by E-COM on Cook County Sheriff's Site 502 encrypted talkgroup (25126?). * WQPD479 - Emergency Services - 155.025, 155.895, 45.36 Base/Mobile; 155.055 Mobile, Steger is on the Border of Will & Cook counties. The presenter admitted he had got stuck between the rocks in the Grand Canyon while filming after gaining four stone **add 155.3025 base/mobile at Orlank Park Channels may also be referred to as "Fleets". *WQNV385 - 463.9875 Repeater (7K, 11K), Mobiles on 451.2875, 451.5375, 451.5375, 451.7625, 452.6625, *WNIK835 (Maine West HS): add 456.7125, 457.0375, 457.1125, 457.4875, 457.6625 mobiles (NFM). Police: Talk-Aound (Traffic Enforcement/Blitzes), Police: Automatic Vehicle Locater Service, Fire: Dispatch - Old (Back-Up); Storm Siren Activation, Schaumburg Park District (also TG 12288 on TRS). Fire by Norwood Park FPD on 154.370 (103.5). Lake View, north Lincoln Park, North Center, most of Uptown. Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries: Illinois Medi-Car, Inc., Metro Paramedic Services Inc., Norcomm Public Safety Communications, Inc. and Paramedic Billing Services Inc. * UCAN Base has been heard using either 129.475 or 464.800 while the UCAN helo uses the other to carry on a conversation on two different frequencies. Bellwood Fire Department - 600s (BLWD) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.370 1), W Leyden High School: Maintenance (Ch. Police dispatched by Glenview Public Safety Dispatch on STARCOM21. Police ("BRAVO" units) dispatched by QuadCom on STARCOM21. * See wiki page for additional frequency information. Fire (1200s) dispatched by LTACC on 154.250 (146.2 PL). Facebook Dispatch EMS / Volunteer AmbulanceServices for the Jewish Community (75 members). Maywood Fire Department - 500s (MAYD) - Dispatched by Eisenhower Emergency Communications "Ike 911" on 154.370 Those were combined into other districts. * Fire (units 650-687) dispatched on 155.085; also serves Olympia Fields for Fire and EMS. Presumed to be Bellwood based on tone and FCC license. * Niles Township High School District 219 buses: First Student - Skokie Yard (see below under "Bus Companies" for frequencies). Sanitary District: Data (37.18 KEY896 Terminated, voice). During the riot on May 30, since I was on lockdown, I listened to make sure nothing was headed my way. Police (200s) dispatched on STARCOM21 (see below), formerly on 470.4125 192.8 PL (Net 17). See Orland Central Dispatch under Consolidated Dispatch Centers (above). Also used 470.475 114 DPL, 477.3875 203.5 PL. 1), Richard J. Daley Center: Security (Ch. Transcribes Chicago Police Scanner Citywide 1 audio from At least some FD units also have STARCOM21 radios. *Fire (2600s) dispatched on 154.070 (271 DPL). * WQYJ636 - 464.4125 (NFM, DMR) - Call boxes for bike path and recreational areas (10/16). **delete 159.045 base at Lockport, Mokena, Peotone, Romeoville See Orland Central Dispatch under Consolidated Dispatch Centers (above). CA Fire Scanner on Twitter: "New fire in eastern San Diego Co. Friday, January 3, 2020 - CPD Community Alert - Attempt Criminal Sexual Assault, Robbery & Criminal Sexual Abuse 24th District (Rogers Park) You will have to allow location access. The agency is chaired by the Mayor of the City of Chicago. Dispatches police, fire and EMS for the Villages of Matteson, Richton Park, Olympia Fields and Park Forest, with a population served of 75,000. Police dispatched on an encrypted talkgroup (25311) on the Cook County Sheriff STARCOM21 500-series nodes. Talkgroup 2751 - NWCD "Fire 1". Live Police Scanner For My Area. Fire dispatched on 154.190 77.0 PL. If you are looking for a police scanner for my area, this is the app for you! on the Cook County Sheriff STARCOM21 500-series nodes. Not monitorable. Burbank Police dispatched on talkgroup 36962 (ENC). * WRUN399 - 151.340, repeats 159.105 (new, 9/22). See system's Wiki page for more information. **add 154.070 base at Blue Island (repeats 158.8575 271 DPL) See Consolidated Dispatch Centers on the Kane County database page. This is also used to contact certain suburban PD's with CTAfacilities, such as Oak Park. EMS by Bud's Ambulance Service. * See Wiki page for additional frequencies, * See wiki page for frequency information - Fire (700s) is dispatched on 155.5575 (91.5 PL), see Oak Lawn Regional Emergency Communications (OLREC) under Consolidated Dispatch Centers (above). Police dispatched on talkgroup 25311 (encrypted) on the Cook County Sheriff STARCOM21 500-series nodes. Police (FRANK units) dispatched on STARCOM21 (see below). Listen to the largest collection of police, fire, EMS, airport, railroad, weather, comedy, talk, and music stations. River Grove Fire Department - 560s (RVGR) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.370 North Palos FPD(800s)dispatched on 155.5575 91.5 PL by Oak Lawn Central Dispatch, formerly on 154.430 91.5 PL. Matteson FD provides fire protection for Olympia Fields. Considering switching to Cook County Dispatch. Formerly dispatched on 478.925 127.3 PL. Ambulance to hospital comms: MERCI400 (155.400) used north of Devon Avenue, MERCI340 (155.340) used south of Devon Avenue. (May 2019). Chicago Police. Police (200s) dispatched on STARCOM21 (see below), formerly dispatched on 470.5875 (156.7 PL) Net 10. Net 9 - Markham (300s). ; 151.775 D332? Police dispatch on encrypted Cook County talkgroup 25133 Near West 800 (ENC). and Fire (200-series units?) * Serves portions of the villages of Orland Park, Orland Hills and unincorporated areas of Orland Township. Markham Fire dispatched on 153.890 DPL343. 159.135 WQTJ874 (mobiles) - believed to be used for training. Transit Police Dispatch (rebroadcasts PPD J Band), City Transit Division - Broad Street Line Subway Dispatch (Orange Line), City Transit Division - Market-Frankford Line Elevated Dispatch (Blue Line), City Transit Division - Market-Frankford and Broad Street Line Maintenance, City Transit Division - Market-Frankford Line Yard Ops. Fire (2900s) dispatched by CalComm on MABAS Division 22 repeater 154.070 271 DPL (repeats 158.8575). Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Police Scanner 5. Radio streams can be resumed at startup so you can quickly listen to your favorite police radio. English Website 10 Listen live 0 Contacts Long Beach Police Dispatch - Citywide reviews Radio contacts Dispatches for Deerfield-Bannockburn, Des Plaines, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, Long Grove, Morton Grove, Niles, Northbrook, Northfield, North Maine, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, Wheeling (moving to NWCD 1/1/25), Wilmette, and Winnetka-Kenilworth FDs and FPDs. See the STARCOM21 database page for additional talkgroups. Kamil Krzaczynski/Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- The race for Chicago's next mayor was shaved to just two candidates Tuesday while voters overwhelmingly stopped incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot's attempt at a second term, making her the first incumbent mayor in 40 years to not win reelection. Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2] [ESDA/Fire Ch 4]. * See wiki page for additional frequency information. North Riverside Police and Fire are dispatched by West Central Consolidated Communications (WC3, housed at North Riverside PD). Police dispatched by Central Dispatch on an encrypted STARCOM21 talkgroup. Scan list subject to change. *Police (500s) dispatched on encrypted STARCOM21 talkgroup (see below), formerly dispatched on 470.9375 203.5 PL. Fire (200s) dispatched on 155.5575 (91.5 PL). Formerly dispatched by CENCOM on 153.890 127.3 PL. Dispatches for the following agencies: 3 years ago. clear Sort Sale on Uniden SDS100 FREE Programming See NORCOMM under Consolidated Dispatch Centers (above). and or Zone 12. Police (700s) dispatched by CalComm on STARCOM21 (see below), formerly dispatched on 470.7375 173.8 PL. Police dispatched by Cook County on encrypted talkgroup CK METRO SOUTH (25242). Columbus Police Dispatch - Citywide Columbus Police Division on the Ohio MARCS-IP System scanning all five zones (Dispatch Channels). Fire (400s) dispatched on 155.5575 (91.5 PL) (repeats 159.3375). EMS Dispatch and Operations, Medicar Transportation Operations. See STARCOM21 subcategory Cook County - Lyons Township Area Communications Center (LTACC). Orland Central Dispatch 159.045 DCS 343 is also used for siren activation by DTMF, Station 11 / 300-series units. *7/11 - FCC modification to WPMQ284: (8/22). Police dispatched by QuadCom on talkgroup 11080 (ENC). Thomas A Edison High School Administration, Police Secondary (Special Events / Operations), Medical Emergency Response Team (M.E.R.T.) (5/2020). Police (5200s) dispatched on 154.845 162.2 PL;Fire (600s) dispatched on 159.120 174 DPL. Police: Ops 3 - Animal Control and Community Service Officers, Backup -- Community Service Officers (CSO) / Animal Control ["Analog Band"]. * See wiki page for additional frequency information. Police dispatched by Central Dispatch on Cook County Sheriff's node encrypted talkgroup. Also observed testing on talkgroup 34861. Fire Department (Stations 39 and 40) dispatched on 159.045 (D343). See STARCOM21 subcategory "Cook County - Lyons Township Area Communications Center". Fire/EMS dispatched on talkgroup 35130. Riverdale Police dispatched by E-COM on Cook County Sheriff's Site 502 encrypted talkgroup (25126?). Stand with Ukraine. * See Wiki page for additional frequencies. Some WestCom agencies have been heard performing coverage testing on Motorola tech/demo talkgroup 20 (1/23). *6/11 - WQMG699, new Chicago Ridge repeaters - 464.0375 and 463.8375(NFM) Formerly dispatched on 470.4875 146.2PL by NSEDC. Please help to demonstrate the notability of the topic by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention. F1 Alternate is 471.2375 146.2 PL. Police Scanner 5-0 Radio brings you the best Police Scanner Stations for your listening entertainment. The Cook County Sheriff's Police 911 Center currently dispatches for: 10220 South 76 Ave, Bridgeview, IL 60455 County animal control center, used for Animal Rescue activities at various locations in the County. See the Complete Chicago Police Department Citywide Organizational Chart here (PDF) Di s tr i c t Co mma n d O r g a n i za ti o n S tr u c tu r e Districts Commander -----> Executive Officer (Captain) oversees a crew of mid-level police . Talkgroup 36972 is their "Channel 3". Formerly dispatched by CENCOM on 470.8125 97.4 PL. **All townsin this group have a shared channel, "old band"-155.49. 153.500R - Divison 20 backup repeater if the portables can not raise Norcomm on simplex. Fire (43s/44s/4300s) dispatched on 151.430 162.2 PL by E-COMand also uses 154.355 343 DPL (MABAS Division 24 secondary). Dispatches Bedford Park, Hickory Hills and Summit PDs on 470.5875 (156.7) Net 10, Hometown and Summit FDs on 155.5575 (91.5). Fire/EMS (Station 7) dispatched on 154.370 103.5 PL. See NORCOMM under Consolidated Dispatch Centers (above). Police (500-series units) dispatched by Municipal Consolidated Dispatch (MCD) on talkgroup 3981 (encrypted) which is patched to 471.2875 (146.2). 2), Richard J. Daley Center: Housekeeping (Ch. (471.775 channels are getting less use lately due to self inflicted interference) The main category is Scanner frequencies and radio communications references. Install the free Online Radio Box app for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! * West Leyden High School - see Leyden Township High School District 212 (above) ( P.s, "The boy is so right. A man had been shot in the leg, police officers said over the scanner, and he had just run into a Roseland barber shop looking for help. District 21 student transportation for 20/21 school year provided by First Student on 462.200 (D174). Police ("HENRY" units) is dispatched by QuadCom dispatch (Kane County) on STARCOM21 (see below). Luxury Homes with Jacuzzi for Sale in Chaville, le De France, France. See Wiki for additional frequencies. Illinois Central School Bus (Chicago Ridge) [Expired], Illinois Central School Bus (Chicago Ridge), Cicero District 99: Unity Junior High School / Ch. Police: Dispatch Zone 1 - Districts 16 17, Police: Dispatch Zone 3 - Districts 12 14, Police: Dispatch Zone 10 - Districts 10 11, Police: Dispatch Zone 11 - Districts 20 24, Police: Dispatch Zone 12 - Districts 15 25, Police: Citywide 8 - Car-to-Car (250-5wt). " Friendly service, not a long wait time at all, and Alyssa did an amazing hot . Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT Police Scanner Buying Recommendations For Police Scanners How Police Scanners Work Uses Frequency Coverage Types of Radios Modes Features Wheeling High School: Maintenance/Admin [Cancelled 5/13], Wheeling High School: Security/Maintenance/Admin [Cancelled 5/13], Community Consolidated School District #21: Admin/Security, The Mosque Foundation of Chicago (Bridgeview): Parking / Security, Francis Xavier Warde School: Operations (751 N State-Chi), Alltown Bus Service: Dobson Yard (Chicago). It also appears that police have access to talkgroups 36856-36861. Hong Kong Lifts Citywide Mask Mandate After Almost Three Years Read more 6:46 am, Tue, 28 February 2023 Fire (Stations 10-12) is dispatched by RED Center on 159.660 D031. * Dispatches Police and Fire for Calumet Park, Markham, Midlothian, Posen, Robbins and Sauk Village as well as Dixmoor Police. Wrigley Field. Listen to 1000s of Police Scanner and Fire/EMS radio channels. Fire and EMS services provided by Orland Fire Protection District (south of 135th St) and Palos Fire Protecton District (north of 135th St). Police Commission: W - Area Detective: CRO - Community Relations Officer: . - Police (700-series units) dispatched on STARCOM21 (see below), formerly dispatched on 470.5875 (156.7 PL) NET 10 - See Oak Lawn Regional Emergency Communications under Consolidated Dispatch Centers (above). 1625 CSQ LASD Dispatch 9, Carson. 8/15/16 - User reports strong repeater in Downtown Chicago 453.925, using DPL 331 and P25 NAC 940 infrequently (all encrypted). (Sometimes on 470.7125? Police dispatched on encrypted Cook County Sheriff's Police Site 502 (talkgroup 25126?) * See Wiki page for additional frequency information (including Chicago Central Hearing Facility at 400 W Superior). 154.400 agencies dispatched: Frankfort FPD, New Lenox FPD, Manhattan FPD (may not be part of SWCD) Fire, Police (encrypted) dispatched by Northwest Central Dispatch. See subcategory "Cook County - NORCOMM 9-1-1 Consolidated Dispatch Center Talkgroups". Police and Fire dispatched by Eisenhower Emergency Communications ("Ike 911", Broadview). Fire (6500s) dispatched by Southwest Central Dispatch on 155.5575 91.5, formerly on 154.430 91.5.